Marcus: A-Rod’s appeal will begin on September 30th

Game 143: Just Win
Sunday Night Open Thread

Via Stephen Marcus: Alex Rodriguez‘s appeal will begin on September 30th, the day after the end of the regular season. Andrew Marchand says the hearing will be delayed if the Yankees manage to qualify for the postseason. MLB officials, A-Rod‘s legal team, and arbitrator Frederic Horowitz had a preliminary meeting last week.

Rodriguez, 38, was suspended a record 211 games for ties to Biogenesis last month. He was the only one of the 13 players to appeal their ban, but he was also the only one to receive more than the typical 50-game suspension for first-time offenders. The hearing is expected to take several days and a ruling is not expected until November or December. A-Rod is allowed to play during the appeal and came into Sunday’s game hitting .275/.368/.441 (124 wRC+) with four homers in 28 games since coming off the DL.

Game 143: Just Win
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • RetroRob

    Based on nothing much, I’m figuring it’s reduced to 100 games.

    • RBC

      I concur.

  • Bubba

    Aren’t appeals supposed to be heard in a timely fashion and then ruled upon in a certain amount of time? Not having a decision until December will suck for the Yankees.

    • Betty Lizard

      The parties can agree to extend the deadlines. It’s not in anyone’s interests to rush this. Personally, I’m impressed that its proceeding so speedily.

      • Bubba

        It’s in the Yankees’ best interest to have clarity as to the status of their third baseman before the start of free agency. I am sure MLB and ARod would love this to drag out until 2014.


    To be honest, while everyone is essentially counting on the 211 game suspension, I wouldn’t be surprised if the suspension were reduced to either 50 games or if Alex won the appeal.

    I think Selig and co. have been using the court of public opinion to bolster their case and Alex is an easy player for many to immediately pass judgement on. Unless there is dramatic evidence, such as Alex recruiting players to Biogenesis and/or actually owning a stake in the company, I think it will be difficult to defend the 211 game suspension.

    If Melky wasn’t suspended twice–once for failing a test, once for constructing an elaborate hoax to cover up the reasons for failing–then I think MLB has little basis on which to claim that any attempt by Alex to cover up evidence somehow is grounds for two or more “failures,” especially since Alex has not (at least to public knowledge) actually failed a test.

    Similarly with Braun, who did technically “fail” a test before getting caught up in the Biogenesis sweep. Why 65 games and a pat on the back from MLB for being honest? Again, I think that Alex is not only a lightning rod for fans, but also for owners who would love ammunition for attacking large contracts and for the next CBA.

    Adding to that some of the ways in which MLB obtained evidence, that some of the evidence has been subpoenaed by the government and thus can no longer be presented at the appeal, that their witness tried to extort money from Alex, and that their main witness has to testify carefully if at all lest he incriminate himself for federal charges, I think their case is actually more difficult than it is being presented.

    That is not to say that he is either not guilty or that he will win, only that I think the court of public opinion has been quick to judge what seems, at least from what has been made public, a more difficult case than it would appear.

  • brian

    A 100 game suspension would actually be PERFECT

    It would allow the Yankees some salary relief but also would get Arod’s bat in the lineup in August and September… they’d miss him the first 4 months, sure, but it will make signing Cano easier and you have to expect to get more from Teix and Jeter next season as well…