Marcus: Preliminary stages of A-Rod’s appeal will begin this week

Game 136: Sweep the Birds
Sunday Night Open Thread

Via Steven Marcus: The preliminary stages of Alex Rodriguez‘s appeal will begin this week. MLB officials, A-Rod‘s legal team, and arbitrator Frederic Horowitz will meet Wednesday to discuss the evidence and possibly even set a date for the hearing. The case isn’t expected to be heard until sometime in November or December.

Rodriguez, 38, was suspended a record 211 games for his ties to Biogenesis earlier this month. He was the only one of the 14 suspended players to appeal the ban. A-Rod is allowed to play during the appeal (obviously) and he came into Sunday’s game hitting .280/.359/.451 (125 wRC+) with four homers and three steals in 92 plate appearances. He is expected to appear in front of the arbitrator at some point during the actual hearing. Horowitz can overturn, uphold, or reduce the suspension.

Game 136: Sweep the Birds
Sunday Night Open Thread
  • jjyank

    So old now. I hope A-Rod finishes out the year by upping that rather nice wRC+ number, and then smacking the arbiter across the face with his penis until there is no more controversy.

    I suppose it’s better for the Yankees, budget wise, if A-Rod’s suspension is help up. But I’ve always been in the “A-Rod gets more hate than deserved” camp, so I’m also rooting for him.

    But for those that wished he’d never play again a few months ago, go ahead and look at Yankee third basemen numbers before A-Rod. And now look at his numbers. If you can still tell me with a straight face that you never wanted him on the field in 2013, then just can’t understand you.

    • JGYank

      “and then smacking the arbiter across the face with his penis until there is no more controversy.”

      WTF did I just read?

      Anyway it would help tremendously if Arod vanished after the 2013 season because of the contract but as of right now we clearly need his bat in the lineup. We obviously never had a viable option when he was on the DL at 3B just like we didn’t at SS. He makes the team better and I definitely wanted him back on the field despite the circus surrounding him but I can’t speak for others. However, the suspension could do the Yankees a favor if he is out for all 2014.

      • jjyank

        Heh. Yeah, I was just having fun with images. You’re welcome.

        • JGYank

          But how would that solve any controversy? Makes me think of this.


          • jjyank

            …because I was joking and not being serious?

            I know I haven’t posted much lately, but good god man. Don’t you dare give me that clip like I’m some kind of troll.

            • JGYank

              I was kidding. Relax. I just love that line.

              • jjyank

                We all do. It just didn’t seem appropriate.

                • JGYank

                  My bad. Sorry.

                  Anyway how do you think Arod fares in arbitration? I would guess he gets it shortened to 150 games but it is impossible to tell without the evidence MLB has. MLB definitely will have him suspended one way or another.

                  • jjyank

                    Considering his first suspension of a random ass number (designed for the remaining 2013 and all of 2014), I’d imagine it goes for 162. Maybe they do 150 to keep to an even number. But something like that.

                    Still rooting for him though.

                    • JGYank

                      Yeah I felt as if they pulled 211 out of their ass. Scares me though to think about what kind of evidence it takes to justify that and apparently MLB has it.

    • RetroRob

      I’m actually quite happy to see A-Rod in the lineup now after what the team was putting out there most of the season. He is going to be suspended for at least part of next year. I’m guessing 100 games, based on nothing! If he’s banned the entire season, hopefully the Yankees know early enough so they can plan for something better than Nix.

      If he is banned for all of 2014, well I’m just glad he got to play this year. Looking at this for what’s best for the Yankees (and Yankee fans), the team will still owe him three more years after 2014. If he hadn’t played this year, he could have missed two full years. Not a good thing at his age and post surgery. This way, even if he’s out 2014, he’ll “only” have missed one season, not two. Might him a better chance of being productive on his return.

  • OldYanksFan

    Considering that ARod has about enough ABs to be done with Spring Training, he’s been pretty good. And 2 of his HRs have been bombs to dead Center, so he can still generate real power. Since his hips were congenitally malformed, he might be better now (once the rust is off) than he was in 2012. Of course he is older, but conditioning is a big factor… and ARod keeps himself in fine shape.

    My guess is a 125 game suspension. 100 would be a real slap in Bud’s face… 150 is more than twice Brauns. 100 – 125 games saves the Yankees like $17m-$21m, which is nice… but at the same time should not kill ARod’s career.

    ARod is VERY driven. HOF or NOT, he wants the numbers.
    I’d bet my home he’s gunning for 715.
    Beating the Babe and having the Yankee HR records would mean a LOT to him.

    • Laz

      That’s only 74 away, pretty doable if he is truly healthy. Just a few years ago it was looking like a lock, now it will still require some work. Just needs to have a few 30 hr years left in the tank.

  • scooter10

    My guess is that Arod’s lawyers won’t settle for anything more than 50 gmaes. MLB will have to produce evidence that indicates the charges are more than what a first-time offender should get. They set a precedent with 50 games for first-time offenders. Technically, Arod is a first time offender if they have evidence of a failed test. This thing will be interesting….

    • Laz

      Agree. I would be surprised if the suspension isn’t lowered.

    • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

      Tacopina said he will advise Mr. Rodriguez to not even accept being suspended for one inning.

  • Matt

    I think the suspension will become 162 games, assuming MLB has anything near the amount of evidence of tampering etc that we keep hearing about. Also, despite the comments about 211 being pulled out of thin air, I disagree. I think it was a very smart ploy – the arbitrator can reduce the suspension to 162 without gutting it.

    I also wonder what effect the Ryan Braun fiasco will have on this. After all, if this arbitrator were to really give a big reduction, and then MLB digs up even more on Arod (I doubt they have stopped digging, even now), he would look like a fool.