Reports: Cano seeking $305M, Yankees offered $161M


Via Buster Olney: Robinson Cano is seeking a ten-year contract worth $305M this offseason. That would be the largest contract in baseball history by a lot — $30M more than Alex Rodriguez‘s current albatross. The winter’s best free agent seeking a record contract — especially with a rookie agent looking to prove he means business — is not surprising at all. No reason to ask for anything less.

Meanwhile, and more importantly, David Waldstein says the Yankees offered Cano a seven-year, $161M contract. David Wright, another homegrown New York superstar, signed a seven-year extension worth $138M last winter, so the team’s offer makes sense. Wright was a year (not weeks) away from free agency and Cano is the better player (especially when you consider his durability), hence the larger offer. My official guess is an eight-year deal in the $190M-ish range, but that’s just a guess.

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  1. JLC 776 says:

    I understand how anchoring offers work and all that, but…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  2. Dan says:

    If I’m the Yankees, I don’t think I’d go any higher than that offer.

  3. BB says:

    See ya Cano! Enjoy LA!

  4. Bye Cano. They’ve got about $69MM committed to 6 players ($95MM to 7 if ARod doesn’t get the ban). Sadly 2 of those either 6 or 7 players are Vernon Wells and Ichiro. Lots of arb eligible guys as well.

    • also, my final offer to Cano…$175 for 7 years.

      • I’d go to the 8/190 Mike predicts.

        • LK says:

          8 years is too much for a 31-year-old in my opinion.

          What scares me about Cano is what Mike mentions: he derives a ton of his value from his durability. Unfortunately being durable through age 30 doesn’t really indicate much going forward (just look at A-Rod, Pujols, even guys like Utley were pretty durable into their early 30s). Any contract for Cano should take into account both the performance decline and the fact that at some point his days of playing 160 games every single year are going to end, probably soon.

          If I’m the Yankees, I’d hold firm at $161M. If someone wants to pay more than that, I think you let him walk, especially with the team not looking so great next year either way.

          • I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

            One million times THIS.

          • Nick says:

            Yep. 7 years and no more than $175-180 for me. Gives him the $25m annual average whilst recognising that he’s a 31 year-old middle infielder who will not be healthy and productive forever. By all means thrown in some Yankee-related incentives and sell it to him that he can be the True Yankee ™of the next decade.

  5. Chris Z. says:

    No No No No No No No No…..I don’t care about his off the field value, his marketability to the latin community or any of that BS. He is not worth 305 mill. No way in hell. I’d shake Jay-Z’s hand and say thanks for comming.

    200 MAX. And even then I am not comfortable.

  6. Pinkie Pie says:

    Frankly, if I’m Brian Cashman, my response would be this:

  7. turk says:

    …gee how much would they have to pay him to run to 1st base on a ground ball. .. ..

  8. Ralph says:

    Everyone over reacts to these things. This is typical, you start off at the moon. Remember Jeter looking for 6 years at 150M just a few years ago? This is a little different cause Cano is still in his prime, but if the reports of the Yankees offer are true then they made a very serious offer for him and there is a little room to negotiate. Depending on when that offer was made (this summer?) then it made sense for Cano to turn it down so close to free agency and let the open market dictate his value. He already knows the bottom of that market is likely now in the 7 years and 161M.

  9. Kevin says:

    Pedroia set the market for second basemen. Cano may be better but not much. i have to blame ownership for all of this. they have overpaid for years and now these players expect to get paid. no hometown discounts like other players give their teams. There are too many awful contracts still on this team the last thing they need is one more. 6-7 yrs max

  10. Robinson Tilapia says:

    I’m still taking this with a grain of salt, but that’s the most ludicrous initial figure I’ve ever heard thrown out. He’s not getting anywhere near that, from anyone, in 2014. Thank God for Alex and Pujols there. It makes Jay look like a jackass more than anything else.

    Yanks will have to, and probably will, go higher than their offer. I see the two sides settling right around Mike’s number.

    Wake me when it’s over.

    • JLC 776 says:

      Opening Round Anchoring Offers are always fun to watch, but this one seriously is the best I ever remember seeing.

      At least the Yankees already countered with the $160M, so we know they’re both playing the game.

  11. Kevin says:

    and to add to that how does the best player (miggy cabrera) in the game have a contract of 8 yrs/$152.3M and cano wants 300 mil…here are your walking papers!!!

  12. Patrick says:

    Let Cano walk.

    Instead of paying Cano–invest some of that $$ in upgrading the scouting department. That would be the better investment in the Yankee franchise and future.

    Look at a team like the Tampa Bay Rays. They have a itty bitty shitty payroll but they win because they have some of the best scouts/GM/front office people in the game.

    Big ass contracts like Puljols et al are not the way to go.

  13. Adam says:

    Let him go. I wouldn’t even give him the $161 million. The Yanks aren’t going anywhere next year with or without him.

  14. stuart a says:

    cano in his prime… i read that all te time the guy will be 31 during next season, he in his prome for what 2 more seasons? other guys at 33 you say are old but Cani in his prime…

    prime is 26 thru 30 years old… cano will never be any better then he is now and will get worse, that is the fact.

    i give him 6 years, he does not like it, adios….

  15. NoMaas says:

    no more than 5 years. let him walk otherwise. we’re going to likely be bad with or without him. No more 6+ year deals for guys 30+!~

  16. Barry says:

    Wright is the best deal in baseball he’s as valuable as Cano regardless of games played. Let him walk, it’ll leave a bitter taste in our mouths but it’s the smart play, I think. 305 is a pipe dream, that New York piff is good shit.

  17. Gonzo says:

    Sign David Eckstein out of retirement and watch the media not know how to handle it.

  18. Nathan says:

    Thanks for your time in pinstripes. You can take your greedy self elsewhere.

  19. steves says:

    I think the competition for Cano will come from the Nats. They have an aging super-wealthy owner who wants to win now and Cano would put them over the top at a position of need. They are also not immune from crazy contracts (see Werth’s deal).

    • Barry says:

      Zimmerman, Desmond, Cano, LaRoche is an amazing infield. If Zimmerman stays healthy(rare).

      • bkight13 says:

        They have LaRoche for 1 more year, then they move Zimm to 1B(less throws) and Rendon to 3B. They could really use Cano and could even trade LaRoche before next season. Might happen, but not over 200m.

  20. Cameron says:

    I don’t usually chime in here but I had to with this. I’m going to the game tonight specifically to see Mo’s last stadium appearance. But the thought donned on me the other day that it could also be the last stadium appearance of Robbie. I know he’s not where Mo is in terms of history, but he is literally the last elite player the Yanks have been able to produce from their farm system and he’s been one of, if not my favorite player to watch these last couple of years. Of course he has his flaws but he’s grown into exactly what the Yanks need, a superstar who keeps his head on his shoulders and stays out of off field trouble. And, in some ways, could be the go to for a captain once Jete retired. I for one hope the Yanks do what they can to keep him around for a long time because although it’s unlikely a middle-infielder could stay productive for the length of the contract, it’ll be fun to see where he ends up on the list of all-time Yankee greats.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Very good point, and I’m glad you’re going to be there. I hope Mo gets the opportunity to catch one in CF for you.

      • Chip says:

        Seriously, if he isn’t the starting center fielder tonight I’m going to be soooooo bummed. There’s nothing to lose at this point by putting him out there

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Not starting. An inning. A batter, even.

          • Cameron says:

            When they threw that possibility out there the other day it made me even more excited to go to this game! But Girardi has already said he’s treating this like a “real” game so I doubt it happens tonight. I put my money on Sunday.

            • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

              Put Mo in to pitch in the 7th. Let him face a batter. Move him to center, let Logan face a batter. Bring Mo back to pitch. Let Mo play CF for the 8th. Close the 9th.

              #WhoCares #AllMoAllTheTime

              • Robinson Tilapia says:

                This was my suggestion for Eppley and Rapada last year. They’d have never lost a game if they just switched them out and have the other play leftfield.

                • Cameron says:

                  Kay just tweeted out that he saw Mo at an ESPN event and he told Kay that he won’t be playing center tonight. “Said it wouldn’t feel, or be, right”

    • LarryM Fl says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. Robbie is a talent but he is no leader. His example of hustle is deplorable. I’m sure he’s a good guy.

      • Chip says:

        Less deplorable is the fact that he plays 160 games every season, always has a smile on his face and doesn’t end up in the papers for off the field issues. Sounds like a leader I’d love to have on my team.

        • I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

          Sorry Chip. Leaders lead by example, and everything counts. Lack of hustle is waaaaaaaaaaay more important than a smile on your face.

          • Chip says:

            Hard to hustle when you’re sitting on the bench

            • Cameron says:

              Trust me, I hear you guys. And that’s definitely one of the most frustrating things about him. But aside from that, we as fans don’t know what kind of influence he has in the clubhouse. A lot of people used to get on Jeter because he wasn’t the rah-rah type to get in front of the media or start yelling at people on the field, but from everything you hear he’s the perfect type of quiet leader behind closed doors. And there’s something to be said that Robbie has been around that his whole career so he understands that. Is that asking price absolutely ridiculous? Of course, but he knows he’s not getting it. Not after what happened with Pujols. And I highly doubt he walked into that office and demanded to Mr. Z that he wants $300 mil and nothing less.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Even more important: Actual fucking performance.

        • LarryM Fl says:

          You can play a 160 games when you bust it out on the base paths at 60%. Robbie has been thrown out at second a few times with his basic trot out of the batters box then tries to stretch it to a double or at third base. It has occurred while the Yanks were starving for wins. Look I like the guy but not at money above 160 and 8 years of contract.

  21. NYPLATOONS says:

    I said I would have traded Cano. A team who is looking for that extra push in the playoffs and hungry for that World Series would have giving up a few good players for us. In 2014 the Yankees could have been a bit better but instead what do the do what the always do hold on to every single one of their players as until they are 40. Or bring up Andy, Jeter, Mo & Bernie as if they are coming back to help them.

    When Phil Hughes when on the little 3-0 spirt over the summer is when they should have traded him as well. But what do they do hold on to him.

    Can all gtfo here as fast as they can. Tex I[‘d like to see outta here as well but Yankees are stuck with him till 2016 manybe this off season they can be a little creative with trades but I’m better off playing the lotto.

    • NYPLATOONS says:

      I go no more then 5 years for Cano 100M. If not talk walk and go get a real roster with 100M and spread the love.

    • Chip says:

      So you want to open next year with an outfield of Soriano, Choo and Wells? Is JR Murphy going to be the starting catcher with Bobby Wilson as his backup?

      I’m not saying that giving Cano the world is going to help them but if you got rid of Granderson, Cano and Gardner then your lineup looks like this

      Nunez SS
      Jeter DH
      Soriano LF
      Tex 1B
      Wells RF
      Choo CF
      Nix? 3B
      Adams 2B
      Murphy C

      Seriously, no amount of playing the lotto can make that lineup work

      • NYPLATOONS says:

        I’d like to see Soriano the full time DH and use him to rest the other outfielders. I’d love to see Choo on the roster guy can sure find his way on base. As for two more spots in the outfield I’m hoping the Yankees can get creative with trades and maybe pull another outfielder from another team. As for Wells Bench player. No Nnt playing 155 games an actually bench player if not then cut times with him. I would like to see Mccann in pinstripes tired of watching a .199 catcher hit for the past I dunno now since Posada left? If Jeter can’t play the field then that DH spot is for him. So Soriano, Choo leaving one spot to fill in the outfield. Tired of watching two ants in the outfield hit Ichrio and Gardner. If they keep Gardner he should bat 9th nothing higher.

        Without Jeter @ SS I don’t put Nunez out there every day Yankees need to find a SS yes I won’t hold my breath.

        Jeter DH
        Soriano OF
        Mccann C
        Tex 1b
        Choo OF


        No to Nix, Murphy, Adams, Nunez once again ou are putting bench player out their to play full time. Yankees need every day players not another 2014 full of misfits. Things can be done and that’s up to the front office to get them done. Via trades, free agents, international players. A lot of work ahead of the Yankees before 2014 roll around.
        Yankees need to find about 4 spots in just their lineup alone possible I’m not sure they did this to themselves for the past few years by going on replacements.

        • NYPLATOONS says:

          Also between Gardner and Ichrio these guys aren’t driving in anyone and they play a position where you should have some pop in your bat and drive guys in. Between the both 80 rbis. Should be one guy driving in 80 ribs not two. A reason why the Yankees are not driving in run is because of what they are putting out their in the outfield.

          • Chip says:

            Driving in 80 runs from the leadoff spot is nearly impossible even when discounting the fact that Gardner had to bat after 4 scrubs most of the year. I do however completely agree with your views on Choo and Ichiro but it’s going to be hard to watch Choo play the outfield every day.

            The problem is that you just left out 4 spots on the roster with no real alternatives. You can’t just say don’t play the bench players when there really isn’t an easy way to come up with non-bench players for those positions. Teams aren’t just handing out starting shortstops and third basemen. Your only real opportunities are to trade (which is hurt by the fact that the farm had a terrible year) or sign free agents (which is hurt by the fact that they’re trying to bring down payroll).

            Really the best I can see them doing this offseason if they let all of those guys go that you mentioned would be:

            Jeter DH
            Choo CF
            Tex 1B
            Soriano LF
            Mccann C
            Beltran? somebody from the farm? RF
            Infante? Utley? 2B
            Drew SS
            Absolutely no idea 3B

            That’s probably too much money spent on free agents as it is and it isn’t a great lineup.

  22. Frank says:

    Five year max offer. Otherwise, see ya. Schumaker, Roberts or Infante will fill in nicely.

  23. LarryM Fl says:

    My offer has been 6 @150. Sure you can do another year as the Yankees have offered but it would be my last, best and final offer. I have had reservations about Robbie’s styling for the past two years. Last night he made a potential inning ending double play ball into a force out at second. He made a bad pivot at second more of his finesse style throw off of his back foot when he was in position to receive the throw. The next batter hits a 3 run HR and then another HR for 4 runs and your out of the game which was 3-2.

    Unfortunately, I get many of out of town feeds on MLB. Most of the analysis rave over his ability and many bring out the point of his sometimes too smooth play. As many bloggers have indicated. What is the price for him to run to first.

    We will have a weak team more than likely next year. 20 million a year can go a long way toward fixes.

    Last Best Offer Robbie. They have turned this team into a Broadway show. Its a freakin baseball team. Where fans can get wine and Lobels steak sandwiches. Caviar any body need a refill on the caviar.

    • Chip says:

      I’ll take 160 games a year of super high production and deal with the fact that he maybe loses 2 hits a year from not running out routine ground balls.

      Also, there was no second baseman in the game that was throwing out Myers last night. The ball was simply hit too slowly and Ryan didn’t charge it

      • Robinson Tilapia says:


      • I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

        Disagree about the hustle as there is zero evidence that directly connects him dogging it to 1B with his durability. Zero. Worse, it sets a terrible example for any kids coming up through the system, not to mention, you know, kids. You can qualify it all you want as taking the bad with the good, but it’s bad no two ways about it, sorry.

        • Chip says:

          I didn’t say it helped him stay healthy. I’m pointing out that not sprinting to first on every little ground ball doesn’t hamper his production. It’s a totally overblown point.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          Cano’s been in the league for nine years. Clearly it’s been a wide array of hooligans, riffraff, and hobos performing all sorts of tomfoolery up and down the system since.

          I know I’d let my daughter date a nice, clean-shaven boy like Dustin Pedroia before….oh, wait….

  24. Mike HC says:

    Yanks made an actual, fair offer. Cano’s offer is just ridiculous and shouldn’t even be taken into account. I wouldn’t go that much higher than the original offer if I were the Yanks, if higher at all. Signing these 30+ year old free agents to monster deals clearly just doesn’t work anymore (if it ever did).

  25. GroomedScrotum says:

    I think his contract should be more in line with Josh Hamilton’s deal maybe with an option for a 6th year. Cano can suck it if he think’s he’s getting anywhere near $300 million.

  26. Vern Sneaker says:

    Earlier in the year I was saying let him walk. But it’s gotten more and more apparent that we have so many holes we can’t afford to let him go if we’re to have any chance at rebuilding to a championship in the next year or two. At 8 yrs/$190M, you’re projecting 3 years of all-star 2B followed by a decline to where he is a DH (and a pretty good one, too, as DH goes).

    • I'm a looser baby so why don't you kill me? says:

      Vern, we have zero hope of rebuilding to a championship in the next year, and near zero in two years. 2016 is the earliest we will sniff 90+ wins and a realistic shot at a run in the post season.

      Not saying we shouldn’t sign Cano for 5-6 (or, gulp 7) years. But 2014 and 2015 championship aspirations are not among the reasons.

      • Vern Sneaker says:

        The way the organization is behaving now, I agree with you about the next two years. My Cano thoughts were about IF we were serious about making big necessary moves right now to get back in the mix. I didn’t think this thread was for describing my ideas for those moves, tho.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        This is exactly what I was referring to in my post on the other thread where I roll my eyes.

        How anyone can claim to have a clue as to what’s going to happen this off-season is beyond me.

      • SD Charlie says:

        I wonder if this is what Red Sox fans were saying last year? The ship hit some rough water, not a damn iceberg.

  27. Jedile says:

    305M, lol. I think there are only a few players that I would consider that for, and they are currently: Miggy about 4 years ago and Pujols in his prime. Now we talk about

    So for the under 189m plan. How about we offer Cano 189M / 8yrs. 189M sounds like a good number. Really I’d like to say Cano is an 8 WPYP (War Per Year Player), which is considerable MVP caliber. If we place the $3M per war price on a second basemen then we get roughly 24M per year. Here is the catch, he will not (I am assuming even on best case scenario) live up to 8WAR per year for the entirety of his contract. So let’s adjust that to maybe 8WAR for the next 2 years, 7war next 3, and then 5war for the next 3. That sums to 52WAR over 8 years, which I think is really good production. Therefore, taking the 3M per war into account we get a contract number of 156M / 8 Years. Which I believe his ‘worth’ is.

    Sadly, that is probably the floor of what his actual contract will be. Cano is a special second basemen (so far), so I wouldn’t see it unfathomable for him to be able to make a case for 3.5-4M per WAR for him. At 3.5M p War we get 182M, which is probably more realistic of his contract.

    Yes I know WAR isn’t the best stat for evaluating a contract, but I like to use it! so YEAH!

    • Chip says:

      You’re ignoring inflation

    • mitch says:

      Do you have your own calculation of WAR or something? I don’t see how he’s an 8 WAR player. Over a 7 year contract i’d expect something like 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That’d amount to about 6mil/WAR if they gave him 161. I think that’s fair.

  28. Chris says:

    Cano is our best player period. I think what the Yankees offered is perfect. I still have a HUGE problem with giving a guy who has only hit 30+ Hr’s once and 100 RBi’s three times in his career over 20 million dollars. He has never produced like Pujols or A-Rod and he is getting money along those lines (in AAV not years). 7 years is the max I would go and then they can sign him to an organizational friendly 2 year deal to DH when his initial contract is over. You don’t want to be paying him 25 million a year in years 6-7. They will be dealing with that with A-Rod and Tex, hopefully not CC. Organizationally, they can’t be having these contracts for the better part of the next 10 years.

    • Chip says:

      Yeah, Cano isn’t in the same conversation of guys like Pujols and A-Rod but he isn’t all that far behind. I think they mentioned last night that he’s got 7 seasons or something of 40+ doubles which is a huge number plus he’s the only guy on the team you can really count on anymore to hit over .300.

      • emac2 says:

        Do Arod and Pujols deals like they there were good moves by their teams?

        Just because someone was stupid enough to do something doesn’t mean it’s now a good idea.

        • Chip says:

          Actually, you could make an argument that A-Rod contract #1 wasn’t all that bad. I wasn’t saying that they were good contracts anyway but Cano clearly isn’t as good as those guys were

  29. Frank says:

    Cano’s contract should fall in line with David Wright’s or Pedroia’s, in terms of years and money, but not twice the amount or more. That’s just insane.

  30. mt says:

    Everyone says “negotiating is ask for whatever you want, start at asking for the moon” but there is a problem if initial offer looks very unreasonable – the team gets desperate and starts leaking (like what Yanks did with Jeter’s request for 6 years at $150 million) and then there is a point where the player can’t save face and reduce it that much – at some point how can a Cano start with 10 years at $305 million and end up at 5 years at $115 million or $120 million – yes, anyone can start off high and then succumb totally at end but these players and agents are competitive and have pride.

    (You may say Jeter (eventually 3 years at $51 with an $8 mm option and incentives) may have caved from his initial attempt at 6 years at $150 mm but he had a much greater financial interest in remaining Yankee for life (and there was no other team who was giving Jeter anywhere near that contract). There is no such issue with Cano – totally ready and willing to leave, I would suspect, especially with team on a downward trend as opposed to 3 years ago when Jeter did his contract. And there are a couple of other teams who would do 8 years at $190-$200 million and still argue that it works.)

    As I said above, look at what happened with Damon and his negotiation to come back between Boras and Cashman – he started way too high even though everyoen agreed he should come back – of course a player can ask for anything but at some point you may piss off the other party (who starts flailing and coming up with other scenarios in case player does not budge). Then what happens is player may go slink off and accept less money from another team and the player/agent spins it that there are so many intangibles (imminent playoff contender or young players coming) that makes Nats/Cubs,etc attractive vis a vis the offer from Yanks.

    7 years at 161 million is near the limit – maybe they can come up on dollars to $175 million or so but 8 years at $190 milion is too much. Yanks have too many holes – if Yanks do 8 years at $190 milion, then Yanks at same time need to announce that $189 million payroll plan is moot and then hopefully they spend $250 million on payroll next year to get team back to contention.

    My fear is that they cave to Cano because they feel Yanks must have a “star” but with a re-signed Cano team looks just a little better or worse than the first four months of this year with addition of some upside from Pineda (and hopefully Banuelos) but subtraction of Mo/Andy/2013-first-four-months Kuroda seccurity blankets.

  31. Chip says:

    I’d be willing to go the 8 years and 190 with him that Mike mentioned. Really, you only need him to be a superstar for another 2-4 years and you can deal with his salary after that as Jeter, CC and Tex will all be gone after 2016 (well CC has an option but whatever) and A-Rod will likely have been bought out by then.

    I look at it this way, if we were currently running Skip Schumaker out there every day I think everybody here would be willing to give their left arm up to sign Cano. We’re all just spoiled because we’ve had him all these years and seem to think he’s expendable.

    • Mike HC says:

      I think the biggest concern is that this team does not really seem to be a legitimate contender for at least the next couple years, even with Cano still raking. If overpaying Cano meant having a real shot at a WS over the next 2-3, like the CC/Tex/AJ off season, it would be acceptable to take the risk that the last half of his contract is going to be an anchor.

      I want Cano back. I love watching him play. But I wouldn’t give him much more than what the Yanks originally were willing to overpay. If another team thinks that Cano puts them over the top (Dodgers), and are willing to go well higher than the Yanks offer, then it might be best for both sides to move on.

      • Chip says:

        Let’s say they sign Cano, Granderson, Drew and Mccann (yeah I know, not going to happen)

        Gardner CF
        Jeter DH
        Granderson LF
        Cano 2B
        Tex 1B
        Soriano RF
        McCann C
        Drew SS
        Nix/Nunez/Adams/whatever 3B

        That’s a very solid lineup. I’m not saying it would happen (and they’d need some huge breakout/bounceback pitching performances) but it’s not like it would be impossible for them to win next season. It would just take some luck which is the case for most teams

        • Mike HC says:

          I don’t think that lineup can make up for the horrific pitching staff we would be going into the year with. No Hiroki and Pettitte, without signing anybody to replace them, is disastrous.

          But I get your overall point that if the Yanks decided to put even more money into the team, and actually fill all their holes with proven players, then yes, stretching out a bit more for Cano could make more sense.

          Like Mike said, it will be interesting to see how the Yanks want to play this off season.

          • Rivera Venue Blues says:

            Are we assuming we have no shot at resigning Hiroki?

            • Mike HC says:

              In his hypothetical I thought he was implying that Hiroki would not be re signed.

              My own opinion, sure we have a shot. My random guess though is that Hiroki decides it is time to move on.

        • LarryM Fl says:

          If you can get a quality catcher and shortstop then I would pay Robbie and deal with his lack of hustle at times. The reason being he can make a good team better both offensively and defensively. But a poor team its a waste of money.

  32. csonk says:

    Robbie is my favorite Yankee currently but they’ve gotta let him go. They have to stop setting the precedent of overpaying & FAR too long contractual obligation. He has (at best) 3-5 more years of ‘elite’ level play, then – AGAIN we’d be overpaying a diminished ageing talent. Just because it’s the Yankees and they can afford this stuff (sort of) doesn’t mean they should keep doing it over & over. Player’s come to the Yankees ‘expecting’ to get fat. Pedroia having a year left affecting his leverage? Thats crap. He gave up the extra $25-30 million (fiscally irresponsible teams like the Yankees or Dodgers would have shelled out)to hedge his bets on his health over a one year period? C’mon. The guy loves Boston. We NEVER get a hometown discount because players/agents can’t wait to deal with the Yankees fooli$hne$$. Its gotta stop – its why we’re in the mess we’re in (A-Rod, CC, Texiera, etc.). Cano is NOT worth $20+…and the Yankees need to have the balls to tell the world that no player is.

  33. Leg-End says:

    Anything over 180, well……….Bye.

  34. AllyinCt says:

    I think that the Yankees offer is very fair. Cano and his agent are being ridiculous and I find 305 to be insulting. If Cano is serious, then he should be given the QO and told to go sell himself to the highest bidder. Let that team financially cripple itself, while the Yankees have too many needs that the money could help to fill. I’d like to see that money go to upgrading C, SS, and RF. Then, they could get by with less production at 2B.

  35. Darren says:

    Give him whatever it takes.

  36. SDB says:

    I wonder who the Yankees could get with that extra first round draft pick.

    (Hmm, an earlier pick next year after this season, plus possibly two compensation picks for Cano and Kuroda… small steps towards rebuilding that farm?)

    • Chris In Maine says:

      make that three with Granderson

      • I think Kuroda is either the Yankees or back to Japan.

        Anyways, 2 more 1st round picks are nice, but they have to hit on them…obviously, but maybe not so much given the track record the last few seasons/drafts.

      • SDB says:

        I suspect that if they let Cano walk for this sort of money, they’ll keep Granderson. I wouldn’t be shocked if he also accepts a QO with the hope of increasing his chances for a big contract this time next year.

  37. Bryan says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but personally I find the comedic value of most of these posts to be through the roof.

    • Mike HC says:

      Can you elaborate? Most of the posts seem to be turned off by the reported 300 million asking price, and don’t want to pay much more than what the Yanks offered. Are you saying the Yanks should give him 300 mil, or close to it? The idea of fans not wanting to “overpay” a player with someone else’s money is funny? What is it?

  38. JGYank says:

    Yanks are spot on with the 161/7 offer. My max would 170/7. No way we should go over 7 years. Don’t know how cano will age. Can throw in an opt out or two. Wouldn’t hurt either side.

    Is he serious about $300M? He might want that but he’s not even going to come close to it. Not even worth $200M IMO since he is passing his prime right now. No one will go crazy for him. His value is the most to the Yanks since he has the short porch and has played here. I think he stays but the Yanks shouldn’t budge much.

    • JGYank says:

      I wouldn’t give him anymore than $25M per year. I don’t know why he thinks he should be the first player to get over $300M and get over 30M per year. He isn’t even the best player In the game. Pedroia took much less and they are comparable.

      I would been fine with giving him an incentive laiden deal to make him earn the money but we can’t guarantee over 175.

  39. mustang says:

    NO…305 million times.

    That said 8 years 200 million that’s 25 million a year a lot and probably should be done, but it will.

  40. Kevin says:

    Thank God people on here will never be GM’s…we’d be screwed

  41. pc says:

    another bad decision by the sons, they should have traded cano when they had the chance.

    if you think he doesn’t run out ground balls now just wait until he signs a long term retirement deal.

  42. emac2 says:

    300m is such an easy no I wouldn’t even negotiate. They made an overly generous offer and if the Yankees have proven anything it’s that these big deals are a bad idea. Unless you are signing a final piece for a really good team you simply guarantee long term mediocrity. The Yankees need a rebuild and don’t need to build a new TV network.

    I’m amazed agents can pay enough talk show callers to keep intimidating owners into signing these deals.

    • Mike HC says:

      The tide is starting to turn. More and more fans see how the majority of these long term deals for 30+ year olds turnout. Most fans don’t begrudge the high AAV when it is reasonable for a guy to produce. It is the 3-4 extra years on the back end that hinders their favorite team from going out and getting younger, fresher talent.

  43. forensic says:

    It’s been a long and busy last week, so I’m glad Jay Z and Robbie are here to provide a little comedic interlude.

  44. Shittyshittybangbang says:

    10/305mm ?! Do it, do it ! God forbid we don’t and posibbly miss the play…., oh wait, never mind ! “But he’s just one player dude, he can’t carry the team on his own !” ….., EXACTLY ! I’m still floored that the NYY offered a 7 year contract with an AAV of 23mm. Take the Cano savings, as well as the A-rod, Granderson, etc…, savings, sign some reasonable FA’s and start to take a serious look at why the top end of the farm has been barron for so long.

  45. nyyankfan_7 says:

    Everyone is saying “no way in hell…blah blah blah”

    But here’s the truth of the matter – what Robbie is asking for doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is whether or not the Yankees are actually going to go for this 189 bullshit. If they are not – then who gives a shit what Cano wants and/or gets? It’s not our money, they aren’t going to give us a discount if they cut payroll so pay whatever it takes to have the best players. If they are going to go for 189 then they have to worry about ARod, b/c if ARod isn’t suspended for the whole year then they can only afford to give Cano about 10 million a year and he’s gone no matter what.

    I don’t blame Cano one bit, hell I’d ask for $350 mil. ARod got paid, Albert got paid, for Christ’s sake you guys are saying 7 and 160? If I’m Cano I tell Cashman to fuck off if he thinks I’m signing for a microscopic better deal than Tex and CC got b/c I’m 10 times the player they are and I proved it by carrying this team this year while Tex put up just as many opposite field left-handed hits as he did last year without playing 150 games and CC’s fat worthless ass is a major reason we missed the playoffs.

    • Mike HC says:

      Wait, so pointing to ARod, Pujols, Tex and CC’s deals will supposedly help Cano’s bargaining position? Because the way I see it, all those deals turned out/turning out to be pretty bad for the teams that signed them. And all of those players were just as valuable, if not more valuable, at the time they signed the deal.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Agreed. If anything, teams aren’t throwing big round numbers out there.

        That doesn’t mean that big deals won’t be signed, or that Robbie Cano won’t sign one. It just, to me, means more “precision” than “shock and awe” when working these things out.

        Does that only make sense in my head?

        • Mike HC says:

          No, that makes sense. The Yanks have made it pretty clear the days of shock and awe are over for them. And they drove that bus basically since the start of baseball. The talk of 189, Levine recently saying that no player is a sign at all costs player, etc … The question now is, will the Dodgers be the new/old Yankees. Maybe.

          • BFDeal says:

            If we’re taking teams at their word, the Dodgers won’t be players. They’ve stated an unwillingness to sign future players past age 36, so Cano would get at most a 6 yr offer from LA.

            • Mike HC says:

              Ah, did not get the word on that. The fact that they too are coming out and saying we are not just going to blow the doors off for every good player we want, means that Robinson Tilapia is probably on the money. These huge deals will be less in your face, and more a slowly thought out, and slowly played out process. But the big deals are still coming.

          • mustang says:

            Also as a fan if he walks he walks. The Yankees are going to need a lot of work with or without Cano. What I’m trying to say is that if the Yankees were a Cano away from being a top contender for the next few years then I MIGHT get closer to his asking price, but their not.

          • Darren says:

            We have no idea what the Yankees are really thinking.

            For all we know, Hank and Hal are shitting in their pants due to lost playoff revenue, lost interest and general fan apatahy, knowing that Mo and Andy are gone, CC is diminished, ARod is a mess and Jeter is a huge question mark. They just might be ready to overpay the only young star they have to show the world that the “Yankees are back.”

            8 years/$210mm with the whole “Retire as a Yankee”, informal promises to make him the next captain, etc.

            • Mike HC says:

              8/210 is at least a reasonable counter offer to the Yanks original offer, and at least in the same universe of a fair deal. At least for me, it was the 300 million dollar asking price that is off putting. And doesn’t seem to be a good faith offer, in my opinion.

    • BFDeal says:

      Feel better?

  46. Chris Z. says:

    He asked for 300+ mill in hopes the Yanks counter at a number north of probably 180+ mill. Thats all. But 300? Come on, be serious.

  47. FLYER7 says:

    I would structure contract so while average annual salary is high that the out years are lower in the event we are looking at an Arod-like buyout down the road.

  48. Improbable Island Guy on Another Computer says:

    I love ya Robbie, but I don’t even like the Yanks’ counter offer. See you later, and thanks for the awesome.

  49. Psycho Trish says:

    Let him walk. The Cards had to let Pujols walk too. Yes I know the Cards were in better shape to do so, but you still have to let him walk if it gets this crazy.

  50. mustang says:

    Its crazy to give that kind of money to any player, but I though if any player should it would of been Pujols with his numbers, personality, etc. Look how that turn out where are the Angels and where are the Cardinals?

  51. rek4gehrig says:

    Surely he jests?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Mr. Roth says:

    I’d sign up for 6 years $150 million in a heartbeat. Any more than 6 years starts to scare the crap out of me. 7 years $161 million seems fair, and i really doubt that any team offers more than that.

  53. dan says:

    just think how much money he be worth if he ran to first…4 hundred million?!

  54. bkight13 says:

    I would tell Robbie to go out and get the best offer he can, but give us the chance to match it. It’s risky, but so is a 200m+ contract. If it gets to 10 years or 250m, tell him thank you and good luck. After getting under 189m next year the team will have plenty of money to reload.

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