2013 Draft: Baseball America’s Report Card

Saturday Night Open Thread
Cafardo: Yankees "on the verge" of making changes to scouting and player development departments

Earlier this week, Baseball America ranked the Yankees’ 2013 draft haul the third best in baseball behind only the Pirates and Diamondbacks. They followed up with an individual draft report card on Friday (subs. req’d), which breaks down the team’s draft into a variety of categories. 3B Eric Jagielo (first round) was ranked the “Best Pure Hitter” while LHP Ian Clarkin (1s) was said to have the “Best Secondary Pitch,” for example.

I thought there were two interesting pieces of information in the report card. One, OF Aaron Judge (1s) is apparently going to play winter ball in the Dominican Republic. He isn’t listed on any rosters at the moment, however. A quad injury preventing him from appearing in a game after signing. Two, LHP Caleb Smith (14) has “a potentially plus changeup and fastball up to 94,” making him a really interesting bullpen candidate down the road. He had a great pro debut (1.93 ERA and 2.03 FIP in 51.1 innings) and ended the year with a spot start for Double-A Trenton. I wonder how fast of a track Smith will be on.

Saturday Night Open Thread
Cafardo: Yankees "on the verge" of making changes to scouting and player development departments
  • dp

    Not a big fan of Jageilo or Judge or O’neill…would rather they drafted Phil Ervin and Ryan McMahon instead. I hope the kids they did draft will become players.

    • Pat D

      So what you’re saying is……Cashman failed?

      • dp

        Yes…I think the Yankees screwed up 2 of their first round picks. Phil Ervin is going to be a much better player then Jageilo imo…if the Yankees wanted a 3b then they should have went after McMahon. Now I do like what they did at in the lower levels. They got some nice talent.

        • http://techfan0909@gmail.com josh0909

          McMahon was not even a first round talent and evans wasn’t even in the draft…….

          • dp

            Who is evans? I said Phil Ervin who the Reds took right after the Yankees took Jagielo. McMahon was the 42 overall pick early in the second round.

            Many teams thought he was going to play football.

        • Pat D

          Curious as to what you base it on? Scouting reports or stats?

          • dp

            Look at their stats…I liked both these player before the draft. There are plenty of scouting reports on these players so read them and decide for yourself.

            Seems to me the Yankees are getting praised for name value at the top of their draft. I would have went in a different direction.

  • FLYER7

    Would like to see Yankees start to fast track some prospects like they seem to be doing with Caleb Smith. Maybe Patterson will help grow the top pitching prospects and pushing them up the ladder quicker maybe starting them higher…hope Jagielo is a High A/Double AA player in 14 so he is MLB ETA is some time in 2015…

    • OhioYanks

      Two way street. They need prospects who deserve to be fast tracked.

      The Yankees are actually known for being aggressive with promotions. But pushing prospects who aren’t ready too fast can be as detrimental as holding prospects back if not worse.

  • YankeeGrunt

    Smith also has a hard slider that has really developed of late and pitched around 140 innings between NYP and college. Not really a reliever profile.

  • jjyank

    Word. It’d be nice to have some fast movers come up and have an impact. I look forward to seeing what these guys do next year.

  • trr

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This team needs young blood like a starving vampire