Update: Proceedings for A-Rod’s lawsuit vs. MLB start Nov. 7th

Thursday Night Open Thread
Sanchez: White Sox agree to sign Jose Abreu for $68M

Thursday: Jim Baumbach says the federal judge presiding over the lawsuit agreed to push the conference back two weeks to November 7th. Remember, this is not the appeal hearing of A-Rod‘s 211-game suspension, this concerns his lawsuit against MLB. Two different matters.

Saturday: Via Ken Davidoff: Proceedings for Alex Rodriguez‘s lawsuit against MLB will begin with a conference on October 24th. This is not the ongoing appeal hearing for the 211-game suspension, this concerns the lawsuit A-Rod filed claiming the league is conducting a “witch hunt” and is trying to get him out of the game. Rodriguez also filed a malpractice suit against Yankees team doctor Christopher Ahmad over the handling of his left hip injury last fall. He’s going out with guns blazin’, eh?

Thursday Night Open Thread
Sanchez: White Sox agree to sign Jose Abreu for $68M
  • Mike Myers

    Ohhh boy.

    The biggest issue is that the Yankees will be handcuffed at the winter meetings if this isnt settled yet.

    • BFDeal

      How does this handcuff the Yankees?

    • jim p

      Two different things, a suit in the law courts and the MLB hearings. The suit(s) don’t affect anything at all around whether or not A-Rod gets suspended.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The only that would handcuff the New York Yankees would be the New York Yankees.

  • cooolbreez

    I believe the appeal of the suspension starts next Wednesday and goes through the weekend, It should be resolved after the WS but likely before the December meetings.

  • Yankee Fan 1

    This is all so pathetic to me. Instead of just admitting you did it ( you know like everyone else who was suspended), you decided to sue people instead. Lance 2.0.

    • JCK

      Except that had he admitted to doing it he wouldn’t have been suspended “like everyone else.” He would have been suspended for four times longer.

      A-Rod’s no peach, and he’s not likely innocent, but I think he’s right that MLB has targeted him more than other players. They’re trying to make an example of the highest paid / highest profile player to distract from the fact that they’ve been utterly useless at actually cleaning up the game of PEDs.

      Every party involved looks terrible, imho.

      • Mickey Scheister

        This is my sentiment exactly, well said.

      • jim p

        MLB claims taped phone calls and emails as proof that A-Rod took supplements in 2010, ’11 and ’12. So that’s worth 150 right there.

        Then we have him trying to buy up evidence when he knew an investigation was started, and he might well have steered others to the lab.

        Not proven yet, but that’s what the hearings are for. Tape recordings and emails are pretty good evidence if they really have that.

        At the same time, who has the link for A-Rod saying “I’m innocent”? Even his lawyers saying it? There’s plenty of other things they’ve said, but I’ve not seen “i’m innocent’ anywhere.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          MLB claims taped phone calls and emails as proof that A-Rod took supplements in 2010, ’11 and ’12. So that’s worth 150 right there.

          How? Are you charging him with three first offenses?

          • Hughesus Christo

            Where in the JDA does it say a “first offense” must have been identified and punished before second and subsequent offenses can be committed? All it says is you can’t be given multiple disciplines for the same violation, not that MLB couldn’t find and cite evidence of 3 different violations (possession of PEDs is reason enough for a suspension, btw).

            Also great that the ARod apologism has been worked down into trying to find loopholes in the JDA. Everyone knows he cheated multiple times for years, but let’s look for a way to weasel around it.

            • Yankee68

              Very good point.

            • Mr. Roth

              I’m pretty sure that the JDA says you can’t be suspended on a 2nd offense penalty if you haven’t been suspended on a 1st offense penalty already.

              • Hughesus Christo

                I’m looking at it right now and don’t see that specified. The penalties also aren’t 60-120-Life. It’s 60-80/120-365 days/Life

                The JDA also spells out seperate penalties for distribution of PEDs (80 1st time, Life 2nd time) which ARod is also rumored to be accused of.

                Interesting none of this comes up…

            • Caballo Sin Nombre

              So, each pill you pop counts as a different offense? So if you take 50 pills over a year, that’s 50 separate offenses? Or is it just the years that count, so that if you take 50 pills in one year, it’s one offense; but if you take one pill per year over three years, that’s three offenses?

              In any case, very interested in the illogic that results in the conclusion taking supplements in 2010, 2011, and 2012 automatically counts as multiple offenses. Please show your work.

  • JonJoe1959

    You’re a #1 Yankee fan and know nothing about the A-Rod case. First of all you bring nothing to the table. You just repeat the same old BS that the large networks and news papers say. To gain some real creditability, try investigating and doing a little homework. For example, the on air predictions about A-Rod skills when he returned was pitiful and wrong. Second, the large networks and newes papers never note that A-Rod has passed all PED test given by MLB as agreed upon in the JDA and CBA unlike the others who got suspended. Finally, what MLB is doing to A-Rod is outside the JDA and CBA. To prove my point, what other player has ever got suspended for PED use outside a positive test by the JDA. For that matter, what other players have even been investigated for PED use outside the JDA and got suspended?  None, Na-da.
    You need to do a little homework and earn your strips. MLB will have egg on their face in the A-Rod matter when it’s all said and done. Oh, and so will You

    Sent from John’s iPad

    • BFDeal

      You literally did not say one thing that hasn’t been discussed or stated ad nauseam on this site.

    • jim p

      “…what other player has ever got suspended for PED use outside a positive test by the JDA. …even been investigated for PED use outside the JDA and got suspended?”

      Cruz, Peralta, Cervelli, Montero, Bastardo, De Los Santos, Valdespin, and five others suspended. There were additional players investigated, iirc at least two, who came up clean.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      And you can’t even delete your iPad sig from a comment.

      Mike wins.

  • JonJoe1959

    The A-Rod case will open the fans eyes to how one sided the media has been!!!

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod


    Alex this, Alex that, lawsuit, appeal, blah blah blah…

    Wake me when it’s over and there’s real baseball news to discuss.

    • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

      Not that you care, but I did not post this as a dig at your reporting on the subject, Mike. Just sick of reading everyone repeating the exact same points ad naseum on every Alex-related post. There’s no new info, nothings changed yet. Why can’t we just wait and let it play out instead of speculating wildly?

      • sevrox

        What else is there to do in the offseason? Dull-arse’d time of year for the average Yank fan.