MLB’s lawyers seeking dismissal of A-Rod’s lawsuit

What Went Wrong: Lyle Overbay
Wednesday Night Open Thread

Via Larry Neumeister: MLB’s lawyers have sent a former letter to U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield requesting that the lawsuit filed by Alex Rodriguez‘s legal team be thrown out. A-Rod‘s camp filed the suit claiming the league is conducting a “witch hunt” to get him out of baseball. Apparently there is a Labor Management Relations Act issue depending on whether the case is heard in state or federal court. I’m not exactly sure what’s better for whom. Proceedings for the suit are scheduled to begin in early-November. Remember, this is completely different matter than A-Rod’s appeal of his 211-game suspension.

What Went Wrong: Lyle Overbay
Wednesday Night Open Thread
  • Pinkie Pie

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

  • pat

    I hope this gets as ugly as possible. Fuck Bud Selig and MLB.

    • Kiko Jones

      I’m with ya, Pat. Say what you will about A-Rod, the wording of the accusation against Selig is on point: he looked the other way regarding PED use in the ’90s and now wants to make A-Rod his scapegoat, while legacy shopping. Fuck him.

  • Coolerking101

    You want the Federal Court if you want to get it heard quickly. You want it in state court if you want it to languish for years on end. Notice A-Rod filed in State Court where there was little chance of anyone getting to the merits before 2015. From Neumeiser’s description, sounds like MLB is saying the suit is pre-empted by Fed statute and must be thrown out. I assume the argument is that all claims must be first raised using the CBA procedures and A-Rod improperly skipped them when he filed suit (though I’m admittedly guessing b/c I haven’t seen the letter).