Sherman: Chase Headley remains on Yankees’ radar


Via Joel Sherman: The Yankees continue to have Padres third baseman Chase Headley on their radar. San Diego recently wrapped up their organizational meetings and believe they will keep their franchise player even though he is due to become a free agent next offseason. The Padres will listen to offers but they don’t consider New York a good trade partner because of their lack of big league ready young players.

Headley, 29, hit .250/.347/.400 (113 wRC+) with 13 homers in exactly 600 plate appearances this summer. He missed the start of the season after breaking his thumb sliding into third base in Spring Training and was much better in the second half (134 wRC+) than the first (99 wRC+). That makes sense, players tend to perform better as they get further away from hand injuries. Headley was a legitimate MVP candidate just a year ago, when he hit .286/.376/.498 (145 wRC+) with 31 homers and his typically strong defense.

Matt Swartz projects Headley to earn $10M through arbitration in 2014. Even if Alex Rodriguez‘s suspension is overturned, the Yankees have an obvious need at third base because they can’t count on A-Rod to stay healthy or play the field everyday. Headley is a switch-hitter with power and strong defense, so he’s a pretty great fit for any team. If the Padres trade him during the season, his new team won’t be able to make him a qualifying offer and he won’t cost a draft pick to sign next winter. That would be the best case for New York outside of prying him loose via trade this winter.

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  • OhioYanks

    Breaking news… the Yankees are interested in every good MLB player at the right price…

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    One of his years is not like the others…


    • Havok9120

      This, too.

    • MannyGeee

      Yup, that is a major blip in the radar, huh

    • OhioYanks

      This argument makes sense to say that the Yankees shouldn’t pay expecting him to repeat 2012, but that should really go without saying. Otherwise, I don’t really see the point. Your own link shows a 3 bWAR player year in and year out. He’s at an age where he should also have a few very good years left in him.

      One could go further and make an argument that 3 bWAR is pessimistic, as his 2013 numbers are negatively impacted by the injury. He may have come much closer to repeating 2012.

      You’re also taking him out of Petco and putting him in YS with a bunch of games in Fenway every season as well.

      I don’t think Headley is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he’s a damn good baseball player.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        You have some great points, OhioYanks. He would definitely be better in Yankee Stadium, but I always seem to be wary of a player that derives a lot of his value(fWAR or bWAR)from defense. Defense is important, but nothing trumps offense.

        • OhioYanks

          I don’t think that is actually the case, but Headley is also one of the better offensive 3B around: http://www.fangraphs.com/leade.....;sort=19,d

          And is historically better outside of Petco.

        • Mikhel

          Defensively he’s not as good, has range but his throw an his biomechanics are not optimized. ofensively he has power to LF, which is where the ball carries at PetCo, I’ve regularly seen him play there and he’s no better than, say, Kouzmanoff (a bit better defensively but Kouz has a stronger arm and way more power with basically the same contact) who right now is off to a good start in the mexican winter league with Mexicali.

          Kouz in his time had a lot of upside, Headley I am not sure he can repeat his dream year.

      • MannyGeee

        “You’re also taking him out of Petco and putting him in YS with a bunch of games in Fenway every season as well.”

        This is the EXACT same sentiment that made Adrian Gonzalez a VERY wealthy man. Well, we all see how that worked out for the Boy Genius.

        This is not an argument for or against Headley, just a pointed statement that should negate the blanket statement of “he’d rake outside of the NL West”

        • Preston

          Agreed, I think we’ve all watched Mark Teixeira tailor his swing to the short porch to the detriment of his overall offense. There are a lot more factors than just plugging in hitter A into more hitter friendly ballpark and his stats go up.

        • Pinkie Pie

          Adrian had a MVP-caliber season his first year with the sox, and was suffering from the lingering effects of a shoulder injury in 2012 while still putting up pretty decent numbers. Not the best counterexample.

        • Mikhel

          Adrián was the correct move, he tends to put the ball towards LF and in Fenway that came in handy, he lost the batting title in the last 7 games of the season when Cabrera put up a show with something like 12 hits in the last week.

          His defense is very good, and now he carried the Dodgers all the way to the playoffs, sure, it can be argued that Puig did it but if you look at it closely, Puig was garbage with men on base, it was Adrian and later Adrian+Hanley.

          Check Adrian’s stats with high leverage, and in the 7-8-9-extra innings.

  • Havok9120

    Here’s one I don’t think we have the pieces for without completely blowing them away. Not sure I’m willing to see what that would do to the system, especially after last season’s disappointment.

    • OhioYanks

      I don’t know that the bidding will get too crazy with him one year away from FA and two other 3B potentially available who are at least in a similar class to Headley between Sandoval and maybe Freese. (Spottier track records, for sure, but good young 3B still.) I’m sure it would take a very healthy offer, but might not be ridiculous.

      • Havok9120

        I’m not really worried about beating other offers so much as getting the Pads to trade him in the first place.

        • OhioYanks

          If they can’t get him extended one year out after trying for a few years, I think the Pads will have to move him. They’ve won over 76 games once in the past 7 years and are looking at a high probability of getting only his contribution to another sub-.500 win team in 2014 and one late first rounder by keeping him, vs. a nice prospect haul from moving him.

          If you’re the Yankees and the Pads decide to try their luck re-signing him in FA, you look at one of the other two options. Or, more likely, you don’t invest heavily at 3B if there are upgrades to be made elsewhere (unless you get a really nice bargain at 3B). It would be nice if the Yankees could take Mike’s strategic suggestion of just ignoring A-Rod’s existence, but it’s probably not the best idea.


    Chase Headley – Game 141 .obp 347. I’ll take him why? He’s an every day player that the Yankees can throw out there instead of 20 replacement cycling in at 3B. If The Yankees can upgrade other areas as well I’d bat him 7th

  • MannyGeee

    Yeah, I’d love me some Headley…. but lets face it, he’ll need to be got the old fashioned way: By overpaying in years and money in the open market.

    • BigHeadKay

      and that is exactly what the Yanks have to STOP doing…overpaying and giving out these seemingly lifetime contracts. If they give Cano more than 7 years, then they are FOOLS. 7 Years….24 MIL per year…nobody else will come close to an offer like that….because nobody elses is as dumb as the Yankees have been over the past decade…except the Angels…and look what happened to them this year.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixiera – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew)

    I like Headley, and there is definitely a spot for him on the team, but idk if I am willing to trade the whole farm for him. Actually with the way the Yankees “develop” players I might be.

    • NYPLATOONSPLITS@yahoo.com

      There is no guarantee when it comes to prospects. We all kibda got a whiff of what the Yankees have in the farm system. Now I’m not saying there is nobody in their farm system but the Yankees need to make improvements and lost of them. Think of it this way if the Yankees sign or trade for better players they can use their new players for future trades.

      I’d give up Gardner for Headley in a heartbeat. “Example”


        Kinda *

      • BigHeadKay

        you are CRAZY in a heartbeat. Gardner is one of trhe few who made the Yanks go over this past year. Without him? They finish dead last.

  • ropeadope
  • Juan Chulo

    would the better prospects send over in a trade with the Padres for Headley be worth it compared to someone like Sandoval? both with one year left on their deals. Headley obviously the better player but one would think the Padres are expecting much more in return for him (rightly so)

    • Preston

      Yeah, I’d probably rather roll the dice with Sandoval for lesser prospects than part with elite prospects for Headley.

    • Havok9120

      There’s also been, as yet, no real indication they want to trade him. They’ve not changed their stance on that since he broke into the MLB and especially since 2012 despite having no prospects for getting to the playoffs. Sandoval, on the other hand, seems to have worn out his welcome.

  • CashmanNinja

    I like Headley much more than Sandoval, but if Panda is available then I think he’d be the smarter guy to go after because the price tag will definitely be lower. There isn’t any inclination that either team will trade their 3rd basement until the deadline though. The Giants may want to keep Panda and if they start to suck then trade him. The Padres apparently think they’re “in it to win it” this year so the only way we could pry Headley away before the season started would be to give a very big offer. I just don’t know if he’s worth *that* much.

    So, in short, Headley is the better overall player, but Sandoval would be the better value by far (at least according to possible rumors and fan opinions).

  • Robinson Tilapia

    If we had these super duper MLB ready guys, I think I’d rather them over a year of Headley. There’s the conundrum.

    I agree with those that, for this team’s current needs, would rather chase the Panda.

  • BifHeadKay

    Headley is a good player…no doubt. BUT..the Yankees have nothing to trade…literally. There are somre players in development in the minors, but San Diego wants some players who are close to Major League READY. As we saw last year….there are none in the Yankee system.

    Yankees need to re-vamp their scouting system and fill the minors with BONAFIDE TALENT!! Other teams do it and do a really nice job of it. Look at Tampa fercryinoutloud!! Lowest payroll in BB and kick the Yankees butts year in and year out recently. With HOMEGROWN pitching and other talent…that eventually = PLAYOFF …COMPETETIVE BASEBALL. That USED to be the way the Yankees worked….the CORE FOUR, when added in with Bernie Williams… kept the Yankees in contention since 1996. So the formula WORKS….we know it.

    Steinbrenners…WAKE UP. The fan base KNOWS that we need to rebuild. We KNOW that mistakes have been made in the farm system. We Will WAIT for the next core 4….because if history has taught us anything (signing ARod to an extension for instance) at all, it’s that trying to BUY a championship doesn’t work. Get back to basics guys. Forget buying the half used up free agents and signing them to 7 years or more. Not gonna get us back to October baseball.

    If you need to go after someone…go after a bonafide YOUNG star like Jacoby Ellsbury!! Nevermind selling the farm for Headley. Maybe sign Beltran to a 2 year deal…find a serviceable free agent for 3rd base. And for God’s sake…find a way to get rid of that FRAUD ARod.

    • CashmanNinja

      While I agree with what you said, the only thing I see wrong with it is that if we sign someone like Beltran then we’d be forfeiting our #1 pick. If Granderson signed with a team like the White Sox then we’d get a comp pick, so we’d be dropping down like 15 slots. I suppose it’s just nitpicking, but I felt like pointing it out. Either way I would still want them to do that because Beltran on a short term deal fits well with this team and giving away everyone for Headley wouldn’t be the wise decision (as much as I think he’d be a good fit). While not every prospect will ever amount to something, it’s still good to get as many as possible so you can use the excess prospects for a really good proven player. We currently lack real depth. We have some good prospects, but they have a long way to go and anything can happen.

      And I’ll add 1 more thing I disagree with — Jacoby Ellsbury. First off, he’s going to get a LOT of money from some team that hasn’t forgotten that season he had a few years ago. Secondly, he always seems to have some sort of nagging injury. So, yeah…I wouldn’t say Jacoby Ellsbury is a star. And if they could get rid of A-Rod they would, but his contract is unmovable. That’s why — hopefully — if his suspension is upheld then he’ll make a deal to retire.

      • BigHeadKay

        My thinking is that Beltran makes the Yankees legit..in that they are trying to field a contender.
        As for Ellsbury…..I disagree with you. he IS a star. he is hitting in the post season….which is something that the Yankes have NOT done in a long while. He lead the league in stolen bases this year, and is a huge part of Boston’s success.
        Now, I don’t know about you, but if I am in the American League East, I try whatever I can to get one of the top players away from my main rival, while at the SAME time, upgrading my own team big time. My outfield would be….Gardner in center…Ellsbury in Left….Beltran/Soriano in Right.
        If Cano leaves, this solves some MAJOR offensive woes for the Yankees. If Cano STAYS…then look at the team we’ll have!! Tiexiera will be coming back also, and who cares about arod then?
        PS…Beltran is a BONAFIDE clutch guy who hits in the playoffs

        • BluesPlayer17

          A-Rod will do OK next season. I don’t see him getting suspended, for long anyhow..! We need pitching. We got to get that Tanaka and take that shot on him..! Soriano isn’t costing much and he helped a lot. Beltran makes all the sense in the World. Ellsbury would be nice, but if he’s too high let him fly. If we can’t resign Granderson cheaper and we can Cano. I’d Look at Ibanez for 1 yr again.. This would all help with the $189

    • BluesPlayer17

      Your not getting rid of A-Rod…..! That’s just not gonna happen. Stop chasing dream land and talk about what can be.. The Yankees farm system isn’t like the Rays because the Rays came in last for so long. But they do have great scouting. I’d like to see Ellsbury for the right price. He won’t hit as well in NY due to 399ft left center compared to the green monster..! And I like Beltran for 2 yrs too. Go after Tanaka full force with the bidding. I’d also see what we can keep Granderson for a 1 yr since he was hurt most of the yr. Hey 84 HR’s in 2 yrs doesn’t by very easily..! As far as 3rd next season if we get the rest I mentioned, we can live with Nix & Some of the young guy’s brought up.(That’s if A-Rod is gone all yr which I doubt) If this all goes well and we can resign Cano I think we can do Great damage in the East again under $189….Then next year the Yankees can do what they do and save 33% on the tax…..!

      • BigHeadKay

        Point is that the Yankees DON’T have great scouting. They need to revamp that part of the organization. As for getting rid of ARod? Why not? If it’s proven that ARod has been taking steroids for a LONG time…and he has already admitted to taking steroids while in Texas….before the Yankees signed him….then I think that constitutes FRAUD. The Yankees thought they were buying the ‘greatest’ player in baseball, when in fact they were buying a dosed up player who was artificially enhancing his stats and his abilities.
        The Yanks were sold a bill of goods under FALSE PRETENSES. Why not try to void that contract? Why should he get away with that?? That would never happen in the real world.

  • qwerty

    Headley will be traded by the all star break, not before. The Padres are going to bank that Headley can put together a better first half than what he’s shown in 2013.

    • CashmanNinja

      They’d also most likely net a bigger return if Headley has a huge first half because a desperate team making a strong 2nd half/playoff push is going to give a LOT for Headley. I think it’s more than any team would give him in the off-season. Either way chances are Headley will be dealt by the trade deadline because it’s his final year of arbitration.

  • tommy cassella

    as long as the yanks replace nunez, I will be very happy.