Wednesday Night Open Thread

Yankees re-sign Joe Girardi through 2017
What Went Wrong: Vernon Wells

I’ve got two fun links to share tonight. First, friend of RAB Jonah Keri put together a comprehensive baseball dictionary at Grantland, complete with memes (#HIROK), sabermetric terms (xFIP), and quirky historical stuff (Operation Shutdown). It’s both fun and informative, so check it out. Second, Grant Brisbee authored a great pitch-by-pitch breakdown of Max Scherzer’s bases loaded, no outs escape job in yesterday’s ALDS Game Four against the Athletics. It’s a comprehensive look at Scherzer’s overpowering dominance that points out he was millimeters from disaster on more than on occasion. Brisbee is awesome and that one gets RAB’s highest level of recommendation.

Once you’re done with those two, use this as your open thread. The Cardinals and Pirates will play their decisive Game Five at 8pm ET on TBS (Adam Wainwright vs. Gerrit Cole, sob sob), plus the Knicks are playing a preseason game. Talk about those games or anything else here. Have at it.

[2013 sad Hawk Harrelson compilation video via Awful Announcing]

Yankees re-sign Joe Girardi through 2017
What Went Wrong: Vernon Wells
  • Pseudoyanks

    Operation Shutdown? No politics !!! ;)

  • RetroRob

    So Paul O’Neill wants to manage the Reds.

    • Pat D

      Habba wha?


    • CashmanNinja

      I would *love* for that to happen.

      • Wheels

        But then we’ll lose him in the booth, and probably be subjected to more John Flaherty.

        • CashmanNinja

          I’d hate to lose him in the booth, but I think he’d make an excellent manager. If Dusty Baker could get the Reds on the cusp of the playoffs then O’Neill could possibly get them even farther. He’s always been a smart guy and has tons of passion/energy. I’m curious to see how he’d do as a manager. And maybe less O’Neill means more Cone and Leiter.

    • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

      Too bad we don’t have a managerial opening.

  • WhittakerWalt

    Operation Shutdown!


  • Eddard

    Clint Hurdle’s decision to bypass AJ Burnett in favor of Garrit Cole is going to be the death blow to this Pirates ballclub. When AJ has to win a big ballgame he wins a big ballgame. See 2009 WS Game 2. The kid is already down 2-0 and it will only snowball from here.

    • WhittakerWalt

      I think AJ’s last start was a pretty important one, too. How’d he do in that one?
      Also, how did AJ pitch in a must-win game against Texas in the 2010 ALCS?

      • Farewell Mo

        Funny how AJ supporters always seem to have selective amnesia about game 5 in the 2009 WS.

    • Farewell Mo

      Youre nuts.

      The fact that they started a 23 year old pitcher with 19 career starts over Burnett is a total indictment of him and his 10 cent head. The guy has no heart

      • Darren

        Wait, does he have no head, or no heart? Or both? Which would make him the Tin Scarecrow

        • Farewell Mo

          He has a head but it’s only a 10 cent head.

          • Darren

            What about heart? I never questioned his heart, he always seemed upset about sucking, I just think he doesn’t know how to pitch out of trouble. And I don’t equate that with no heart.

            • Jimmy

              The heart’s about a nickel.

          • WhittakerWalt

            I always felt bad for AJ. It’s not like he wanted to suck, it’s just that things always got away from him. The homerun to Molina was particularly horrible.

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    That Freese guy with another postseason HR.


    • Swisher

      I agree no such thing.

    • BFDeal

      I’m sure his -0.3 bWAR was instrumental in getting St Loius to the playoffs.

      • BFDeal


  • Pat D

    That Keri article was great. Loved the inclusions of True Yankee, Scioscia Face, TWTW, Operation Shutdown, a bunch of others.

  • Wheels

    2013 Pirates, r.i.p.

  • Lukaszek

    Fuck Pittsburgh is done .__.

  • Main Vein aka The Hired Gun

    Not a great outing for former Yank, Mark Melancon. Looking like cocktail hour in St. Louis now.

  • CashmanNinja

    My wish was for an A’s/Pirates World Series :|

    • Betty Lizard

      You feel bad? My wish was was for an Indians – Pirates World Series.

    • Lukaszek

      Same here :( Hopefully the Athletics can defeat Detroit tomorrow

    • ropeadope

      My wish was for a Yankees – Anyone World Series.


    • Robinson Tilapia

      Not that I’ve been paying a lick of attention, but I always really do like seeing the best team tee off at the end. Tigers/Dodgers for me. Maybe I’ll even watch.

      Also, the hot Aussie blonde on “Top Chef.”

      • mustang

        “Not that I’ve been paying a lick of attention”

        Maybe it’s me being a spoil Yankees fan, but I haven’t watched an inning or do I even care too. I guess I’m that angry little kid upset that the other kids didn’t let me play.

        • I’m One

          The playoffs are simply a background distraction (somewhere below my music) during my workouts. The TV is on, but I really don’t hear much from the announcers. I get to see a few innings a few nights a week of whatever game happens to be on. Once they’re over, hockey will be my secondary background distraction. I don’t really pay too much attention to the playoffs. (Or until the playoffs, in the case of hockey.)

          • I’m One

            That is, of course, unless the Yankees are playing.