• Tim

    Ichiro/Wells. One of them has to be gone from the 2014 squad, no?

  • Tim

    Wouldn’t it have made sense to qualify offer Martin last year, and then this year again, until one of your “catching prospects” were ready?

  • Fredo C

    Agree with you on the $189M. Seems like too much already done not to do it now. Further, if they do blow by it via a big free agent splurge, there is no going back. They’d be stuck at the 50% tax bracket thru the end of the current CBA, IMO.

  • Rudi

    If Kuroda would accept the qualifying offer tanaka cannot be signed, no?

  • Debbie Downer

    We should just give up on 2014, this team is gonna stink based on the comments from the chat…

  • nycsportzfan

    I disagree that Beltran would be better off signing back with St Louis if he wants a WS title. We were right in the hunt with Jeter, Granderson, Tex, Arod, Youk, Cervelli,Andy,Pineda..etc out for part,most, or all of the season. Now ur talking about adding a player like Beltran to a team that could possibly have Cano, Jeter,Granderson,Soriano,Reynolds, and Gardner in it. And that would be ur most basic of offseasons for yanks. Then assuming they add 1starter at least and you have CC,Garza/Tanaka, Nova, Pineda,Phelps . This would be at the very least probably. Most likely we will add other good players as well. We can easily be right in the WS hunt with better luck with injuries and a few signings and/or resignings.