King: Yankees have Ubaldo Jimenez on their radar

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Via George King: Among the players on the Yankees’ radar this offseason is free agent right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez. The Indians made him a qualifying offer earlier this week and he’ll presumably reject it before next Monday’s deadline, meaning it will cost a high draft pick to sign him. For New York, that means the 18th overall pick.

Jimenez, 29, had a 3.30 ERA and 3.43 FIP in 182.2 innings this season, but he was awful in the first half (4.56 ERA and 4.50 FIP) and great in the second half (1.82 ERA and 2.17 FIP). He’s been incredibly up and down in recent years and there’s an A.J. Burnett-esque quality to him in that you don’t really know what you’re getting from start to start. Jimenez is still relatively young and he misses bats (9.56 K/9 and 25.0 K%), but his fastball velocity has declined in each of the last four years. The Yankees need pitching and should be looking at everyone, but Ubaldo is so very unpredictable. I don’t really know what to think.

Back of the rotation option: Randy Messenger
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  • dasani


    • dalelama

      Pass, with our trainers he wont even break camp.

  • Slu

    Better than Randy Messenger.

  • Bubba

    How about no

  • AnthonyD

    Without opining on the potential signing, I like the idea of the Yankees at least looking at him. He’s not from the “name” camp of Garza and co. Seemingly “safe” 3rd starters. Perhaps the FO sees a guy that changed something in his delivery or whatever the second half of this season to compensate for his drop in velocity. Ubaldo was awesome, is still young and many analytics oriented thinkers like him a lot. Or maybe I’m reaching.

    • MannyGeee

      While I agree in theory with your post, I honestly think he is MORE of a name than you’re giving him credit for. HE was the hottest thing going 2-3 seasons ago before Colorado traded him, and I am honestly afraid that this is why he’s on the radar.

      My gut says ‘pass’ on Ubaldo, however… if he happened to come in under market value (doubt it), I could be talked into the Ubaldo era, draft picks be damned.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      For what its worth, Keith Law is high on Ubaldo citing changes made by his pitching coach last season. You can find it in his Top 50 writeup.

  • laz

    Depends on price. If he comes way cheaper he could be a bargain depending on what their scouts say.

  • Matt

    I want him just so I can hear Joe Giradi talk about him in press conferences. “Baldy pitched a great game for us today.”

    • MannyGeee

      ‘Ubi looked real good out there…’

      I like it!

  • Betty Lizard

    Yes. Yes I say. With AJ AND Phil Hughes gone, I need an agonizing pitcher.

  • 101010


  • captainmike

    another Yankee disaster waiting to happen.

  • Jag

    Please no.

  • Chris

    we need pitching so i like this move…if not him maybe garza might be a better choice…atleast he’s proven he can pitch in the A.L East.

  • Mike HC

    This has bad news written all over it.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    Ah, I don’t know about this one. He seemed a mear shell of what he once was. And when he “was”, that was for a year ? The old eye test tells me that this guy has lost too much on his fastball, and hasn’t enough secondary stuff. And how will his psyche hold up in NY ? Although I may be wrong, considering his second half. Years, AAV and a pick ? I’d respectfully pass.

  • Preston

    I’d rather have Garza and he doesn’t cost a pick.

    • Farewell Mo

      This x 1000

      Garza, Tanaka and either Beltran or McCann is what I’m thinking.

  • mitch

    No harm in kicking the tires. It’s not worth bitching until he’s signed a contract that you think is too much.

  • cheddar

    Pass. He’s too unreliable for us to give up the pick, IMO.

  • Ed

    They’re probably calling up everybody that’s not injured and/or completely horrible. Just doing a little “Hey, would you be willing to play for us? What are you looking for?” research.

    At this point in the offseason, they have to figure out who’s a potential target and rank them as Plan A, B, C, etc. They’d be dumb if they weren’t calling these guys.

    • Mikhel

      Basically window shopping.

      If i remember correctly, since a few years ago various players have said Cashman usually does that and they don’t ever receive a follow up phone call. That way Cashman can not say he didn’t take a look at different options before acquiring old, over the hill, expensive, discarded players and do his “reclamation projects”, he could be a very well fit for the Padres, Marlins or other cheap teams who won’t afford expensive players.

  • Batsman

    YES. If the contract is not worth over 7 mil/yr for 3 yrs, then the Yankees should go for it.

  • Newman

    Let’s set up the off-season this way: Who’s is NOT on the Yankee radar?

    • Mikhel

      a) retired players;
      b) good players;
      c) expensive players
      d) dead players.

      And the last one I am not even sure.

  • Mikhel

    When the yanks say they’re “interested” in somebody it seems they are saying it to keep the fanbase with hopes that they’ll indeed sign players; once they don’t sign them they can say “uups we tried and we couldn’t”, when it was in their plans not to sign anybody.

    If the NYY say they’re looking at McCann, chances are they’ll resign Chris Stewart; if they are looking at Choo and Ellsbury, chances are they’ll sign Juan Rivera (again) or Gwynn jr. If they say the’re looking at Uribe or Polanco for 3rd base, they’ll sign Betemit because “they already know him”. With Ubaldo… well, it is good that Javy “not even my team in the caribbean series allowed me to pitch under pressure because I stunk” Vázquez is retired, otherwise Cashman would sign him in a heartbeat.

    For those who have never seen a Caribbean Series, Javy had a reputation of pitching good meaningless games for Puerto Rico (when they were already eliminated) but struggling in high pressure games.

  • Pisano

    I’d stay away from this guy, you never know what you’ll get from him from start to start, very inconsistent.

  • Peter

    What does this even mean?
    At this point isn’t everyone on the radar?

  • Lisa

    I don’t know — anyone who is compared to AJ Burnett…I would think twice about!

  • BigHeadKay

    Come on….let’s face it…whenever the yankees get a player like this guy, he has a marked DECLINE in his ability. The pressure of NY…blah, blah, blah. Always some reason….but invariably the Yankees get the shaft, and we wind up waiting out a useless 3 year contract so we can get someone else.
    If Jiminez had an up & down year with the Indians…we can look forward to a down and WORSE year when he becomes a Yankee. Please Brian….PASS THIS LEMON BY.