Update: D’Backs interested in Harkey and Aldred for pitching coach job

As expected, Yankees shut out of Rookie of the Year voting
What Went Wrong: Jayson Nix

9:00pm: Joel Sherman reports the D’Backs also have interest in Triple-A Scranton pitching coach Scott Aldred for their pitching coach job. He’s been the pitching coach at various levels of New York’s farm system since 2007. Sherman says Arizona will ask for permission to interview both Harkey and Aldred, and the Yankees will grant it because they’re seeking promotions.

5:35pm: Via Ken Rosenthal: The Diamondbacks are interested in Yankees bullpen coach Mike Harkey for their vacant pitching coach position. It’s unclear if he’s interviewed yet. Arizona GM Kevin Towers is surely familiar with him after spending the 2010 season with New York. Harkey, who is one of Joe Girardi‘s closest friends and confidants, signed a new contract with the team last week along with the rest of the coaching staff. I assume the club wouldn’t block him from making an upward move if the opportunity comes along, however.

As expected, Yankees shut out of Rookie of the Year voting
What Went Wrong: Jayson Nix
  • gageagainstthemachine

    Maybe we can trade them Harkey for the 2001 WS trophy? I’m still sour over that one…

    • SlyStallone

      Throw in Goldschmidt too…

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    We can trade him since he’s under contract, like the Red Sox and Blue Jays did last season for their manager, right?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I have no clue, actually. I supposed it’s technically possible.

      My thinking is that organizations are much less likely to have managers/head coaches under contract want to break contract and, therefore, look for such reimbursement, than a bullpen coach. If Harkey leaves, I can virtually guarantee you he’s simply allowed to leave.

      I’ll take Paul Goldschmidt, though, shitty baseball name and all.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      It’s an interesting concept. I would think it would depend on whether the manager is considered an employee of the New York Yankees, Inc. (or whatever they are) or MLB. For example, a groundskeeper would likely not be an MLB employee, and could not be traded to the company that owns the Pittsburgh Pirates. But I would guess that manager and coaches, as well as players, are technically MLB employees, with the clubs just having, essentially, “rights to use.”

  • Farewell Mo

    They’ll be ready for any potential bench clearing brawls with the dodgers with Harkey and Gibson in the dugout.

    • Havok9120

      And we can spare him since we’ve got Girardi.

  • nycsportzfan

    I was kinda hoping Harkey would be our future pitching coach. Oh well, maybe he still will once Rothschild calls it a career or moves on.

  • 2014LetsGet It

    I knew we should’ve traded Harkey for Justin Upton when we had the chance…..

  • CashmanNinja

    I realize it’s greedy, but I don’t want to lose Harkey. I really like him. He seems to work very well with pitchers because they listen to what he has to say and then go out and do what he said. I think he’s a very big reason our bullpen always seems to do pretty well. On the other hand it’d be a bit of a dick move by the Yankees if they blocked him from a potential pitching coach job. I was hoping maybe he’d be a possible replacement for Rothschild in the future, but if he has an opportunity like this then the Yanks shouldn’t stand in his way. As for compensation…it probably wouldn’t be very big. Probably a AAAA type player who is like 26 years old or coming back from major surgery. I’d take anything at this point, but the important thing is to let the guy get a higher ranking job.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      I think any compensation would just be a courtesy granted by the Diamondbacks– sending the Yankees a player they were probably going to lose anyway. There’s no way the Yankees would block the opportunity for Harkey to get a significant promotion. If they did, future coach candidates would think twice before signing with the team.

  • Electric Nunez ll

    I actually think losing Aldred would be a negative for the org., he seems to have helped Nova turn things around, guys w/o great stuff like Phelps, Warren, Nuno, Claiborne seem to have been quite well prepared to make a contribution when they have been called upon.