Tuesday Night Open Thread

What Went Wrong: Derek Jeter
Girardi finishes fourth in Manager of the Year voting

Just like the first day, the second day of the GM Meetings came and went without much fanfare. There were some random reports today indicating the Yankees had interest in various free agents they’ve already been connected too (Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, etc.), but that’s really it. As I said yesterday, these meetings are more about laying groundwork and getting discussion started rather than finalizing deals. Well, unless you’re the Phillies. They inked Marlon Byrd to a nice little two-year, $16M pact this afternoon. He would have made sense for New York at that price.

Anyway, here is the nightly open thread. You’ve got all three hockey locals in action plus college basketball for entertainment. Talk about those games, the GM Meetings, or anything else right here. Do your worst.

What Went Wrong: Derek Jeter
Girardi finishes fourth in Manager of the Year voting
  • Eselquetodolosabe

    Question for whomever knows; will Choo cost a draft pick if signed by another team ?

    • forensic


      • Eselquetodolosabe

        Thanks. Thought I remember someone claiming it would only cost money. So he wasn’t traded intra-season then ?

        • forensic

          Nope, he was traded last December.

  • cranky

    Yankees shouldn’t sign Brian McCann. Let some other team waste the money.
    McCann is a bonafide force against righties, but a punch-‘n-judy guy against lefties. And he was REALLY bad against lefties in 2013. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a starting catcher–of course he is–but it does mean he isn’t worth anywhere near the kind of money that’s been getting talked about.
    More important:

    If the Yankees really have something in Gary Sanchez, the kid is going to have to be given a real shot, and with McCann catching F/T, his shot won’t happen. More important: signing McCann to be the Yanks’ catcher for four or five years will be a disincentive to Sanchez (and Murphy and Torrens).

    Dioner Navarro would be a GREAT fit. Solid defensively, switch hitter, FORMER YANKEES’ FARMHAND, younger than McCann, a switch hitter, and he had a terrific 2013 as a part-timer, in which he showed good power from BOTH sides of the plate.

    Head into 2013 with a catching tandem of Navarro and Murphy (or Romine or Cervelli), and you’ve got a good, cheap, young roster at C.

    Consider this, too: give big bucks to McCann and he cuts into the budget for pitching. And McCann’s presence in the lineup, alone, would make less difference to the Yanks’ fortunes in 2014 than would the addition of one high-priced proven veteran starter.

    • forensic


      Does that really matter so much that it needs to be in all caps?

      Why should we believe that 2013 is the real Navarro instead of the last bunch of years (and to a lesser extent, his whole career), especially considering he did nearly all his damage in Wrigley?

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’m pretty surprised at the Navarro love lately. I don’t get it. He’s been an absolute nothing for several seasons. I’d need to see much more there.

      • Pat D

        Because it worked out so well with Nick Johnson.

        Oh, wait…

    • Poconos Adam

      I agree that McCann is a bad investment beyond 2 years….and he’s going to command 3-5 years and TONS of money.

      I’ll take Navarro and the kids at C.

      I don’t like the sounds I’m hearing this off-season….at this point, blow it up…..why get Beltran or any other over 35 guy? Why sign McCann or others who are already past their peak?

      Get Tanaka — he’ll help now and in the longer term. Think 2015. I can live with a .500 2014 — IF, and I mean IF I see the pieces starting to take shape for a future run.

      A .500 2014 with a bunch of over the hill crap and 1-2 overpriced free agents is not going to excite me.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        How much do you think is realistically going to change by 2015?
        If they are going to rebuild/retool without signing big veteran free agents, it’s going to take a lot longer than that.

    • nycsportzfan

      This is a great post. I agree about McCann and even the idea of bringing in Navarro to go with Cervelli, Murph, or Romine.. I think McCanns good , no doubt, but i picture him breaking down as he ages. I just don’t like it. I’d like to break that money into at least 2players like a Navarro and Balfour for example.

  • Ethan

    Clint Hurdle and Francona win their respective Manager of the Year awards. I must say I’m surprised Farrell didn’t win but I’m happy about it. I don’t really think he deserved it all that much. It’s a shame Girardi got ignored because the Yankees missed the playoffs.

    • Eselquetodolosabe

      Shocking to me that Francona won out over Farrell. Actually…, WOW !

  • forensic

    Well, unless you’re the Phillies. They inked Marlon Byrd to a nice little two-year, $16M pact this afternoon. He would have made sense for New York at that price.

    Eh, I really wouldn’t have wanted the Yankees to sign Byrd at a price like that, especially for two years. This is a guy who was almost out of baseball last season after being released in June. I’m not buying that he’s just now hitting his prime and breaking out at age 36.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Agreed. I’m shocked Mike is a fan of that deal.

  • Jimmy

    MB win #674 with #98 against the Rangers.

  • forensic

    So, I just happened upon my Jason Giambi ‘Stash and Bash’ shirt that I got for free from a group of Yankee fans at a game in Anaheim back when he was sporting the ‘stache.

    How about a Giambi video for tomorrow’s open thread?

  • sevrox

    Great clip! Matsui, Giambi, Jeter, Abreu, Damon – that team could HIT! Nice memories of a good offense. Memories…