Cashman confirms Dellin Betances has a minor league option for 2014

River Ave. to be renamed in honor of Mariano Rivera following City Council vote
Yankees Say No To Brandon Phillips

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Brian Cashman confirmed Dellin Betances qualified for a fourth minor league option for the 2014 season. I have no idea why he was granted one at this point of his career; the rules are complicated. “I’m sure he’s not all that pumped about it, but it’s a good thing for us,” said the GM.

Betances, 25, was thought to be out of options — he burned his three options from 2011-2013 — following this past season, meaning he could not be sent to the minors next year without first passing through waivers. He was expected to win a bullpen spot out of camp for that very reason. Betances found a niche in relief last summer, but having the flexibility to send him down next year is obviously pretty big. Now they won’t have to keep him in the big leagues almost by default.

River Ave. to be renamed in honor of Mariano Rivera following City Council vote
Yankees Say No To Brandon Phillips
  • lightSABR

    How long until somebody says they should try him as a starter again?

    • Nutty Squirrel


    • Cuso

      70 minutes, apparently

  • whozat

    I think everyone realizes he failed a lot as a starter for clear reasons that indicate his only chance to succeed is in the pen. This isn’t a joba 2009 situation.

  • Matt DiBari

    I really hope that this isn’t gonna turn into the sole reason to keep him *off* the roster now in favor of some lesser pitcher they don’t want to “lose”

    And its not even that I really care one way or the other about Dellin Betances. But as a fan, few things are more frustrating than watching bad players stay on the team because better ones have options.

  • RetroRob

    Cashman: Hey, Dellin, good news. MLB informed us you’ve qualified for another option.

    Betances: That’s fantastic. Wait, wut??????

  • Tim McGuire (Computer Doctors)

    This is another case of the Yankees over hyping their prospects. Jesus Montero and the big three killer b’s I do not think one of them will pan out and they do not even have any aa or aaa prospects that thye can give away in trades thats why they overpay for free agents every year…

  • Fin

    I don’t give Cashman a ton of credit for turning down the trade. Why would he agree to that trade when he could just sign Infante for less money than Phillips and keep Gardner? Really, its a no brainer turning that trade down.

  • Jerkface

    I want to see the math on this because how in the world does Betances have less than 2 years service time in 5 years of playing in the minors. He has been a yankee prospect for 8 years and used 3 options. Mind boggling!

  • qwerty

    Betances probably needs more seasoning anyway. He wasn’t used as a traditional reliever last season anyway. He was used almost like a 2 or 3 inning starter with rest in between days and never allowed to pitch back to back. What the fuck are they doing?!

  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Not sold on Betances, so glad they’ve got a little wiggle room w/him. I’d sign Alfredo Aceves before some other team does.

  • tommy cassella

    I look at it this way. if betances were all that good, the yanks would have called him up years ago. why can’t they just put him in a trade, along with nunez for a starting pitcher?