It’s (finally) official: Beltran’s a Yankee


Three weeks after agreeing to terms, the Yankees have finally announced the signing of Carlos Beltran to a three-year contract. He already revealed on Twitter he will wear #36. The press conference is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am and you’ll be able to watch on YES.

To clear a spot on the 40-man roster, the Yankees designated right-hander Brett Marshall for assignment. The 23-year-old had a disappointing 5.13 ERA (4.62 FIP) in 138.2 innings for Triple-A Scranton this past season. He made his big league debut and allowed six runs in 12 innings across three appearances. I’m thinking he’ll slip through waivers. We’ll see.

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  1. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    So…are we surprised by Marshall, thinking they’d go with Wells or Huff first?

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      I’m not surprised about Huff, he’s proven a bit more at the ML leve than Marshall thus far, and I think we’re all going to be really annoyed at how much Wells plays this year.

      • I'm One says:

        I’ll be annoyed if Wells is on the openning day roster.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

          We all will.

        • Mberk15 says:

          I’ll be more than annoyed. This insistence on hanging on to a player who may very well be the worst player on an active roster in the four major sports has become deeply unsettling. I don’t care if we get a $5 million CREDIT to keep him on the roster…you cannot say that your top priority is putting a championship caliber team on the field and then keep Vernon Wells on the roster. It’s like saying, “My top priority is to get sober,” while keeping a fridge full of beer.

    • TheEvilUmpire says:

      Not surprised about Wells, since I’m sure someone in the front office likes the idea of him being a “freebie” in terms of luxury tax hit for next year. Now whether they realize he’s actually a minus to this team is yet to be seen.

      I’ve voiced my opinion about Huff in another thread. He’s left-handed. He’s breathing. There’s 20 other guys like him out on the market. I’m sure you could either bring him back or another one of those 20 suspects on a MiLB contract with an invite to spring training and save that 40-man space.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        He’s not going to be of much use as a fifth outfielder, though.

        I like Huff. He grows on trees.

        • TheEvilUmpire says:

          Preaching to the choir about Wells, but he’s like that bug-infested old lazy-boy that Levine drug in from the curb and sat in his living room. It’s awful, but honey it’s free! Why would anyone throw out a perfectly good outfielder!

  2. TWTR says:

    Wells really needs to go. Admit the mistake.

  3. Havok9120 says:

    Let’s see if anyone has another David Adams style meltdown in them for Marshall.

    • TWTR says:

      I would rather see a meltdown over Wells or Ichiro.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

        I actually have no problems with Ichiro being on the roster as a late defensive replacement, pinch runner, guy to give Gardner/Ellsbury a day off in the outfield, etc.

        Way overpaid, but what’s done is done.

        • TWTR says:

          In baseball terms I don’t disagree (especially if his reverse split is enduring and that’s how Girardi uses him), but if they are somehow serious about $189m, then the overpaid part becomes more important.

        • TheEvilUmpire says:

          Ichiro’s a sunk cost until they can trade him. At least he can provide positive value in a limited role even if he is overpaid.

  4. Jedile says:

    They must’ve read the Zip Projections :(

  5. qwerty says:

    I can’t wait until Marshall ends up with another team and becomes a McAllister, Clippard, Quintana or Kennedy.

    • Jedile says:

      I can’t wait for you to not seek out your confirmation bias.

      (I’m pretty positive there are many more pitchers who’ve been designated by the Yankees who’ve amounted to not much vs. the ones you’ve listed)

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        No. Keep every single pitcher, just in case. Never get rid of any pitchers.

      • qwerty says:

        The yankees have let go of plenty of pitchers that haven’t amounted to anything, but the vast majority of those pitchers were also barely considered prospects. Many were journeyman minor leaguers who were DFA’d from other teams, or low round draft picks from the yankees that probably should have been applauded for lasting in the minors for as long as they did without being drummed out. The ones that have made it to AAA or the majors by the time they’re 21-23 are few and far between. Marshall, along with Kennedy, Quintana, Kennedy and Clippard all fall within the same category of the young, promising, pitcher, and not the lesser and older mid to late 20s pitchers that rotate in and out of the minor leagues year after year.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Always on the cutting edge, this one.

  6. TheEvilUmpire says:

    Anyone remember that story a few years back about that guy who traded up a paper clip for multiple items until he acquired a house? That’s what the Wells situation remindes me of, except in reverse.

    The Blue Jays kicked in a few million to send him to the Angels. The Angels kicked in a bunch of money to send him to the Yanks.

    Think Cash can use some of his ninja skills, maybe get a stapler for him?

  7. Jacob the OG says:

    Haha this

  8. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    All the arguing over fifth starter types this morning for nothing. NOTHING.

    I could have finished my performance eval in half the time.

  9. FLYER7 says:

    Wells and Huff still need to survive the Thornton and Roberts additions?

  10. Gonzo says:

    Not sweating the loss of Marshall, but I do wish they gave him more time in the bullpen to evaluate his prospects in that role.

  11. forensic says:

    As expected, a press conference for even a 3 year contract guy. After all the fan discord over the last year and how the organization has looked in public a bit about their never-ending talking about not wanting to spend, there’s no way they’re going to pass up a chance to talk about how they added a name player and paid him money.

    I just hope Cashman has already placed his order through 1800flowers, since they’re busy this time of year. Mrs. Beltran is going to be pissed if she doesn’t get her bouquet of roses.

    Also, not surprised in the least that Wells is still on the roster, and like I said recently, I’ll only believe he’s going to be cut when it’s officially announced by the team. Till then, I’m going to stick with my fear that we’ll actually be seeing him playing in pinstripes helping the other team again next season.

    • vicki says:

      carlos is down for the salutatory as much as the front office. it should be a nice moment. “dreams come true,” and all that.

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