It’s official: Kuroda’s back


The Yankees have officially re-signed Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year contract, the team announced. The two sides finalized the $16M deal Thursday night. Welcome back, #HIROK.

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  1. JGYank says:

    Glad to have him back. Love how he performed most of last year. It’s only a one year deal for a pitcher we know can succeed here and we don’t have to give up a pick or sign a risky contract. Even if he declines a little, he can still be a good SP. I wouldn’t worry too much about him tiring out at the end of the year but maybe we could pull him a little earlier in his starts and try to keep his pitch count below a certain number to not overwork him just to be safe.

  2. nomo cano says:

    maybe keep him on the bench til june, so he stays fresh those last 2 months.

    • Farewell Mo says:


      They better have a good plan to limit his innings to avoid a repeat of the last 2 stretch cliff dives he took in 2012 and 2013.

    • JGYank says:

      Disagree. That’s wasting one of your best two starters for 2 months when he could be helping you win games. Why sign him if we’re only going to use him for 2/3 of the year? If he gets injured or slumps in the second half of the season you get almost nothing out of the signing. We need 400 innings from our rotation not 340.

  3. Leg-End says:

    I need a Hiro.

  4. Jag says:

    Age and late season drop offs not withstanding, we need the pitching and I’m glad to have him back. It’s only one year, no draft picks lost, low risk in my view.

  5. Max says:

    They better manage this dude’s innings closely. For the holes that they have in their infield, their starting rotation is even swiss cheesier (I nailed that). They need someone at the top of the rotation…

    I wonder if it makes sense to sign Mark Reynolds, an Omar Infante type, and try to trade for Cliff Lee and call it an offseason..?

  6. CashmanNinja says:

    I’m glad to have Kuroda back. It’s only 1 year so it isn’t a long term commitment. If he repeats last years performance will anyone be upset? His overall numbers were great even though he faded down the stretch. If we get another quality pitcher or 2 then we can skip a start here and there to keep him fresh. It’s a fair deal and beats having to get stuck in a long term deal that isn’t worth it.

    • Max says:

      Maybe a slight overpay, but still a fine deal by all accounts.

      If he repeats last year’s performance, I think we will all be thrilled– but that’s a mighty tall order.

      At this point in his career, I’d be perfectly content with a line of 160 innings pitched, 3.85 ERA, 1.25 WHIP

  7. Itsallhowuseeit says:

    Nice! Now Ortiz needs to stfu and shove some more deer antler in his a$$

  8. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Now we all need a MasaHIRO

  9. RetroRob says:

    No loss in velocity, his stuff was fine. Nice assessment by Jay Jaffe.

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