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Five years ago today, the Yankees agreed to an eight-year contract with Mark Teixeira. The signing came amid reports that Teixeira was close to a deal with the Red Sox, so close that an agreement was deemed imminent. The Yankees swooped right in and grabbed him. I remember thinking the initial report of the signing must have been a mistake — everything happened so fast that someone probably just made a typo and meant Red Sox instead of Yankees, right? — but nope. Just an unexpected Christmas gift. That day was a lot of fun.

Here is your open thread for the night. Falcons-49ers is the Monday Night Football Game plus all five hockey and basketball locals are in action. Lots to watch while you wrap presents. Talk about Teixeira, any or those games, or anything else right here. Have at it.

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  1. Lukaszek says:

    As much flak as Teixeira got for being terribly unclutch, I felt that in 2012 he became a much more clutch hitter. I remember that dramatic two-run triple he hit into the triangle at Fenway off his arch nemesis Vicente Padilla. And then there was that game where he hit an eighth-inning game tying homerun off CJ Wilson in a very tight game.

    • Wolfgang's Fault says:

      All that and for only $20+ million a year. Hey, he’s even been solid defensively, what a bargain. One of those times when it would have benefitted the Yankees to lose the bidding to the Bosox.

      • Guns says:

        It’s funny because Teixeira has been a very effective player over the last few years, even with his notable decline. But the contract combined with the expectations has him on the shit list. The Yankees only got one year of the “Mark Teixeira” they thought they were getting. Sucks he had to decline so quickly.

      • Lukaszek says:

        I don’t think 2009 would’ve happened without Tex

        • nycsportzfan says:

          I agree. His defense and offense were both off the charts. We were in the midst of dealing with Giambi’s decline and so so defense. In comes this switch hitting beast who hits over 300 with 30jacks and 100plus ribs. Ya, no WS without Tex in 2009, thats a fact.

          • dalelama says:

            No that is speculation….

            • The Great Gonzo says:

              Yeah, its speculation. But its a relatively fair statement to say that a team with Tex at 1B and Swisher in RF is much better than a team with Swisher at 1B and Melky Cabrera in RF. That is not speculation, its a fact.

              Apparently its only cool to speculate if its trolling or negativity. Thanks for the clarification.

      • Laz says:

        And who would they have got instead? If Yankees are running without a budget then who cares if he is overpaid, he is much better than what we had.

  2. Betty Lizard says:

    I still like Mark Teixiera.
    And Mark Teixiera’s ass.

    At ropeadope’s urging, here is is a snippet of my Biogenesis version of “A visit from St Nicholas.”

    And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
    The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
    As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
    To the press conference Bud Selig came with a bound.
    He was dressed in suspensions, from his head to his foot,
    And his clothes were all tarnished with cash and with soot;
    A bundle of players he had flung on his back,
    And he looked like a pedler just opening his pack.
    More rapid than eagles the dopers all came
    and he whistled and shouted and called them by name
    Now Cervelli! Now, Santos! On Cruz and Montero!
    On Peralta! On Cabrera! On Braun and Rodriguez!
    To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
    Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”

    • I'm One says:

      Well done.

    • ropeadope says:

      You’ve nailed it yet again Betty! Apologies for being so late to the party, but I love your creative and perceptive rendition of A visit from St Nicholas. You are a true wordsmith. Is this really just a snippet? Are you working up a full version?

  3. Jimmy says:

    That day I was looking all over the web for coverage on the signing and thus I first found RAB. Thanks once again guys for the great site, the first-rate content and especially to Mike for sticking with it the entire time.

  4. Jack says:

    Say the arbitrator decides on the full penalty. Isn’t A-Rod’s next step to get an injunction which puts the whole thing up in the air again for an indefinite period of time that takes us until we bump up against the end of February at which point all the free agents will be gone?

  5. Rocky says:

    Tex is a very popular Yankee because he produces BIG offensive numbers and is a superior defensive player. I grant you that. However, outside of his defense, his numbers are usually an illusion. I say that because he is a slow starter and is a streak hitter. I have suffered through many years of watching him warm up for the first half of the season and then have a great second half. When the end of the year comes, it seems like each game is really significant. But, how many games did Tex lose in the first half by striking out in key situations or failing to advance runners? Those games are every bit as important. As for the second half of the season numbers, I don’t know how many times I looked at the box scores and saw massive numbers in single games against certain pitchers and teams, and then saw him go 0-4 for the next few games. I would trade him in a minute for a really good defensive first baseman who could produce similar offensive numbers on a consistent basis as opposed to all at once. I am hoping that his getting in shape early next year because of his surgery, and the addition of Brian McCann to the lineup, will spur him to have the best season he has ever had with the Yankees. But hopes rarely become reality.

  6. Nathan says:

    I still remember where I was when I first learned of Tex signing. It was my last day of work before my two week vacation and I was getting gas. I was already pretty psyched about CC & AJ and was pumping gas while reading MLBTR. Read the thing about Tex and let out a loud “WTF?!?!?!?” the guy behind me threw me a look.

  7. TWTR says:

    I like the RH hitting Mark Teixeira. The LH hitting one, not so much.

    • I'm One says:

      I’m still hoping to like both again. Maybe he realizes he’s lost a bit of power and starts to spray the ball from the left side again. I’d take fewer homers (say 20 – 25) and a BA closer to .285 and be very happy with that.

  8. vin says:

    That was a great day for me as well. Good times.

  9. dars says:

    The Dodgers already had two closers (Brandon League and Kaley Jepsen) and they have signed Chris Perez, Brian Wilson and JP Howell… At least 4 of those guys have closed before..
    The Yankees don’t even have one bonafide closer and they are not jumping on Balfour…. The Dodgers are the new kings of baseball….

    • CashmanNinja says:

      All I’ve EVER seen you post is whiny crap where you bad mouth the Yankees while slobbering over other teams. If you don’t like the Yankees then quit coming here and quit supporting this team (not that you’ve really said anything supportive). If the Dodgers are the new “kings” of baseball then go be a bandwagon fan and hop over.

    • stuckey says:

      Winning the postseason has really worked out well for the winners the last few years, hasn’t it?

      Rex Sox 3 years ago, Anaheim and Miami 2 years ago, Toronto and LA, and Anaheim (again) last year.

      Only the 92 win Dodgers sniffed any sort of success the following season

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      …and you’re the new most annoying commenter on here.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      “The Dodgers are the new kings of baseball….”

      Totally. With their 25-year title drought, how can they not be?

    • BFDeal says:

      I bet you listen to Mitch Williams on MLB and think “Wow, this dude is a great analyst!”.

    • Greg C says:

      Unless I just imagined it, Robertson has been one of best relievers in baseball over the last 3 seasons.

      Some of the guys you mentioned pretty much suck. Being a “closer” isn’t some magical thing that makes a below average relief pitcher great.

    • forensic says:

      Having closed before means absolutely nothing. Brandon League is terrible, Wilson has pitched less than 16 innings in the last two years (and wasn’t all that great in 2011 anyway), and Chris Perez is also nothing to write home about.

      Kyle Farnsworth has closed before. I guess the Yankees should go sign him.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      All hail the Dodgers, the 2013 OFF SEASON CHAMPIONS! Eric Ortiz should be polishing off his article as we speak…

      A reminder of Mr. Ortiz’ other bodies of work:

  10. nsalem says:

    How old were you when the Dodgers were in their last WS? Weren’t the Toronto BJ’s the new kings of baseball last year?

  11. CONservative governMENt says:

    Teixeira is a good guy, a hard worker and means well, but just like Sabathia the mega-contracts are hard to live up to and the overall sense is one of disappointment.

    Here’s hoping that Teixeira and C.C. can get one more ring with the Yankees to validate that magical off-season.

  12. Dicka24 says:

    Chris Perez at 1 year $2.3 million (with incentives) looks like something the Yankees should have maybe been in on. Not sure what the incentives are of course.

    • Farewell Mo says:


      Not sure what their strategy is but it seems to me the bullpen needs at least a couple of quality arms and they’re dwindling down.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        There are plenty of arms out there, and they’re not going to fill a bullpen with veteran signings. I could see them bringing in one more vet, then mixing in with the incumbents and whoever wins a job out of ST.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      Chris Perez should not have been pursued for two reasons: He sucks out loud, and there are character issues. But mostly, he sucks. ALOT.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

      Are we all talking about the same Chris Perez?

      Because no. Not even a little bit. Especially not in the 9th.

  13. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    I fucking love Mark Teixeira. The way he plays first base is a work of art. A victim of his own bad habits at the plate sometimes, but just a wonderful baseball player overall. I hope he shuts a hell of a lot of mouths up this year.

    Flags also fly forever. I’d give him that deal ten times over for 2009.

    • forensic says:

      When they signed him, he was immediately among my favorite players on the Yankees. Unfortunately, what he’s done since then has moved him squarely into my most frustrating player group.

    • dalelama says:

      Too bad he is a stubborn hammerhead who won’t hit the ball to the opposite field. This bum is toast.

  14. FIPster Doofus says:

    Jon Miller in the broadcast booth, Tex in his prime, Melky, Swisher and Cano dancing like idiots in the dugout. Fun times.

  15. Cuso says:

    I like Tex. I was bullish on a bounce back last year for him and then the Bautista injury came in WBC.

    I’m bullish on him again, for no particular reason. I still he got screwed up in the end in 2012 by trying to change too much shit with the go the other way crap.

    Admittedly too bullish, but I believe .275/30/100 is possible. People are trying to impute A-Rod and Jeter deterioration into Tex. He’s still got a good year left, maybe two if he stays away from freak injuries.

  16. whitey says:

    Chris perez=a hell no

    • nycsportzfan says:

      I woulden’t mind Chris Perez. I liked the idea of both Perez and Thornton early in the offseason. We got one. There are others i would not mind also. I honestly woulden’t mind bringing in Bruce Chen as another lefty outta the pen/ longman/ emergency starter. A Chen, Thornton, Kelley, Robertson, Claiborne, Warren bullpen is pretty nice if you ask me.

  17. RetroRob says:

    I’m happy the Yankees signed Teixeia, and I hope they go back to their old ways and continue to sign to free agents while not worrying about baseball’s soft salary cap. The Yankees have allowed the rest of baseball to close the gap by not continuing to use their financial advantage. Hopefully the sons realize what the father always knew.

    • forensic says:

      I would say getting little to no production from the farm system and having older, declining players signed to those huge contracts from free agency contributed much more to allowing the rest of baseball to close the gap than them not using their financial advantage.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      “I hope they go back to their old ways and continue to sign to free agents…”

      Yup…. since Winning in 2009, they have really turned into cheap bastards.

      ?2013: $228,106,125
      ?2012: $209,792,900
      ?2011: $207,047,964
      ?2010: $213,359,389
      ?2009: $201,449,189

  18. nycsportzfan says:

    Whats the deal with the Korean pitcher Suk-Min Yoon?? Is he being held up because of same posting issues as Tanaka?

  19. Delbert Grady says:

    Put me on the side of the fence that sees Teix as a poor signing and a major drain on the Yankees. He can’t crack .800 OPS against RHP in freaking Yankee Stadium. Rooting for him against RHP is like rooting for Timmy Lupus. He’s a platoon player. He should only play against LHP. He costs 23.5 million dollars. He’s not only declining, but breaking down physically; oh…and he plays an offensive position where we should put up Nintendo numbers. We won a title with him (and a healthy roided up Arod, Matsui, Damon, Jorge, Mo, etc), but this has been a bad signing. The Yankees aren’t getting close to what they paid for. He goes out this year and struggles and declines further, the Yankees will suffer. I don’t spark to him as a Yankee. Every year he struggles there’s an excuse. Whether is be a bad cough, the mean front office & media wanting him to stop pulling everything into the shift, etc. The fact is the Yankees bought a cleanup hitter and got a reverse Carlos Pena. Great glove and can only hit against one side. Whoopee. I’d take a Mark Reynolds or Jeff Baker (vs. LHP)/Overbay (vs. RHP) platoon over him right now for around 6 million total.

    • dalelama says:

      Thanks for summing up this bum truthfully and accurately, forgive the homers they know not what they do.

    • The Great Gonzo says:

      Automatically dismiss any commentary that contains an ‘LOLz’ or a ‘Whoopee’. Nothing to see here…

      Also, dismiss any incoherent ranting that dalelama signs off on.

      • Delbert Grady says:

        Why must it be dismissed? Because it doesn’t suit your narrative? He has not been the player the Yankees thought they were signing since 2009. The Yankees got 1 year of peak production for elite money. It’s a terrible signing. Not an okay signing. A bad one. I realize a lot of people think being a Yankee fan means you only sell soup when talking about the players, but there are a lot of long time Yankee fans who see the players as they are and don’t just look at the back of their baseball cards pretending that is the reality. I’m sure Teix is a sweetheart. But for 23.5 million I expect elite production for more than a year. If you owned the team and wrote him a check for 180+ million you’d feel the same. If he stays healthy and keeps up this decline the media & fans will turn on him. Especially, if Arod isnt’ there to kick around.

  20. Kiko Jones says:

    I remember the game in the above clip vividly. That was the final game of the 2009 Boston Massacre. Right before the 4-game, Thu-Sun series started they’d been 0-8 that season against the Red Sux. And on Thurs night the Yankees finally got that monkey off their backs against John Smoltz in what turned out to be his disastrous farewell. (He got DFA’d the next day.) Joba was shaky but, thankfully, the Bombers showed up and promptly handed the Sux a loud 13-6 defeat.

    Friday night was the Duel of the Former Floridians: ex-Marlins Josh Beckett vs A.J. Burnett. And that turned out to be even better than anticipated. Both were indeed masterful for 7 and 7 2/3 scoreless innings, respectively, and set the stage for a thrilling 5 and a half hour contest that remained scoreless, until a 2-run shot from A-Rod with Jeter on base in the bottom of the 15th mercifully ended it all on a 2-0 score.

    Clay Buckholz did a respectable job, but Saturday afternoon’s game was all about The Big Man. CC Sabathia showed all of NY why he got paid the big bucks. Absolutely superb. Yankees 5-0.

    Then came Sunday night.

    The last time Yankee pitching had deigned to allow a run in that series—earned or otherwise—was in the 9th inning of Thursday’s series opener. Well, for 7 more innings Andy Pettite saw to it that the zeroes remained intact until then newly acquired Sux C/1B Victor Martinez crushed a 2-run bomb against Phil Coke in the 8th, ending the Sux’s drought of 31 consecutive scoreless innings.

    In the bottom of the 8th, losing 2-1—the lone Yankee run a blast from Friday night’s hero, A-Rod, in the 7th—the Comeback Kids got right back into the game thanks to back-to-back homers from Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira—for the sixth time that season; a new Yankees record—and subsequently adding 2 more runs for a 5-2 victory and Mariano Rivera’s 32nd save of the year.

    Swish, Melky and Robbie dancing in the dugout…yeah.

    • forensic says:

      As an unabashed A-Rod fanboy and someone who still liked Burnett even after they had to trade him, I may never forget that game and A-Rod’s homer off Tazawa. Having it happen in an incredible series like that, and on my birthday weekend, just makes it even better.

  21. Uh Dinnings says:

    Give me Teixiera’s 2012 with 18 more points on his OBP for .350 OBP every year for the next three years and I’m happy.

    24 HR, 84 RBI, and .350 OBP with above average if not Gold Glove finalist defense would be just fine for a #6 hitter assuming the 1-6 was Ellsbury/Jeter/Beltran/McCann/Soriano/Teixiera. That would be a 10 HR 25 RBI .055 OBP improvement over what Overbay admirably posted in 2013.

  22. Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead says:

    In Tex’s worst year he was worth 2.7 fWAR and still had a 116 wrc+.

    Yeah, I think we’d like him back in the lineup, and dalelama can go fuck himself with a rusty shovel.

  23. The Great Gonzo says:

    I remember CLEARLY being happy about this move, but admittedly I wanted them to trade for Adrian Gonzalez instead… Because reasons.

    In hindsight, I am happy with how this worked out. Wouldn’t take back that deal, and the ring it helped us get, for anything.

  24. Uh Dinnings says:

    Ok I’m saying it here and now:


    Now shut up about him and root for him to produce at least his 2012 and .350 OBP like I will.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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