Weekend Open Thread

Rosenthal: Yankees unlikely to add infielder on Major League deal
Rosenthal: Yankees sign Yangervis Solarte to minor league deal

Only two links this week (again) because of the Hall of Fame. That soaked up a lot of my time these last few days. I should be able to get back up on the reading horse and have more links next week, assuming the Alex Rodriguez ruling is handing down relatively soon. I’m sick of waiting for it.

  • Conor Glassey is a must-read at this point. A few days ago he looked at every team’s amateur scouts to see exactly how many of them played once upon a time. Sixteen of the Yankees’ 24 amateur scouts (66.7%) are former players, which is more than the league average (52.2%). I’m surprised it was so low. They always say the best way to get a job in baseball is to have played, but I guess that isn’t much of a requirement these days.
  • Following the chaos of Hall of Fame week and Dan LeBatard and all that, Dustin Parkes wrote about the sucky state of sports writing. Blogs are more prevalent and they can create a disconnect with the average fan, making it difficult to continually produce quality content. It’s weird. There are a lot of great sites out there but also a frickin’ ton of crap. Check it out.

Friday: Here is your open thread for the night. The Rangers, Islanders, and Nets are all playing, but talk about whatever you like here. Go nuts.

Saturday: Once again, this if your open thread. The Devils, Knicks, and Nets are playing, but any self-respecting sports fan will be watching the NFL playoffs. Talk about those games, the A-Rod suspension, or anything else. Enjoy.

Sunday: One last time: here is your open thread for the night. The three hockey locals are in action plus the second NFL game should still be on as of the time of this post. Also, Anthony Bosch is going to discuss his relationship with A-Rod on 60 Minutes later tonight (8pm ET on CBS). That should be interesting. Talk about whatever.

Rosenthal: Yankees unlikely to add infielder on Major League deal
Rosenthal: Yankees sign Yangervis Solarte to minor league deal
  • dkidd

    this site refutes the notion that sports writing is in a sucky state

    then again, i don’t read a ton of blogs, so maybe it’s a suck-fest out there

    • I’m One

      I was gonna make a similar comment. We’re lucky to have found this great site. Guess we’re just better than the rest of the baseball readers. :-)

      Thanks Mike, Ben & Joe!!!

  • jim p

    The tension is killing me. Somebody sign; somebody make a ruling!!

  • BK2ATL

    Welp, Derek Holland of Texas just blew out his knee. Texas might end up rejoining the Tanaka bidding after all.

    And, Cleveland and Masterson about to start talking extension. Might take one of the 6 possible 2015 FA targets down.

    Tanaka would be great and all. We really need a year of quality production out of Pineda, Banuelos and Phelps this year, regardless of what level they pitch in.

    • nycsportzfan

      How did he blow out his knee in the offseason? Can anyone stay healthy in sports? Jesus.

      • Wheels

        He says he fell on the stairs in his house.

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek Roadgeek Adam

        Fell in his home.

        • I’m One

          Is “Stairs” now going after players from other teams? :-)

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Do the Rangers go extra hard after Tanaka now that Holland is out for at least the first half of the season?

    • dkidd


      they’re in total “win-now” mode

    • Tom

      I’m thinking Texas might be more likely to go after David Price (gives them a lefty to replace Holland too). I thought they would make a play for him even before the Holland injury. And they have the prospects to get him.

      I’m sure they will kick the tires on Tanaka though.

    • qwerty

      This is highly unlikely. They’re not the yankees, they actually have a lot of pitching depth.

  • Jeets2

    Every time i come here, i swear your giving a excuse to why there isn’t any links or info..etc Why not just leave this site Mike, if your always so busy?

    • BrooklynPaulie

      Grammar police about to kick your door down.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      That incoherent gutless idiot The Ultimate Warrior makes more sense than you do, yea. He’s out there in space talking about mystical powers and ancient combat that never happened, things that no sane human being can possibly comprehend. And you know something? He’s still easier to understand than your pathetic attempts at insulting the man who runs this site, yea. And some day soon, mark my words, a terrible vengeance will be exacted against your feeble mind and you will never be heard from again.

      Oooooooooohhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    • nsalem

      You should demand a refund.


    • Alkaline

      If you don’t think there’s anything for you to read around here, why don’t you go search the web for it yourself?

  • Farewell Mo

    So the Yanks finally cut Wells.

    $11.5 million for -0.8 WAR when it was obvious to the whole world that he was toast.

    That Cashman is a shrewd one

    • qwerty

      Wells cost 14 million.

      • Get Phelps Up (looking for a new name)

        $11.5M in 2013.

  • vicki

    thanks for the dustin parkes piece. i’d scoured twitter and cbs for an axisa-on-the-record response to deadspin/le batard; found none. i’ll take this link as tacit validation. me, i thought it was brilliant.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      The whole thing is silly but the BBWAA had to protect itself. Hopefully it leads to some HOF voting reform, preferably by stripping those who no longer cover baseball of their vote.

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

        That’ll be the day.

    • Alkaline

      I thoroughly enjoyed it, too. I just started listening to him on ESPN radio on the ride home sometimes, and they could all be pretty entertaining.

  • OldYanksFan

    Wow… I must be getting old.
    It took me almost an hour and a half to watch that video.

    ARods Post Season Line:
    15 Gms, 68 PA, .365, .456, .808, 1.264, 6 HR, 18 RBI

    • Wicomico Pinstripes

      I actually don’t mind counting stats when it comes to a singular post-season. A 6/18 HR/RBI slash in 15 games is impressive no matter the context.

    • Yankeefan91

      Thats Why I Will Always Be Thankful Of Arod

    • Grit for Brains

      Still not a True Yankee™

      • forensic

        There aren’t many things I find more annoying than this ‘True Yankee’ stuff.

  • Brian

    Kevin Long’s face @ 22:05

  • Alkaline

    This place has spoiled me. It’s incredibly hard to try to talk baseball to people when the only thing they say is, “he sucks” and “he wasn’t the best pitcher in baseball and never won a cy young” when referring to the low Moose percentage.

    Curse you, level headed and rational RAB posters!

  • Conor

    Holy crap. Watching this video is unbelievably depressing now.

    • Betty Lizard

      No shit. Pretty soon I’ll start humming “Memories” and that’s when an intervention will be necessary.

  • Eric

    Here is a question I have not seen answered. How is it that all if these players who were suspended for PEDs did not test positive? Is MLB looking into better tests?

  • http://www.twitter.com/_swarlesbarkley Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (Formerly Drew)

    I don’t see how Arod has a chance taking his case to federal court. The arbitration process was something that he agreed upon as being apart of the players association. That’s was the something I don’t believe Alex had an answer for. If you thought this process is stacked then why didn’t you fight more for it when it was being collectively bargained? That’s like agreeing to get your haircut by a blind person, then suing the barber afterwards when you don’t like how the haircut turned out.

    • forensic

      Well, in a union of probably close to 1,000 people, one player’s voice only matters so much.

  • Bill

    OK, so he is gone, nice knowin’ ya. What do we do now? Sign Reynolds? What about Nunez, Romine, Betances and a PTBNL for Headley?. Any chance of getting Seager out of Seattle?. Also need to sign Tanaka and Balfour.

    • forensic

      Sign Reynolds?

      Personally, I hope not.

      What about Nunez, Romine, Betances and a PTBNL for Headley?

      I’d love to be in the room to hear San Diego’s laughter at that proposal.

      Any chance of getting Seager out of Seattle?.

      Of course. I’m sure they spent all that money on Cano so they could then just trade their then 2nd best position player a month later.

      • Bill

        You seem to be an intelligent and well versed individual. What do you think the Yankees should do between now and opening day to address Rotation, Bullpen and Infield. Please play GM for a while.

        • forensic

          I don’t know if this was sarcasm (sorry if my comment came off too dickish), but I’ll play along anyway.

          For rotation, I’d go in big on Tanaka and leave the 5th spot for an internal battle. For bullpen, I’d certainly look into Balfour and see if they could convince to come in to battle for closer, but I wouldn’t really want to spend a ton of money there.

          As far as infield, it’s an incredibly unpopular opinion, but at this point I might just stick with what they already have, meaning Nunez (with Anna likely as the first injury replacement). Not a fan of Reynolds in any way.

          I just don’t think they’re a playoff team anyway, and none of the available guys for their needs strike me as being worth their asking prices or as being big difference makers that would be the difference between making or missing the playoffs. I think internal guys like Tex, Jeter, Ellsbury, Beltran, CC, and Nova are going to mean more in terms of making the playoffs than any guys available in FA right now. And I especially wouldn’t want to tie myself into another long-term contract for someone like Jimenez/Santana/Garza or Drew when I think it’s more likely to backfire and cost them than help them.

          Tanaka is a different story given his much greater potential and youth such that he could still be around when they have a chance to retool a bit.

          If they don’t get Tanaka, maybe they’ll even end up a bit closer to resetting at $189 million and then they’ll be done with that and, if necessary, they can spend again next offseason if one or even two of those potential FA starting pitchers sneaks into FA.

          • RetroRob

            My concern, as I mentioned in one of the other threads, is having A-Rod banned for the entire year might cause them to revisit Plan 189. I don’t think they will, but I suppose it’s not impossible.

            Yet if they bid for Tanaka and lose, and they really don’t have an interest in the other starters on the market, maybe that really will force them to try and stay under 189. That would be bad because that means they’d fill their roster out with some pretty lousy players.

            • forensic

              If they lose out on Tanaka, I truthfully don’t necessarily have a big problem with them trying for $189 million just to get it done for now. Like I said, I don’t see many other big difference makers who are worth long-term deals available right now, so, if they somehow get lucky and stay under, then so be it and try to continue rebuilding/retooling next offseason.

              In the big picture, I still don’t have an issue with being under $189 million as a payroll. I don’t think it should be necessary for a team to have a payroll above that to be competitive for the postseason and championships. Unfortunately, they already have so many bad contracts locked in (and they continue adding to it with Ellsbury, at least) that it’s tough to be competitive at that payroll with their roster.

              • Bill

                My last post was meant as a reply to you.

              • I’m One

                If they lose out on Tanaka, I truthfully don’t necessarily have a big problem with them trying for $189 million just to get it done for now.


  • Bill

    No sarcasm intended. I definitely agree with you on Tanaka and Balfour. I guess I feel about Nunez the same way you feel about Reynolds. What I like about Reynolds is the potential power vs LHP, since outside of Soriano I do not see much RH power. I also disagree about the playoffs, as I feel the Yanks are close and I agree that it will be the health/performance of guys like Jeter, Texiera and CC. I also agree about Garza/Drew/Santana/Jimenez. Finally, what about Nunez, Murphy, Heathcotte and. PTBNL for Headly? Yanks and Padres agree to 5 minor leaguers to be candidates. If Headley re-signs after this year, Padres pick which of the 5 they get as PTBNL, if Headley does no re-sign, Yanks decide which of the 5 go to Padres.

    • forensic

      What I like about Reynolds is the potential power vs LHP, since outside of Soriano I do not see much RH power.

      I’ve said many times before, but I totally disagree with this sentiment. I don’t feel like going through the whole schtick again, but they have Soriano righty which is about the same as McCann lefty. Then two switch-hitters who can hit from both sides and may even arguable be better bets from the right side than the left side. Other than that, there are no real power hitters from either side.

      They’re actually pretty even power-wise from both the left and right sides.

      • forensic

        And I didn’t even address Reynolds, who was barely at .400 SLG vs. lefties last year and was well under the season before. Plus, you’d lose any value he adds on a couple homers because of all his other terrible AB’s and his beyond terrible defense.

        • Bill


          Right now I see lineups of Ellsbury, Jeter, Beltran, McCann, Tex, Soriano, Johnson, Roberts and Gardner against RH starters and

          Ellsbury or Gardner, Jeter (as DH), Beltran, Soriano, Tex, Nunez (?), Cervelli, Roberts and Ryan against LH starters. I do not think line up is strong enough against LH starters, even though they will only see LH starters about 40 times this year.

          • forensic

            Exchanging Nunez for Reynolds in that lineup isn’t going to make much difference at all, in my opinion, especially since you’re also having him play defense (not that Nunez is good defensively either, but he’s cheaper, already on the roster, and at least can run).

        • Bill

          I just don’t think (Cervelli – Nunez – Ryan) versus Lefties equals (McCann – Johnson – Gardner) versus Righties, from an offensive stand point.

          • forensic

            Of course it doesn’t, but that’s only three spots. Jeter and Soriano will be better vs. lefties, Cervelli can at least hold his own vs. lefties (though McCann will still mostly start, spotting in Cervy here won’t be so bad in my opinion), and Beltran and Teixeira could very possibly be better vs. lefties.

            • nsalem

              It’s still under 200 PA’s but Cervelli’s OPB is over .400 s LHP and is OPS is about .790. I’ve always like his approach from the little I’ve seen (taking what he can get). Unfortunately I don’t think he will ever be healthy. long enough for us to find out what he can do over the long haul.
              The idea of Reynolds and Nunez defensively is a scary thought.

  • jim p

    Newsday: Long Island Ducks offer A-Rod a starting spot for 2014. They don’t care ’bout no stinking difference to MLB. Although it seems to contradict what I’ve heard: a suspended player can’t play in another league http://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/yankees/alex-rodriguez-has-invitation-to-play-for-long-island-ducks-1.6778794

    Also, 60 minutes, which assured us the NSA is only looking out for us, will have Bosch interviewed. http://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/yankees/anthony-bosch-to-tell-all-on-60-minutes-sunday-night-1.6780291

    • jim p

      er, ‘deference to MLB.’

  • RetroRob
    • forensic

      Good news.

      The only unfortunate thing is that it seems almost inevitable (really, it has all offseason and even for several years) that Young will end up being in pinstripes by opening day.

      • C-Med21

        Or Nunez ending up as the back up *pukes*. I much prefer Baker and Reynolds over both, but it also begs the question why they give a injury prone Roberts (who sucks anyways) a guaranteed $2MM and only offer Reynolds a minor league contract? Reynolds is more of a sure thing (and before you say because because he’s a 2B they might as well play Kelly Johnson there).

        • C-Med21

          Meant to put Roberts is the 2B when saying Reynolds is more of aa sure thing.

        • forensic

          Reynolds isn’t a sure thing to do anything except play terrible defense and have tons of useless AB’s.

          I don’t so much mind Baker, but I don’t expect much out of him either. And I don’t think they could squeeze both of them onto the roster.

          I can’t argue with Roberts, I don’t really see the point of that either.

    • Chip Rodriguez

      Good. Just because Grandy’s a Met now, it doesn’t mean we need to replace almost 200 Ks.

  • stuckey

    Here’s a question:

    We’ve fixated on whether the Yankees should blow past the $189 threshold or not. But at the foundation of the debate and speculation seems to be the assumption of an important premise – what what the Yankees plan to do with the luxury tax savings is ‘pocketing’ it in some form or another and certain fans find this objectionable.

    Do we know this to be the case?

    If we think of the Yankees total payroll expenditure as NET (what they spend on players) and GROSS (the greater figure they spend on players AND luxury tax) then one thing we know for certain – if the Yankees are successfully able to reset their luxury tax rate, a constant GROSS payroll would yield a higher NET payroll.

    In other words, in a scenario where the team (for sake of argument) would be willing to spend a comparable GROSS amount as in recent years, a more favorable luxury tax rate would mean MORE of that gross amount could be spent on Yankee players, rather than going to OTHER teams. The effective, net payroll would improve.

    In that light, wouldn’t that be a worthwhile goal? To play out one year to make the Yankees payroll more efficient in improving their team, as opposed to improving the bottom line of other teams?

  • 461deep

    Team biggest weakness is the infield as most of us know. Need another starter too of course but they will get one either Tanaka or a FA. Pineda may contribute more than we think. But the infield defense
    looks poor right now except for 1B. Hope Tex can still range & pick.
    Offense okay but losing Alex to anchor the lineup even in a lessor way hurts. Kuroda, Jeter, Soriano & Beltran must stay healthy & productive all year which is unlikely at their ages. Nova must continue to improve & CC needs to rebound. Bull Pen should be okay if new closer is successful. They should contend but younger teams may outlast them.

  • Mick taylor

    Ryan Braun almost destroyed that couriers life by lying about his tampering and gets only 65 games. Arod never did such an evil thing yet ge ts 162. Arod is made sports world number1 villain while that same world cheers on the Seattle Seahawks to the super bowl whose team is made up of mostly ped users

    • forensic

      Braun’s a piece of shit for what he did, but it really has nothing to do with the CBA and punishment MLB can theoretically give out. He actually looks even worse now than he probably would’ve if he had just taken the first suspension and not gone back to it again. Now he’s believed to have tested positive twice and blatantly lied about it and the transporter (who broke no policies or procedures for their contract).

      I have no idea what the Seahawks stuff is all about, and frankly, I really don’t care. The double-standard journalists have between MLB and the NFL is among the most aggravating thing ever.

    • D23

      Sorry, as far as Arod admitting to use steroids with Texas, he also stated he will not use PED and vow to get youngsters to not use PEDs. So what does he do, he teaching young kids at his camp to not use PEDs and getting his teammates, Cervelli, Melky and potentially Cano into a clinic that was a suspect to begin with KNOWING that it was against the Baseball rules. Whether he gets 50 games or 162 games, I do not know and careless but I am a firm believer he should have honor and respect the contract. Somehow he continued to be infatuated to find substances that may help him. As far as I am concerned he tamper and viloated the Yankees contract and rules.

  • mt

    Would love to know Yankee thinking – is it possible that they will pair Nunez at 3B with Johnson and that 2014 might now be Nunez’ “last chance” (they may overlook last year because he was injured a lot also). Nunez is not my preference but we do need to be careful not just to “add somebody just to add somebody”. It is a small sample size but Nunez did look better at 3B at end of last season and there is no reason to get anywhere near shortstop with Brendan Ryan in fold.

    I am actually much more worried about starting rotation (especially if we do not get Tanaka) and even the bullpen.

    Michael Young seems like he might fir the mold of the Yankees actual “solution” – I am being sarcastic here as to whether he would actually be a good solution – Yankees seem to be a destination place at some point in their careers for the 2006 All Stars – I joke around about that but Wells, Ichiro, Andruw Jones, McCann, Jeter, Arod, Ivan Rodriguez, Soriano and Cano are all current/former Yankees who made that team along with Michael Young.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”
    • CashmanNinja

      It was pretty much expected since the Mariners, Cubs, and Diamondbacks couldn’t offer much in terms of winning. It seems like he really wants to be on the big stage. I don’t see the Angels as a threat. They could offer money, but I just have a feeling they won’t go all out because they won’t want to turn out like us with committing so much money into just a few players — especially when a few of those players are older and injury prone. The Dodgers are legit competition, but do they *really* seem like a viable landing spot? L.A. is enticing to some Japanese players because the trip home isn’t quite so long. But they’re going to have to lock Kershaw up and that will cost a ton. I just feel that they don’t REALLY need Tanaka as much as others and therefore may not go all-in the way other teams will. The Yankees actually do need him. Badly. It just makes the most sense that the Yankees will land him out of the 3 mentioned because they can pay him, they have a spot in the rotation just for him, and we’ve got someone like Kuroda to help make the transition easier. I really do feel that is a factor.

  • D23

    The Yankees basically competed last year with No Tex, Poor CC numbers, basically no SS and 3B, no offensive C and no LF (though Soriano became a LF).I get Cano and his production is a huge loss and blow, no doubt. Yet in reading some posts, we seem to think we are going to suck because ARod is the answer for 2014? While I agree he was our best option at 3B but importantly, we have to hope that we compensate the production at 3B in hoping that Tex gets productive, CC rebounds, Pineda and Nova excels, Ellsbury, Cann and Beltran produces solid numbers, Jeter and Roberts stay healthy and of course DRob succeeds as a closer. It takes 25 man roster to win games and championship.

  • D23

    Interesting and it seems to back up some reports a few days ago that he prefers to play in only in big cities or media such as LA, NY or Boston.

  • Kosmo

    it seems the Yanks will sign Scott Sizemore to a minor league contract.

  • Old Man

    I’m trying to understand the team for 2014. It’s missing pieces and doesn’t feel like a team yet, but one aspect of it is different. If you go into the season with Ellsbury, Gardner and Nunez you got a pretty speedy on the bases team. (At this point missing Cano big time)

  • Dalek Jeter

    So, I read on mlbtr earlier today that the Dodger’s interest in Tanaka could be directly related to how well/poorly extension talks with Kershaw go according to a Buster Onley insider only piece. To me that means if they go after him super aggressively then they don’t see themselves extending Kershaw. So I ask you, RAB, would you rather sign Tanaka this season OR have the Dodgers sign him and have a chance to sign Kershaw next season?

    • forensic

      If there’s a guarantee that Kershaw hits FA, then I’m fine with the Yankees losing Tanaka, especially if they also get under $189 million this season to reset things and hopefully feel up to spending huge on Kershaw in that offseason.

  • Mike

    Ignorant fan here with a question. If the Yankees cut Arod, do they just owe him what’s left on the contract? What impact does it have on the “salary cap” (I know there isn’t one)?

    • forensic

      Yes, they owe him every penny of his contract and it still counts on payroll and luxury tax.

      • Mike

        Alright, thanks. Yeah, the payroll/luxury part was what I wasn’t sure about. So if he’s cut then, from all monetary standpoints, it’s like he’s still on the team.

        • forensic

          Yup, MLB contracts are guaranteed. It’s not like the NFL where teams can seemingly just dump whoever they want whenever they want with little or no penalty or problems.

        • RetroRob

          Even worse, if they were to cut him and some other team signed him, the Yankees will still be responsible for those marketing HR clauses, which will also count toward the luxury tax calculations in the year they are achieved.

          There is no escaping!

          • Gonzo

            My money is on him getting the Bonds treatment if he gets cut.

  • Mick taylor

    It will be ironic if yanks go over189 number because yanksgave jeter 3million extra.

    • forensic

      There’s no irony there, only stupidity and unnecessary kowtowing to him.

    • Not a Drew

      Not sure why that number is continually mentioned. Unless you give any credence to CC, Karuda, Nova, Jeets and Jeets, give it up. Two new starters will be bought.

  • Not a Drew

    To everyone posting a few threads ago about Stephan Drew’s “home court advantage”. You do realize that he’s a left handed pull hitter, right? and as such Fenway offers him no advantage whatsoever, right?

    Not unlike other players, for his career (.075 OPS) he hits better at home than on the road. That may have to do with travel, or maybe he just like the roar of fans who want him to do well. Whatever the case, extrapolate to NYS and stop hating on players who aren’t Yankees yet.

    Not that Drew would ever happen. He apparently wants stability, which this team in no way offers.

  • Grit for Brains

    I’m not a huge fan of Stephen Drew but to act like the Yanks shouldn’t do all they can to sign him at this point is in my opinion shortsighted. Given the difficulty the team will have at finding a shortstop over the next 2-3 years but maybe he costs more than I realize but I’d say sign him on a two year deal and move Jeter to third to come that much closer to something resembling an infield on a perennial contender. Its about fielding a winning team, not Jeter’s ego and a two year deal for Drew was just paid for (with money to spare by the Arod suspension).

    The whole 189 thing which has already hampered them cost them I think about $50m at the gates last year alone. They avoided moves that could have made them a playoff team (Darvish is the first thing that comes to mind) and if they go over it now it looks really silly but you have to just bite the bullet. Money at this level shouldn’t really be a concern to this ownership/management structure (may even be wash for revenue offset if you field a lousy team again?) and they’ve already decimated the draft situation for the year, might as well at least build a team with a shot.

    • OldYanksFan

      Dear Mr. ?ritforBrains,
      Drew won’t take a 2 year deal (4/$40m seems to be a good guess) and Jeter won’t spend his last year tripping over his feet at a new position.


  • mustang

    Kind of funny that MLBPA sees tonight’s 60 minutes interview as “piling on” on A-Rod while during the whole arbitration hearing A-Rod was on the FAN every other day.

    • RetroRob

      Well in fairness, A-Rod is the one on trial, not MLB.

    • Gonzo

      I think 60 Minutes had this in the can prior to the ruling. At least the Bosch boat montage suggests that.

      • Gonzo

        Not that this excuses publicly going on record on what the case.

    • forensic

      To my knowledge, A-Rod was on WFAN once, that last day that he walked out of the hearing.

  • forensic

    I actually watched the Bosch interview. I particularly liked when he got choked up and nearly broke down crying in his disarming and innocent pink shirt because he’s been so victimized by all of this.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      I watched it, too. I was expecting an ARod hatchet job. I was mildly surprised that it wasn’t. The guy at least asked tough questions of both Bosch and Manfred, but apparently not of Selig. They also didn’t bring up all the tactics MLB used in their investigation, such as stepping over the state of Florida’s own investigation. The only thing that I learned from that that I hadn’t heard before was Bosch thinking that someone from ARod’s camp was going to kill him. And, frankly, I don’t buy that shit as legit for a second. I think Bosch is just paranoid beyond belief.

  • mick taylor

    how many football players do peds. all of them. you think peyton manning neck healed so well naturally. how many baseball players, most of them. arod is being crucified