Yankees announce additions to pro scouting staff

Ivan Nova needs to the show the Yankees who he really is in 2014
Thursday Night Open Thread

The Yankees announced five additions to their Major League/pro scouting staff today: Kendall Carter, Brandon Duckworth, Joe Espada, Dan Giese, and Dennis Twombley. Background info on all five is right here. Carter and Twombley are moving over from the amateur scouting staff and Espada was hired away from the Marlins. You probably remember Giese from his brief 2008 stint in pinstripes.

Duckworth, who bounced around the league as a journeyman right-hander for more than a decade, is the most interesting of the new hires simply because he spent the last two years as Masahiro Tanaka‘s teammate with the Rakuten Golden Eagles. Did they hire him to help ease Tanaka’s transition, or did they get to know Duckworth while scouting Tanaka and felt he could help them as a scout? Either way, the Yankees haven’t dug up many hidden gems since Billy Eppler was promoted from pro scouting director to assistant GM two years ago. Hopefully that changes with the new additions.

Ivan Nova needs to the show the Yankees who he really is in 2014
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Andrew

    Dan Giese! Junkball 4 life

  • vicki

    what’s a duckworth?

    and, ot: y’all can quit fretting the yanks will sign michael young. watch, now we’ll end up with chone figgins.

    • Mikhel

      Does it “cuack” or is it a geoduck?

      …my ex-gf loved to visit me to play with geoducks (ie: to make obscene gestures to me with those clams… it was hilarious) at the aquaculture lab I worked for a bit where we worked with geoducks (I’m an oceanographer with specialization on aquaculture, marine chemistry, marine biology, management of natural resources and GIS).

  • Tanuki Tanaka (Formerly Bob Buttons)

    Twombley sounds like Elmer Fudd named him.

    • Havok9120

      Comment of the day.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Danny Giese to the bullpen!

    • kenthadley

      Any resources put into scouting and player development is a good sign. Let’s see NYY exert their financial muscle in signing and developing the next core four. Whatever it takes to create a top 5 minor league system should be one of the strategies for this organization.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        I assume the Yankees hire scouting staff just about every year, but anything that entitles you the opportunity to get on your soapbox…

        • kenthadley

          Somewhat hostile comment for a generally positive reply. The soapboxes belong to the most avid commenters on this blog….oh, do you comment often?

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    Maybe resources should be used to fortify amateur and international scouting ? Just maybe.

  • Mike B

    What this Team needs both throughout minor & major league system is much better player evaluators & development people as they #%^* up Joba, Hughes, & blew it on Kennedy. They can’t develop players once drafted.

    I don’t really want to hear about their not getting top picks due to post season performances as look at Rangers, Tigers & even Sox who developed younger players consistently.

  • Mikhel

    I hope they send at least 3 of them to the Caribbean Series which will begin next saturday (Cuba, México, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico will play)… for those interested: ESPN Deportes will have the series (2:30 PM EST and 8:30 PM EST).