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  1. Jake says:

    Does Jeter’s retirment now take center stage over the Team as a whole?

    Call me crazy, I love Mariano, but all the attention, ceremonies, gifts kind of took away from the team.

    I want this team to be ginding out wins to get to the playoffs, not dilly-dallying in ceremonies all season now.
    Part of me wishes he just announced after the season so the team could just focus on winning.

    • sevrox says:

      I don’t remember Mo’s victory lap around baseball taking away from any of the games. He’d be honored once in his last appearance in whatever city they’d travel to. Big deal.

  2. Pete V says:

    Re: MLBTV in NJ, it depends on where in NJ you live. Most of central/southern NJ is blacked out for Phillies games, not NYY. You can enter zip code on MLB site to see.

  3. Farewell #2 says:

    Machado hasn’t been anything special with the bat? He hit 50 doubles last year bro

  4. Dave in VA says:

    Thinking about shortstop, which is hardly a surprise in the wake of Jeter’s announcement. Yankees have Ryan signed through next year (with a player option for 2016); he’s not my favorite option due to issues with offense, but will shore up the infield defense when he’s playing short. How good/bad would it be to have him as an everyday SS in 2015?

    Drew wants an opt-out after a year as part of his deal. I’m not sure I’d want the Yankees to offer him one. On the other hand, say he gets that from a different team, and takes it after 2014; should the Yanks go after him then?

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