• jim

    Now that we know that Derek is retiring now is the time to sign drew. He can play 3rd base this year and take over for Jeter next year. It now makes sense to do it. And sign Ervin Santana too

  • Nathan

    Could you see Jeter managing the Yankees some day?

    • brian

      Not a chance. Hates standing around too much. He comes back as owner or nothing.

      • RetroRob

        He does want to own a team, or so he says, but no way he could own the Yankees. I suppose he could be an “owner” and act as the front man of a group that wanted to buy the Yankees, but actually owning the Yankees would require a billion or two, or having a financial institution lend him the money. Don’t see that happening. Also don’t see the Steinbrenners selling.

  • Nathan

    If Gardner is gone after the season, should the Yankees consider moving him mid-season or do they keep him to the very end?

    • W.B. Mason Williams

      They’re definitely considering it. They considered it for a good chunk of the offseason. The return offers weren’t good enough. Brandon Phillips? Pass.

  • Bobby boy

    Any idea what international prospects the Yankees are going after for July 2?