Heyman: Yankees have talked to Drew recently, payroll is “tapped out”

Thoughts one week before Opening Day
2014 Season Preview: The AL East

Via Jon Heyman: The Yankees have spoken to Stephen Drew and agent Scott Boras recently, but they are “tapped out” financially and can not hand out another sizable contract. I don’t buy that they can’t take on more money for a second, so this sounds like posturing more than anything.

The need on the infield is obvious, especially in the wake of Brendan Ryan‘s back injury. Both Dean Anna and Yangervis Solarte have no MLB experience but at least one of them will be on the Opening Day roster at this point. We’ve discussed Drew ad nauseum here and nothing has changed, really. He would help the Yankees quite a bit, especially if he’s willing to accept a one-year deal and play another position (presumably third).

Thoughts one week before Opening Day
2014 Season Preview: The AL East
  • Dan

    I they should try to get him on a 2 year deal. Next season there are potentially 3 infield holes still. Drew could play 3d this year and SS next. Or he could stay at third for 2 years. They need infield help beyond this year, not going after Drew makes little sense to me.

    • Vincent Vega

      On a 2 year deal where he plays SS next year makes some sense. A one year deal where he plays 3rd makes zero sense to me.

      Wilson Betemit puts up equal stats to Drew at 3rd.

    • Chuck

      I doubt they want to give the Sawx a 1st round draft pick.

      • Vincent Vega

        I thought we already gave all those away

      • MB923

        Well unless he doesn’t sign until June, the Sox are going to get a draft pick for him anyway.

    • AL K


  • Blake

    Their payroll is like 25 million south of 2013

    • Ed

      2013 was high because they were intentionally paying people more that year to minimize payments this year. My gut says they’re went into 2013 with a budget in mind to cover 2013 + 2014 combined, and did what they could to shift the payments into 2013. Wells & Soriano were basically spending 2014’s budget in 2013. The $189m plan didn’t work out, but I think the team will still feel some of the effects of it.

    • gbyanks

      to be fare they has a abnormally high 2013 payroll i think is was almost 230

      • Tom

        You are forgetting the WBC insurance money for Tex… I think that paid for a lot if not all of the 2013 spending increase.

        The opening day payroll at it’s current level will be the lowest since 2007. Again, 2007. And it’s down ~10-12mil from the relatively flat levels it’s been at from 2008-2012.

        The Yankee have cut substantial payroll no matter how you slice it and did it in a season where every team is getting an additional 25mil in national TV money.

        I’m fine if they want to say they are done spending money and feel they have spent an adequate amount to put out a competitive team, but do they really need to insult people’s intelligence by saying they are “tapped out”

    • BFDeal

      I don’t believe they’re tapped out this season, but you have to remember Arod is back on the books next season.

  • willie w

    for $14 million he can jump in the east river

  • Ed

    I don’t buy that they can’t take on more money for a second

    Can’t take on more money from an accounting perspective? No, I don’t believe that for a second.

    Can’t take on more money because Hal set a limit on the payroll? Yeah, I can believe that.

    • Havok9120


    • RetroRob


  • TWTR

    It could also be Boras using Heyman (willingly, of course) to get another team involved.

  • Vincent Vega

    I don’t get it. Why not wait until mid year to find a better replacement at 3rd? He sucks anywhere other than SS and doesn’t desire to play here.

  • vin

    Stephen Drew? Never heard of him.

    Actually, I’ve been in the sign Drew camp all offseason. After witnessing an overmatched roster for most of 2013, I’m in favor of acquiring any actual major leaguer by virtually any means necessary. This roster looks much better with Johnson splitting time at second and third.

  • Asleep at the Wheel

    Stop the chatter and start the season

  • Mister D

    A little tiny part of me thinks Boras is, if not quite intentionally letting this happen to Drew and Morales, isn’t exactly upset. Long term, players will benefit huge from free agent compensation not dinging the signing team.

  • Michael

    They should take when the taking is good. There is a market for Phelps and Cervelli right now….. Seattle has a prospect in Franklin and they could use Phelps. The Dbacks could use Cervelli and they got 2 good young IFers. Those 2 trades can set up a possible IF for years to come.

    Eat some of Ichiros contract and get something for him. In the meantime talk to the Pirates and see which C they would take for one their young arms.

    • nyyankfan_7

      Somebody get ahold of Hal and let’s get this guy to be our new GM. How Cashman hasn’t thought to do these simple things is beyond me.

    • Bats

      You just offer NO SOLUTIONS at all. You have a scouting report on Franklin, where you want to trade a decent pitcher for a untested prospect? LOL…Cervelli for who Gregorius or Owings? LOL..are you smoking something? Eat Ichiro’s contract? Where did you get that from? Let me guess…yesterday’s news? You probably didn’t read the whole story because that’s exactly what the Yankees are planning to do.

      Dude, you can never be a GM. You fold so easily like a cheap tent.

  • Matty Ice

    The Yankees are so tapped out that Bubba Crosby is going to be their starting CF.

    • The Great Gonzo


      Well played

  • Chas131

    Need short term 3b or a long term SS. Which is this?

    • TWTR

      Ideally, it could be the same player.

      • Mister D

        Manny Machado for one of our excess catchers!

        • TWTR

          You would have to throw Jeter into the deal…

  • coolbreeez

    A Rod coming back in ’15 to play short. Upgrade from immobile DJ.

    • The Great Gonzo


    • Martin L

      No way—even if he is in uniform in 2015—of which that is a 50% – 50% chance.

  • HectorLopez

    Just picked up tickets to Charleston riverdogs opening day, looking forward to seeing Judge hit a bomb!!!

  • Bats

    For the one millionth time (and I’ll gladly go 2 million), Stephen Drew isn’t worth it. He is so not worth it, that no team…I repeat, NO TEAM….wants him.

    Over the past 3 seasons, he is a .245/.322 hitter.

    In Yankee terms, Drew is a tad better than Lyle Overbay. Why, Mike Axisa and a number of Yankee fans think he’s worth the time and money is beyond me. If the Yankees can’t get Drew cheaply, then just wait til the season plays out more and we can see who’s in the trade market.

    • Dalek Jeter

      If Lyle Overbay put those numbers up at shortstop instead of first base that would absolutely have value.

      • The Great Gonzo

        Yup, this. Those numbers look mighty fine from the SS position.

    • Joe

      Bats..you are 1,000 % right…Drew is GREATLY overated…..not worth the trouble , and the Yanks know it

  • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

    Oh good more Stephen Drew talk. My favorite part of this offseason.

    • Dalek Jeter

      It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        What dies off first: Drew talk, or Solarte talk?

        • I’m One

          Solarte talk will last all season. Drew talk will stop once he gets a contract.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            They’re still talking Aleymis Diaz below. Nothing will stop Stephen Drew except death.

  • mitch

    I think the ship has sailed on Drew signing to play another position. They needed spring training to get him adjusted to 2b/3b.

  • http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=179&iso=20140401T19&year=2014&month=4&day=1&hour=19&min=0&sec=0&msg=Opening%20Day! Get Phelps Up

    He’s basically another Kelly Johnson for like $10M more.

    • nycsportzfan

      I’d much rather Kelly Johnson, and I think many will after this yr. The Drews have always and will always be overrated. Theres a reason this guys without a job after probably his best season in his career..lol

      • Dave Guarnieri

        KJ is a disaster waiting to happen at 3rd Base. Wait until they start bunting on the guy and he has to play in or halfway with a guy with zero range at short. Glad Girardi started Anna today at 3rd.

  • The Great Gonzo

    I called this signing ‘inevitable’ since I saw Boegarts’ first at bat. I’m hoping Cashman & Co keep making me into a goddam liar.

    • TWTR

      That raises an interesting point. If Hal was willing to spend, would Cashman try to reach an agreement? My guess is yes.

  • mustang

    “We’ve discussed Drew ad nauseum”

    At least this much is true. The fact that even teams that need a SS (Mets, Tigers, etc.) are staying away from this guy doesn’t seem to concern some people.
    There is reason(s) why he hasn’t signed and it’s more than losing a pick, but what’s the use of discussing it because quoting from the movie City Slickers. … He’s never gonna get it! The cows can tape something by now!!

    • mustang

      And yes by now even the cows know that Drew is not worth what he is probably ask for.

    • Martin L

      Agreed. There’s something intangible working here—but Drew has become a pariah for what ever reasons–I’m not sure.

  • larryw

    Drew would be a nice option but not for a 1st round pick that goes to Boston.

    As the Yankees stand now, they have Jeter at short, Roberts at second, and Kelly at 3B. Here is where I see the season playing out:

    1.) Jeter hits better than .270, and plays a Mike Bordick type short stop (which is to say, makes all the plays, but with limited range) – Yankees stand pat at short.

    2.) If Jeter is done can’t hit better than .240, and a horrible shortstop, Drew will become a Yankee on June 2nd

    The players to watch for are A. Ramirez at 3B (last year of a deal and clear upgrade over Johnson) and either Rutledge from Colorado or Franklin from Seattle. (both are young and can play second base). Yankees should be targeting these two players and hopefully Phelps and another perhaps a 10th rank prospect in the system can make that happen.

    Going back to Aramis Ramirez his contract is for 16M with a 4MM buyout next year (option for 14 million). He is clearly not paying to that level, which is to say its a money deal. Even in a bad year he still had an OPS of .831 in an injury riddles season, which while not great, is likely in the top 10 of 3B. – Keep in mind the two year before his OPS was over .901 and .870 respectively. Would it be out of bounds to assume an .850 OPS over two years? Well last year if you look at wOBA which is one of the most important and popular catch-all offensive statistics, Ramirez was ranked fifth. He was third in 2012. A low level prospect for Ramirez and $4 million of his salary picked up by Milw would probably get the deal done.

    So of course we have the A-rod problem. Hopefully the Yankees can work out a buyout, but A-rod was 15th in 2012, and 12th in 2013. albeit with limited ABs. A-rod will turn 40 next July. Yankees owe him a lot, but his value as a player is likely no more than about 3 million per year and that’s probably pushing it. Thus for the extra 9 million we get rid of a headache.

    • OB/GYN Kenobi


      The man is owed what he is owed. There is no way the Yankees can make him go away short of simply paying him 100% of what he is owed. And oh, if they do that, and he signs elsewhere (which he’d be free to do) the Yanks would also be on the hook for the HR bonuses.

      So, unless by “work out a buy out” you mean pay him 100% of what he is contractually owed PLEASE STOP.

      Full. Fucking. Stop.

      • I’m One

        Tell us how you really feel ….

    • Vincent Vega

      I don’t think we have anymore 1st round picks to give away

  • Martin L

    Please….stop talking about Stephen Drew! He’s no better than who the Yankees have now–plus, you would have to deal with Scott Boras.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Can’t go through life without dealing with Boras if you run a baseball team.

    • LK

      This seems like a strange comment to make during the same offseason in which the Yankees gave a Boras client a contract for 153 million dollars.

  • John C

    Boston does not get the Yanks first round pick. They simply get a pick in the comp round and the Yanks would lose their 2nd round pick since they’ve already lost their 1st rounder and 2 comp round picks for the signings of Ellsbury, Beltran and McCann. Regardless, I don’t think the Yanks will want to lose another draft pick at tthis point. Best case scenario would be to sign him after the draft. Of course, at that point he would be much more appealing to other teams as well since he wouldn’t cost a draft pick

    • RetroRob

      He might be more appealing to the Yankees at that point, too. The challenge for Drew will be keeping himself in game-ready condition for the next few months.

      This offseason is going to create an interesting situation for MLB teams. While players like Morales and Drew are dealing with the lack of offers so far, next year MLB teams may really hesitate to extend QO’s on the fear that players will now accept them.

    • OB/GYN Kenobi

      It’s incredible how many people, this far along, are still under such misconceptions.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    You get to sign Stephen Drew on a team-friendly deal BUT, AS A RESULT, Yangervis Solarte dies.

    What do you do?

    • RetroRob

      I’ll call the funeral home. You pick up Stephen and drive him to the park.

    • TWTR

      Search the net for resurrection specialists.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      RAB breaks so you’ll have to find another forum in which to discuss it.

    • Vincent Vega

      Give his dead body to the twins. They’ll take anyone

  • OB/GYN Kenobi

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Can our long national nightmare finally be over? Please? Pretty please?

    Would some dumb team please sign this fucker so we can stop talking about him???

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    ‘F’ Drew….. and especially, ‘F’ BORE-ASS ! It’s probably irrational on my part, but man I dislike that guy. ‘Scott, nice job with not only Drew, but also with Morales, and recently with Sandoval’s and Scherzer’s extentions.’ Greedy F’ing pig. Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s his job. Whatever.

    • LK

      Once again, the Yankees gave a Boras client $153M this offseason. They sign Boras clients all the time. If Pirates fans want to bitch about Boras, fine, but I don’t think as Yankee fans we really have a leg to stand on here.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    Wow, what about Ian Kinsler’s “Thinner – Gypsy Hex”, that he had placed on The Rangers. Sheesh, that guy’s no joke. ‘You will lose many games and players, team from Texas !’


    I think it would be a good pickup, but I wanted that Cuban shortstop that went to the cardinals….

  • Mike

    Who needs Drew when we already have a hall of famer in SS.