Open Thread: 3/15 Camp Notes


The Yankees lost 2-1 to the Orioles this afternoon and they’ve now won just one of their last seven Grapefruit League games. If you ask me, that means the team is doomed. (It doesn’t.) Vidal Nuno had a nice little start, allowing just one hit and one walk in four scoreless innings. He struck out three. Danny Burawa gave up a solo homer to Chris Davis and Mark Montgomery allowed a run on a double, a wild pitch, and a sac fly.

Brian Roberts had a good day at the plate against his former club, going 2-for-3 with two singles. I don’t know if he’ll be healthy or hit much this year, but Roberts has consistently had long at-bats both this spring and throughout his career (career 9.8 BB% and 3.98 P/PA). That’s a pretty good trait for a number eight or nine hitter. Ichiro Suzuki went 0-for-3 and both Kelly Johnson and Austin Romine went 0-for-2 with a walk. Ramon Flores had a nice spot start with a single and a double in two at-bats. Francisco Arcia accounted for the team’s only run with a solo homer. Here’s the box score, here are the video highlights, and here’s the rest from an otherwise slow day in Tampa.

  • Larry Rothschild seemed to indicate Masahiro Tanaka will start the fourth game of the season, both as a way to give him extra rest early in the season and also split him up with Hiroki Kuroda, since they have similar styles. Tanaka, meanwhile, said the MLB ball gives his splitter “more bite compared to balls in Japan,” which is something he’s still adjusting to. [Wally Matthews, Brendan Kuty]
  • There were no workouts scheduled for the guys who did not travel to play the Orioles this afternoon. Eduardo Nunez is fine after being spiked in yesterday’s game and could have played today, though he wasn’t scheduled to travel. Brian Roberts fouled a ball of his foot yesterday and is fine; he played six innings this afternoon. Russ Canzler received treatment today after being scratched from yesterday’s game with hip stiffness. [Chad Jennings]
  • The Yankees are playing the Marlins at 9pm ET in Panama tonight and the game is not on any of the normal television networks. It will air on TV Max if you get that channel and it may be broadcast online right here. Not sure if it actually will though. Thanks to @Mikhel2 for the heads up.

This is your open thread for the night. This afternoon’s game will not be replayed anywhere but MLB Network will air both the Red Sox-Phillies and Dodgers-White Sox live later tonight. The Nets, Devils, and Islanders are all playing tonight as well. Talk about anything and everything right here.


  1. Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks) says:

    I thought Nuno looked great in that vid. Hope that link works tonight.

  2. The Guns of Navarone says:

    Nuno’s got a nice little slider, or curve, or both. I’ve always had an irrational crush on Nuno. I like him more than Phelps and Warren anyway. His numbers were always solid in the minors, at least since 2010. Looking forward to see what he does now in his second go around with he big club.

    Anyway, happy St Patty’s Day weekend to everyone out there. Get to the pub and tip a few for God’s sake.

    • CashmanNinja says:

      I’ve always really liked Nuno. I like him much more than Phelps. I like Warren – in a relief role. I’m not a fan of Warren starting unless it’s in an emergency situation/spot start. Nuno just seems like he can have a really solid career as a #4 type pitcher.

      • Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks) says:

        I think he’s going to have a great first half in the AAA rotation. If Pineda hits his innings limit in August, Nuno could be ready for prime time by then…

  3. Mikhel says:

    you’re welcome Mike :-)

    Right now it is online the channel and they keep showing a commercial where they selected a kid to be batboy for a day (for tonight) and they ask him who his favourite Yankee is and says “It was CanĂ³ but he left the Yankees and I should say somebody on the Yankees”. Kinda funny.

  4. steve (different one) says:

    This is pretty awesome:

    too bad Yankee fans embarrassed themselves booing the guy for daring to wear O’Neill’s number.

    • RetroRob says:

      The whole “O’Neill number thing” is stupid. O’Neill was great, a favorite of mine, but his number should not under any circumstance be retired. Put it back in circulation. Let the Bleacher Creatures boo. They’ll get over it.

      As for embarrassed, well LaTroy should be embarrassed by the numbers he put up!

  5. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Snoozer of a day.

    Where’s my blockbuster trade for an infielder?

    • Well, let’s look at the fact that Jose Iglesias out most of season and the Tigers to Stephen Drew ties have gone up.

    • Dalek Jeter says:

      Seriously, I mean the Nationals acquired Brandon Laird while Cashman was off failing somewhere.

      In all seriousness though, I really feel like a trade with the D-Backs will happen by May involving an infielder and one of our younger catchers.

  6. pft2 says:

    If Tanaka starts the 4th game of the season he will miss 2 starts against the Red Sox. Not showing a lot of confidence in him by starting him 4th

    • The Guns of Navarone says:

      He’ll get his opportunity. I’m not particularly scared of the Red Sox offense this season. Ortiz, Pedroia, Napoli is a pretty decent middle-of-the-order provided Ortiz continues to be invulnerable to the aging process, but the rest doesn’t do much for me. They’re still a good lineup but I’d be SHOCKED if they lead the AL in runs again.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        So, as long as nobody is asking what is in the tincture that Papi drinks before every game they’ll have a good middle of the order? (I’m just on a roll tonight.)

    • Yu Darvish debuted in his team’s 4th game of the season.

      • Dalek Jeter says:

        Hush. It’s clear they already know Tanaka is going to be Igawa 2.0, it’s time for us polyannas to accept it as well =P

    • BFDeal says:

      I don’t see that it has anything to do with confidence…simply adjusting him to a MLB 5-day schedule.

    • mustang says:

      Damn your right he only has 16 more chances this year and 108 over the next 6 years not including the playoffs.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      It means nothing. You don’t line up by your rotation by when you face the Boston Red Sox.

  7. mustang says:


  8. mustang says:

    “Jay-Z came, Robinson Cano came. There were probably eight of them that rolled into Seattle. … It was Jay-Z’s birthday the day before. We had a birthday cake for him. We sang Happy Birthday,” Zduriencik says. “We made a great presentation. It was amazing how the whole process came along so quickly.”

    So it wasn’t the 240MM it was the birthday cake and songs got it. I can see why Cano felt so disrespected.


  9. Tex says:

    You knows whats not strange, no one missed you. Some even said “good riddance” but that was overkill.

  10. RetroRob says:

    I just checked the TV Max link and it is showing the Yankee-Marlin game.

    It really seems strange, thought, that this event that’s been talked about for months, with presentations to Mo, with the Yankees returning to Panama for the first time since 1947, is not being shown on YES, or MLBN. We’re now in the dead zone of Spring Training we’re is seems like Opening Day is too far off. This would have added a bit more interest, but instead we get the Yankees-Orioles game with the C squad.

    • pft2 says:

      Might have been some hassle to get the permits, and the cost of sending a crew may not have made sense. Outside of NY there is very little interest in a retired Mo, Panama and Yankees. Lets face it, they were playing the marlins in an exhibition game, and there is competition with college basketball, NBA and NHL.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        If given the choice between watching two guys playing catch and the NHL, I’d wager half of America would choose the guys playing catch.

  11. Yankeefan91 says:

    i Know is only spring training but the Yankees are getting no-hit by the Marlins in Panama.

    • I just noticed. I am as baffled. Adam Warren’s pretty good start going to pretty good waste.

    • RetroRob says:

      I just flipped it on ten minutes ago. So no hits?

      Cervelli just threw a laser to second to nail a runner trying to steal, although the umpire appears to have left his glasses at home, calling him safe.

      • Thankfully it wasn’t the 3rd base ump, who is Jerry Fucking Meals. Unfortunately, it’s Marvin Hudson at 2nd, which isn’t an improvement.

      • Giancarlo Murphy says:

        I thought it was Cervelli too, but GameDay is telling me that Gary Sanchez started the inning.

        • RetroRob says:

          I think you’re right. I saw Cervelli hitting the prior inning (at least I think I saw Cervelli) so I just figured it was him back there. Maybe they switched him out for Sanchez, who does have an excellent arm. Showed on that throw…even if the umpire missed it.

  12. Giancarlo Murphy says:

    I just realized that Coello is still in big-league camp for the sole purpose of setting up RISP situations for the other relievers.

    The announcers are having fun with the names: Coe-AY-yo vs. Coe-EL-lo (the second one because he’s from “Nueva Yersey”). And “Tateyama.”

  13. Can we axe Coello now, please?!

  14. Giancarlo Murphy says:

    TIL: The long list of Panamanian Major Leaguers (Ramiro Mendoza, Roberto Kelly, Omar Moreno) also includes…Bruce Chen. Did not see that caming.

  15. I’m rather glad this is not being televised. Several television screens might be broken by this futility. I love a no-hitter by any team as the next person, but jesus christ. This wasn’t the Astros lineup to start with.

  16. Yankeefan91 says:

    Am i the only one embarrassed where getting no hit in a spring training game ? ughh lol

  17. It’s up to Antoan Richardson, Jose Pirela or Adonis Garcia to save us….


  18. RetroRob says:

    Ok, probably the first time I’ll be rooting for a hit, any hit, in the 9th inning of a meaningless Spring Training game.

  19. Yankeefan91 says:

    omg omg so close so close

  20. Yankeefan91 says:

    wow we got no hit this is nuts.

  21. will says:

    it is embarrassing….

  22. RetroRob says:

    Well that was embarrassing.

  23. I would like to request Mike do a write up about this.

    Even for Spring Training, we just got no-hit….


  24. Giancarlo Murphy says:

    At this rate, we’ll never win the Grapefruit Series.

  25. Yankee$ (Formerly Pseudoyanks) says:

    Oh crap, they’re calling our second baseman Brian Roberts … wait for it … Robbie.

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