• Jill

    Now that Tex is saying that he is holding back on his swing because he is nervous about his wrist doesn’t this raise a huge red flag. Yankees have no backup plan b for 1st base. What would they do?

  • Warren

    Is there a plan for 3rd base, SS, 2nd base next year? seems like a lot of holes to fill.

  • Warren

    I think Jason Giambi wil be the next Yankee manager.

    • ALZ

      I’d rather he be the hitting coach.

  • http://stevearts.com SteveH

    Mark Reynolds looking good to me right now. Can anyone ‘splain me why we didn’t sign him and yet we keep a guy like Anna over a power-laden 3B/1B-man? Oy.

    And another thing… Why all the hate for Nunez? Dude brings enthusiasm and can rake.

    • Ed

      Reynolds is more of a first baseman who can fake at third so he took the everyday 1B Job.

      Nunez is the opposite of the “Nichols’ Law of Catcher Defense” he is really a bad defensive player that really hasn’t showed that he can be good with bat for a long period.

  • Aims

    Bentances and Nuno got the last two bullpen spots, just announced by Girardi

  • Poconos Adam

    So we can see the narrative developing…..Mike doesn’t like the old players the Yanks brought in, but then we’re supposed to sign up for his man-love for Chase Utley?

    I didn’t like some of the signings either, but if you hate Brian Roberts at 2b, how can you love Utley? He’s always hurt too.