Hal Steinbrenner is “pretty content” with current roster

Game 14: One of Two
Tanaka dominates Cubs, Yankees win first game of doubleheader 3-0

Via Christian Red: Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner said he is “pretty content” with the team’s current roster situation, though that doesn’t mean he is unwilling to consider adding players. “You know me, I will consider anything … I will always analyze options,” he said. “Right now, I think I’m pretty content with where we’re sitting. So far so good.”

The Yankees have received excellent production from their outfield (136 wRC+) so far, plus Kelly Johnson (161 wRC+) and Yangervis Solarte (162 wRC+) have been insanely productive. Derek Jeter‘s been solid as well (110 wRC+). With Brian McCann starting to coming around and Mark Teixeira due back from the 15-day DL relatively soon, the only obvious area in need of an upgrade right now is second base. I wish they’d just sign Stephen Drew, but aside from second base and maybe another reliever, the Yankees don’t have many needs right now.

Game 14: One of Two
Tanaka dominates Cubs, Yankees win first game of doubleheader 3-0
  • RM

    Totally believe that they will ride it out as long as they can. I would think that means to at least June. Check the status of the team then and go from there. Mike is right only second base is a issue when Tex comes back. If Solarte is holding his own then maybe a move is not necessary.

  • nycsportzfan

    God, I hope they don’t sign Stephen Drew. Hes not even that good. The Drews are overrated, and I bet you get similar production outta guys like Solarte and Anna(combined), and possibly better, then you would with Drew. Why do you like this guy Mike? Hes not worth losing a pick, that’s for sure.

    • ALZ

      Drew is way better than Anna. He is valuable because he can play ss and hit. If you stick him at 3b regularly though it’s not worth it.

      • Mikhel

        How do you know?

        Drew has been above average in two or three out of 8 seasons in the majors. Defensively he is not very good, about average. He has power, sure, but that doesn’t make him good, at most he is uni-dimensional: good power, average batting, average OBP, average defense; and he comes with a high price tag.

      • YankeeEmpire

        Drew sucks. Yanks would have been better off to keep Nunez than hope to sign drew after the June Draft.

    • YankeeEmpire

      Dont sign drew. But, if they don’t make it longer than a year. He’s not worth a long term commitment. Maybe yanks will focus on position players in draft.

  • mitch

    I’m fine with the roster the way it is right now. Assuming Tex comes back healthy, there’s really only one infield spot in question. Between Solarte, Roberts, Anna, and Sizemore there are enough options to at least get them to the trade deadline. If none of those guys work out they’ll have the flexibility to add a 3B or 2B by the trade deadline. I don’t think spending on Drew and giving up the pick is really necessary yet.

  • Andrew

    Almost time to find a way to filter “Stephen Drew” out of any and all Yankees coverage. He’s been a free agent since November and probably will remain one until after June. Enough with that guy already.

  • Jersey Joe

    As much as I like the roster the way it is right now, I hope Steinbrenner has learned that he can’t push back his roster problems forever. No more 2013.

  • Rob

    I think that the Yankees will most certainly be signing Stephen Drew as soon as the draft pick compensation deadline passes. For the Yanks to be just 1 game over .500 right now with Kelly Johnson and Solarte overachieving, what is going to happen when they come down to earth? Brian Roberts is not the answer. Stephen Drew makes sense, both for this season and for the future at SS.

    • mitch

      Even when Solarte comes back down to earth, how much worse is some combination of him, Anna, Roberts, and Sizemore than Drew? We’re not talking about adding Robinson Cano. Drew is better than what they have but he’d still be an injury-prone guy playing out of position who can’t hit lefties.

    • Yan Solo

      Won’t Stephen Drew have to “overachieve” to make the signing justifiable in the end? It’s not like he’s Babe Ruth just sitting out there with a job. The Yankees holding onto the 55th draft pick like Charlton Heston with a gun can not be the reason they don’t want Drew. Could it be… I don’t know… that he’s just not very good and the Yankees (and the rest of the league) know that. Signing him now does you know good as the guy has played ZERO baseball games since last season (at least any that mean a damn) and would not be ready for a while (about the time most of our injuries should be taken care of anyway). As for Drew being the SS of the future for the Yankees? Please God No! Granted, I can’t tell you who that will be but I do not want to see Stephen Drew there.

      • Yan Solo

        *without a job
        *does you no good
        need to proofread before hitting submit, but my (ir)rational dislike for all things Stephen Drew could not slow me down apparently.

    • Mikhel

      Check Drew’s splits last years home and away…

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    You missed the part where, when Stephen Drew was mentioned, Hal grabbed his junk and said, “yeah, Stephen drew on this.”

  • TWTR

    I really think he believes that has spent enough.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    I agree with Hal. People think that if they say Stephen Drew’s name enough he’ll suddenly appear like Beetlejuice. It ain’t happening. I love our current roster.

  • Gonzo

    They need more cowbell.

  • RetroRob

    Stephen Drew. We’re being trolled!

  • OldYanksFan

    I’m sorry, but that’s a misquote. It’s really…
    ‘Hal Steinbrenner said he is “pretty incontinent”….’
    I know that this infield makes ME lose my shit.

  • willie w

    I hope they never sign drew
    I would hate to have to cheer for that SOB

  • Randy Keisler

    Another post where Mike tries to tie in Stephen Drew where clearly the Yankees are not signing him. Almost as bad as he tried to bash Ichiro last season with every post.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    I remember all last year

    Losses raining down cold as ice

    Pinstriped blur of a man

    A helmetless face flyin’ down the line

    The inning goes into

    Just another routine play

    Overthrown balls pass over first base

    Looking in your eyes

    I never realized how happy you not being Stephen Drew made me


    Easy plays you were bad at making

    But you were traded away

    Oh Eduardo, well,

    Shortstop you were bad at faking

    But we need you today

    Oh, Eduardo!

    • vicki


    • adeel

      (I like everything except the last line,,)

      Shortstop you were bad at faking
      maybe loosing you was of the lord’s making
      As desparate as we were, and how we could have used you on Sunday
      I’m so glad you are gone, I could probably make better plays

    • Eric Young

      Thiss was much funnier once I realized it’s to the tune of Barry Manilow’s “Mandy.”

      God, I am so freaking old!

  • adeel

    Drew would only take at bats away from sizemore… THAT WOULD BE A SHAME!!!

  • YankeeEmpire

    Being content prior to a Championship is not a good sign. It’s April and it means nothing. Weren’t the Yankees in 1st last year in April with Vernon Well’s hot hitting. Yankees need to always look to improve. It’s a long season.