Update: Yankees will call up Bryan Mitchell, Preston Claiborne

O'Brien homers twice, Banuelos gets rocked in Tampa loss
Yankees lose Nova, dignity in 16-1 loss to Rays

11:12pm: Preston Claiborne will also be called up according to Dan Barbarisi. So someone is going down no matter what, even if Nova is placed on the DL.

10:59pm: The Yankees are calling up right-hander Bryan Mitchell, according to Josh Norris. The move is being made to help bolster a bullpen that has been run into the ground the last two days, obviously. The only question is whether Matt Daley or Dellin Betances will be sent down as the corresponding move. I guess Ivan Nova (elbow) could go on the DL as well.

Mitchell, 23, was scratched from his scheduled start with Double-A Trenton on Saturday, so he’ll be good for 80+ pitches tomorrow, if not more. He has a 5.14 ERA (2.06 FIP) in three starts and 14 innings for the Thunder this season, and he struck out 12 in six innings last time out. Mitchell has never pitched in Triple-A and has only made four starts above Single-A, so I assume this is just a temporary measure. He will likely go back to the minors in the coming days.

O'Brien homers twice, Banuelos gets rocked in Tampa loss
Yankees lose Nova, dignity in 16-1 loss to Rays
  • Danny

    This is exciting

  • forensic

    The only question is whether Matt Daley or Dellin Betances will be sent down as the corresponding move.

    Or the arguably more obvious move of just DL’ing Nova.

    For some reason, I always feel like these moves seem like desperation or overreaction rather than necessity. It’d probably be different if it were someone who had actually earned their way to the majors and to being next in line, rather than someone who’s barely even pitched in AA, much less AAA (and is basically only up because of a 40-man numbers game).

    • JohnnyC

      It’s annoying that 40-man issues trump actually useful roster moves. It’s how Cabral stayed on the team for 3 years while never managing to command his stuff.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner


        But, hey, those who want the team to be aggressive with Jose Campos are about an injury away from having their dream come true.

  • MB923

    Why would they send down Betances? (I missed most of tonight’s game and after seeing the final score, I’m glad I did)

    Betances has been one of the most effective relievers on the team. Yea his BB is high but his K rate is very high too. Also has not allowed a run yet.

    • MB923

      Actually just saw he threw 41 pitches tonight, so if he does get sent down, he’ll probably be back Tuesday for the series against the Sawx.

      • forensic

        Unless there’s another injury, he can’t be called back up for another 10 days.

        • MB923

          That’s right. Well as mentioned with an off day Monday, I just don’t see them sending him down. Just don’t pitch him tomorrow (now matter how good or bad the pen does. Heck Dean Anna pitched!) Nova likely on the DL now that means :(

          • RetroRob

            Looking at the boxscore, Anna pitched “better” than a few professional pitchers.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            At some point, they back into doing just that. The 40-man situation is so sure that we pretty much exhaust the actual useful players who can be called up quickly. You’d have to either to short-handed or DFA someone.

            But, hey, it’s not ethnically impossible that Campos because Jose Quintana so you HAVE to keep him on the 40-man forever. That was sarcasm.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Technically, and becomes. It’s early this morning.

  • forensic

    Geez, now two pitching moves, on top of Tex (in all likelihood). That really reeks of overreaction. With them both being on the 40-man already, you might think that Daley is safe for now (since it seems he may be out of options, though I could be wrong on that because of his injuries) and Betances would be optioned, but who knows.

    • Tom K

      Not really sure if it is overreaction. The bullpen has been fed to the wolves the last two nights, and tomorrow’s Vidal Nuno sighting will be the first sighting in quite a while. They have to have relievers up who can chew up some innings.

      I highly doubt Betances is going anywhere. The only way they are doing that is if they send down himself AND another reliever without DL’ing Nova instantly – then, on Monday, they can DL Nova and recall Betances as his replacement.

      I am not sure what to say about Daley – I don’t think there is much to work with there. I have no problem with him getting cut as one of the moves.

      • forensic

        I get it, but still, no one has pitched both of the last two nights. They have one game and then another day off. I can sort of understand one move, but two just seems like they’re freaking out too much.

        • RetroRob

          Maybe they already know Nova is going to be DL’d.

  • Yuvi

    I never liked Nova’s stubborn attitude hope he’s on the DL for the season!!
    He always makes the team from spring training ,and is never good when he makes the team.

    He’s going through a divorce anyway, and is probably distracted.

    • notsosmart

      I think I’d take a repeat of his 16-4 year… but it’s looking more and more like that Nova is never coming back.

      • Yuvi

        Great possible news! He is inconsistent C YA.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Nova in 2013 > Nova in 2011 (his 16-4 year). His career isn’t over because of a bad April.

    • Wheels

      How do you know he’s going through a divorce?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Because he’s either Mrs. Nova or the other woman.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      He had the WORST case of grumps and needed to buy some milk as well. I heard he has a fear or oranges and really doesn’t like it when his underwear/elbow twinges.

  • Naved

    What does it got to take to get Mark Montgomery a callup? 0.00 ERA doesn’t seem to cut it.

    • will

      Montgomery has been walking guys and strikeouts are down this year. So like Betances he’d be the bastard child because Girardi would rather use guys that give up hits and runs than guys who strike people out and walk them.

      To be fair, Betances should of been out of the inning twice tonight,the error by solarte, and two he through 5 strikes to the guy he walked but west squeezed him, and the 2nd guy he walked, he actually was squeezed again. The facts are he’s walking guys but nobody can really hit him. Sending him down for any length of time besides the off day monday would be moronic.

      • Kosmo

        2 walks in 6 1/3 innings is considered “walking guys“??. Montgomery will be called up in due time.

  • Wayne

    Bryan Mitchell will be in the bullpen for a long while then fórced to start after he has not built up the arm strength or innings then he wil hurt his arm like Joba And Have Tommy John surgery.! What a boneheaded move this is by girardi. Bryan Mitchell really could have developed as a starter this year but yankees will ruin his arm and his career!!!! Thanks alot Girardi!!!!

  • Wayne

    Fuck Bryan Mitchell should be starting this game if they want to bring him up!
    Girardi you Have no freaking idea how to treat your young starters!!!! He only gives a shit about relievers. Hiroki Kuroda is not going to be around forever!!! Neither is Sabathia!!!! What is wrong with you Girardi!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Party on, Garth.

  • md

    Why would you be throwing all those slurves in this start with a bad elbow? Strange. Maybe it’s just one of those Hughes-like injuries that are suddenly revealed as an excuse when you’re sucking.

  • GeneralChaos

    It’s times like this that the genius of how the Yankees develop and manage their major and minor league pitchers really shows!

  • Steves

    I hear B Mitchell tops out at 97, and can throw 100mph out of the bullpen, so lets see it

  • Scooter

    Even with the win today, I think it will be Claiborne that is sent down when Robertson is activated. With Nuno joining the starting rotation, the Yankees need a long man who is already stretched out. For now, Mitchell fits the bill. I don’t see him staying long-term but it’s a nice opportunity to see what kind of stuff he has.

  • Scooter

    How soon until Aceves is ready?