Yankees lose Nova, dignity in 16-1 loss to Rays

Update: Yankees will call up Bryan Mitchell, Preston Claiborne
Ivan Nova has partially torn UCL

Source: FanGraphs

Does this game really need a recap? I’m not quite sure what there is to say after a beatdown like that. The Yankees got buried by the Rays on Saturday night, allowing 16 runs on 16 hits and five walks. Five of those hits were homers, including two by Wil Myers and two by Ryan Hanigan. Yes, the same Ryan Hanigan who hit four homers with a .063 ISO from 2012-13. It was that kind of night.

This game had it all. There was the ol’ intentionally walk one hitter (James Loney) and give up a homer to the next (Myers) move, which has always been a personal fave. A throwing error on the would-be third out — a throw that probably would have been scooped by an experienced first baseman — extended an inning by a whopping 22 pitches, which was fun. A position player (Dean Anna) pitched. Oh, and the Yankees were shut down by Chris Archer again. They only had three base-runners (all hits) and the final 13 men they sent to the plate made outs.

Then there’s Ivan Nova, who pitched horribly for four innings (eight runs on eight hits and a walk, including four homers) before leaving the game with a sore elbow. He went for an MRI tonight but the results are not expected to be available until tomorrow. Nova has been pretty terrible so far this year and it all seems to be control-related, and poor control is a common symptom of elbow problems. This is a hope for the best, prepare for the worst situation. Whoever replaces Nova in the rotation — I can’t remember the last time a pitcher had a sore elbow and didn’t miss at least one start — is far from a lock to perform better.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. The Rays have outscored the Yankees 27-2 in the last 13 innings of this series. Geez. Spot starter Vidal Nuno will look to stop the bleeding Sunday afternoon against fellow soft-tosser Cesar Ramos. Nuno vs. Ramos. AL East baseball. Get excited.

Update: Yankees will call up Bryan Mitchell, Preston Claiborne
Ivan Nova has partially torn UCL
  • BuDnUh

    who’s rooting for Phelps to take the job, and who’s rooting for Nuno?

    • Mikhel

      +1 on Nuño.

    • Mickey Scheister


    • mustang


      You mean the guys people wanted to trade in the spring.

      I’m just happy to have the choice.

      • mustang


        Its the year of the underdog.

    • forensic

      I still have to side with Phelps, though it’s taken a bit of a hit so far this season.

    • Deep Thoughts

      Anna! 17 pitches, 14 strikes. Still pre-arb.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’ve been combing through the scrap heap all night.

      Also, Bryan Billings FTW.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        And Bruce….

  • forensic

    I didn’t understand the intentional walk either. The game is already on the verge of blowout status anyway, is that really going to make that big a difference, especially since the guy on deck is much better than the guy at-bat (contrary to their season numbers thus far) and had already homered in the game.

    I got to thinking during the game, which would you rather have? An inconsistent pitcher or a bad pitcher? On one hand, the inconsistent pitcher will at least periodically have good starts (by the definition of inconsistent) and help your team that way, while the bad one won’t. On the other hand, the inconsistent pitcher will be harder to yank from the rotation as you’ve seen flashes of goodness and won’t want to pull the plug as quickly as you’d be willing to with a bad pitcher.

    I guess the answer might lie in whether you someone waiting in the wings who has put in their time and might be ready to take the step into the bigs. Depending on ones opinion of Phelps/Nuno, it would seem that they don’t have any ready to step in and take the next step, so really they would probably prefer the inconsistent pitcher, as maddening as it can be.

    • jim p

      Maybe just selective memory, but it seems that we’ve had a new pitcher give an intentional walk, and then go downhill from there very often. Like their heads get messed up by coming in to deliberately miss the plate, when their whole life is around not missing the plate.

      Wouldn’t know where to begin to tease out the ‘new pitcher / intentional walk / meltdown’ stat, though.

      • forensic

        Well, he did face one batter before the iBB, but I still didn’t agree with the move.

        A couple years ago I actually looked at every iBB Girardi had ordered over a couple year span and he generally had ok results with it against the subsequent batters in the inning.

        • jim p

          Thanks for the reminder about the 1st batter, and the info.

  • RetroRob

    Well, if I was going to miss two games, these last two games were the ones to miss.

    Hopefully Nova is okay, but I suspect otherwise.

    Nuno was about to be sent down after Sunday’s start. Now he might be auditioning for a rotation spot.

  • forensic

    Also, I called out Sterling for it, so I have to mention it here too. I’m not sure why you guys are calling Ramos a soft-tosser (though Sterling also added in ‘very’ to it).

    He averages over 91 on his 4-seamer and nearly 91 on his sinker. That puts him at league average with the 4-seamer and above average with his sinker. I don’t see how that makes a soft-tosser.

  • No 2013 again

    It was really clear that something was up with Nova…Unfortunately it feels like TJ is coming. All of a sudden our pitching depth doesn’t look so hot with Nova going down, Phelps being mediocre in the bullpen and Nuno not being much better.

  • ALZ

    So tomorrow is a test to see who can score higher.

    • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

      not to be a perfect jackass, but literally every baseball game ever played has been a test of seeing who can score higher.

      • Silvio

        You know what he meant.

  • Mikhel

    “The Tampa Conexion”

    The last three position players I remember to pitch for the Yankees (I might be wrong here and maybe there’s another player I am not remembering) were:

    Dean Anna, today vs Tampa Bay.

    Nick Swisher, 2009 vs Tampa Bay.

    Wade Boggs, he pitched in 1997 for the NYY vs the Angels (then of Anaheim), but his next time on the mound in 1999 he pitched his knuckleballs for…. drum roll… Tampa Bay when they were facing the Orioles.

    • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

      there was a game in July 2012 against the White Sox where a position player pitched. I don’t exactly remember who it was but this definitely happened.

      • Mikhel

        ooow I don’t remember that one, I’ll check though and get back to you in a couple of minutes.


      • forensic

        Dewayne Wise, the same man who had ‘the bunt that turned the season around’!

        • forensic

          He also had this gem:


          It was a busy season for him.

          • Mikhel

            Thanks, my PC crashed when writing the reply thinking exactly about that catch that saved the perfect game.

            • Mikhel

              uhm… I though it was the catch that saved Buehrle’s perfect game LOL… told you, my PC is crashing badly and the video didn’t load.

          • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

            don’t even need to click on the link to know what this was. That was one of the more hilarious things I’ve ever seen happen in a baseball game.

            The whining afterwards was pretty glorious, too.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        DeWayne Wise and Alberto Gonzalez pitched in games for NYY the last few years.

        • Mikhel

          :( my “tampa conexion” is overruled then hahaha

          • Mikhel

            OK OK OK OK:

            The last (maybe) three position players to pitch AT LEAST 1 inning…

  • mustang

    It was only yesterday in the 5 inning that the Yankees were up 4-2 on a 5 game winning streak with the bullpen rested rotation healthy and Tex and D-Rob round the corner.
    Next day bullpen burn down a starter and on the edge of losing 3 out 4 to division rival.


    Especially the starting kind.

    • forensic

      on the edge of losing 3 out 4 to division rival



      • mustang

        LOL… yep I guess you know he told us so..LMAO!

        BUT with that said they win tomorrow split the series have an off day to rest the bullpen and their young studs line-up vs. Boston.
        Its game 18 of 162

        • mustang

          Nuno vs. Ramos

          That says something about the state of starting pitching in MLB.

          There might be some scoring tomorrow.

          • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

            2-1 is coming. I can smell it. Like winter.

  • Kosmo

    Lucas Harrell anyone ?

    • forensic

      For what? The award for Worst Pitcher in Baseball?

      • Kosmo

        can´t be any worse than Nova.

        • forensic

          I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You should look at his numbers again.

          • Kosmo

            I´m very well aware what Harrell´s numbers have been these last 2 seasons. Thus far Nova has been terrible and his inconsistency is maddening and now it looks like he could be out for a reasonable length of time. Harrell might be dumpster diving but he could provide some additional depth that NY could use at this time.

            • forensic

              They already have horrible starters for depth at AAA in Billings, Leroux, Gordon, and Aceves. No need to add Harrell too, unless they sink far enough to add one of the aforementioned names and Harrell clears waivers and accepts an MiLB deal.

  • RetroRob

    Yankees remain in first place.

    Outside of Oakland, no team is really showing any type of consistent excellence.

    Parity. Yuck.

    • mustang

      Oakland 12-5
      Texas 11-7
      Detroit 8-6
      Kansas City 9-7
      NY Yankees 10-8
      Toronto 10-8

      Don’t tell the other guys that.

      • Kosmo

        certainly nothing conclusive.

        • mustang

          Wouldn’t think so on game 18 of 162.

          • Kosmo


  • TWTR

    This is another reason why I like to save prospects and young veterans. They provide depth in case of injuries, or if none can fill the void, they can be chips for true necessities.

  • mustang

    Oh! Poor Nova seems like only yesterday you were the #3 in the Yankees starter youth movement… wait a minute.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I didn’t watch a second of this. I’d just sadly glance at GameDay every now and then and shake my head.

    Get well, Ivan. Sadly, my grandma could probably do better right now. Hasn’t walked since before the last championship, but I feel confident.

    So any interesting depth still out there on the scrap heap?

    • Chip Rodriguez

      I’ve heard about this Stephen Drew guy. Can he pitch?

      • mustang

        Well Played!

      • mustang

        I heard he can pitch, play all outfield and infield spots. GM, and manage.

        Just saying that’s what I heard.

        • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

          Wait. Isn’t that Sizemore?

          • mustang

            Nope SOLAR!!!!

        • dalelama

          Filling 3 of our 4 needs isn’t bad.

  • Bronx Boy

    This is why God invented April.

  • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

    We need a rain out.

  • PunkPitch

    The SS Solarte is taking on water. Roto geeks, trade him NOW!!!

  • FLYER7

    I will go with Ace