Orioles, infield defense rough up Nova and Nuno in 14-5 loss

Austin makes season debut in Trenton's blowout win
Solarte has been just what the Yankees need early in the season

Well, that wasn’t pretty. The Orioles pounded the Yankees on Tuesday afternoon, taking advantage of some shoddy defense and ineffective pitchers to grab a 14-5 win. Yes, 14-5. That’ll put a dent in the ol’ run differential.

You were all terrible on Tuesday. (Jim McIsaac/Getty)
You were all terrible on Tuesday. (Jim McIsaac/Getty)

Bad Defense, Bad Pitching, Bad Day
You’re not going to believe this, but a team playing a catcher at first base, a career minor league journeyman at third base, a 36-year-old with a long injury history at second base, and a 39-year-old coming off a major ankle injury at shortstop struggled defensively on Tuesday. Ivan Nova was terrible, giving up rockets all over the field, but his infield defense betrayed him badly against the Orioles. Really bad.

In the first inning, a potential Delmon Young double play ball got by a diving Derek Jeter, who showed off his fall-down range all day. Quite literally too. Chris Davis followed that with a sac fly, then Adam Jones crushed a two-run homer into Monument Park. If Jeter makes the play, does Nova throw a scoreless first inning? Eh, maybe. That’s a pretty big assumption based on how he was pitching.

In the second inning, Jonathan Schoop pulled a double down the left field line, right by Yangervis Solarte. It was hard hit but Solarte looked really awkward on the play. I’m pretty sure a full-time third baseman reels that ball in, or at least knocks it down and holds Schoop to a single. Ryan Flaherty came in to score on the play. That also wouldn’t have happened had Solarte kept it on the infield.

Jeter let another potential double play ball scoot by in the fourth inning, this one off Schoop’s bat. That loaded the bases with one out, and two runs came around to score on Nick Markakis’ sac fly and Young’s single. Later in the inning, Brian Roberts couldn’t make the play on a Davis ground ball because it was hit slowly and he was in shallow right field on the shift. A run scored on the play, making it 7-1 Orioles.

The infield defense sucked (no surprise), but that doesn’t absolve Nova of all the blame. He was up in the zone all afternoon and gave up plenty of hard-hit balls. Ten hits in 3.2 innings is not all on the infielders. Nova was charged with seven runs on the day (all earned), and he’s now allowed 23 base-runners in 9.1 innings this season. That’s … a lot. Nova has really labored in his two starts. No easy innings at all.

(Jim McIsaac/Getty)
(Jim McIsaac/Getty)

Too Far To Comeback
The Yankees scored a quick two-out run in the first inning (Jacoby Ellsbury single, Carlos Beltran double) to answer Baltimore’s three-run top of the first, but they didn’t score again until the fourth inning, when it was already 7-1. A six-run deficit is too much to overcome when you need three hits to score one run, as this offense does these days.

The team’s three-run fourth inning came on a leadoff homer (!) from Alfonso Soriano, a double off the left field wall by Solarte, and a ground out by Brett Gardner. First baseman Frankie Cervelli and Roberts also singled in the inning. The Yankees left a runner on third base in the third, fourth, and fifth innings, and two runners on base in the sixth. Some days, five runs just aren’t enough.

(Jim McIsaac/Getty)
(Jim McIsaac/Getty)

Once again, the two offensive stars were Ellsbury and Solarte. Ellsbury went 3-for-4 with a double and a stolen base — he stole third base three times in one inning, but the first two attempts were spoiled by foul balls — while Solarte went 2-for-4 with two doubles. He currently leads the league with six two-baggers, though that could change following tonight’s games. It feels like the only time the Yankees score is when these two do something.

Vidal Nuno really took one on the chin in long relief, allowing seven runs on eight hits in 3.1 innings. He threw 67 pitches and I think he’s going to find himself in Triple-A tomorrow, swapped for a fresh arm. Preston Claiborne and Shane Greene are the obvious 40-man roster call-up candidates. The just called up Cesar Cabral got one out and Dellin Betances recorded the final five outs.

The Yankees tripled their season homerun output in this game. Soriano hit the team’s second dinger of the season, a solo shot leading off the fourth, and he pimped it pretty good. Kelly Johnson swatted a garbage time solo homer in the eighth for New York’s third longball of 2014.

Nova did not walk anyone in his disaster start, meaning the Yankees have now gone a full turn through the rotation without any of their starters issuing a free pass. The last starter to walk someone was Nova, back against the Astros in Houston. Pretty awesome.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings
MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
These teams will play the final game of this three-game series on Wednesday night. Yes, the run of day games is over. Masahiro Tanaka will make his first start at Yankee Stadium in the rubber game, matching up against the righty Miguel Gonzalez. Check out RAB Tickets if you want to catch the game.

Austin makes season debut in Trenton's blowout win
Solarte has been just what the Yankees need early in the season
  • RetroRob

    I see you’ve discovered the secret of filing stories on time. Pre-write them!

    A game that will not be appearing on YES Classics any time soon, err, forever.

  • Deathstroke Heathcott

    Looks like Soriano’s starting to heat up a little bit, would be good if his early slumping was a result of not getting enough reps in spring training and not a sign that he’s gonna fall off the map completely.

    • Ryan D

      Last year I had the same suspicion about Soriano. I was only really following him in the early months of the season because I accidentally picked him up in my fantasy instead of Rafael. He was slumping for a good month to month and a half, but obviously made some ground back when he came over to NY. I don’t know if he’s a notoriously slow starter, but it’s good to see he isn’t scorched.

      • RetroRob

        He is very streaky. Reference the flip side, his blistering hot streak when it felt like he was hitting a HR every other AB.

        I’m not worried about Soriano.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        “I was only really following him in the early months of the season because I accidentally picked him up in my fantasy instead of Rafael.”

        This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever read.

        Best fantasy baseball story since my friend Nelson drafted Chet Lemon about three years after he retired in high school.

  • TWTR

    The only thing they have/had to avoid is a bad start. So far, so good. I am really optimistic.

  • Poconos Adam

    I know the narrative for the year is old infield = bad defense…..and all of it because Cano isn’t here.

    I agree Jeter did look terrible today…..but don’t lump Roberts in just because of his age….NO 2B makes a play on a slow roller when they are shifted into short right field.

    I know you want Cano out there making that play effortlessly Mike, but it wasn’t going to happen.

    Blame the shift on that play, not Roberts.

    • Mikhel

      To be fair: Roberts’ speed is highly diminished, his throws are weak, and his mental errors show up time after time (not covering 1st base, for example).

      He’ll regain his speed once the season progresses, it looks as if he is not running at full speed right now for whatever reason there could be as of now.

      His mental gaffes will disappear as the season gets old, that’s all due to inactivity (I think and I hope).

      His throws? those will remain weak.

      If he doesn’t bat then he’ll be replaced by Anna or Solarte, if not by Brendan Ryan if he returns. My bet is on Anna at 2B, and a platoon of Kelly Johnson/Solarte at 3B/1B.

      Unfortunately MLB only has a 25 man roster, otherwise Adonis García and Zealous Wheeler can field 3B and 1B plus the OF with good fielding range, throw and have power in their bats, heck, Chris Colabello and Wheeler at one point were two of the most feared hitters in the Mexican Pacific winter League playing for the same team, now they’re in different teams and Colabello is showing that the mexican winter league, helped him a lot to polish his hitting and fielding, as it helped others like Byrd or players who never got the chance to play in the majors).

      If only MLB could implement a 30 man roster, with a minimum of say 2 rookies per team.

      • RetroRob

        If MLB implemented a 30-man roster you’d have five more relievers.

        Garcia and Wheeler are not MLB players.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Four PLUS SIZEMORE.

      • Poconos Adam

        I don’t care about Brian Roberts….but you obviously hate him for whatever reason. Speed is gone? He hasn’t stolen any bases yet, fine.

        Mental lapses? In 9 games have been two Bermuda triangle plays where pitcher, 1B and 2B are all involved…..I think both involved guys who don’t normally play 1B (Johnson and Cervelli) and you decide it’s a Roberts mental gaffe?

        The Yanks have him in short right field about half the time…..covering first is becoming a non-option for most MLB 2Bmen….you simply cannot get there from where the MANAGER is positioning them.

        Lay off Roberts dude — maybe a comment on McCann hitting .200 and not getting the ball out of the infield would be a more appropriate panic comment at this point in the season.

        So they got clobbered today….whatever. Probably around 65 more losses to go…..

        We all know the team isn’t perfect for goodness sakes.

        • El Maestro

          Roberts has 2 stolen bases.

        • forensic

          Speed is gone? He hasn’t stolen any bases yet, fine.

          Roberts has 2 steals already on the season.

          • Poconos Adam

            Yeah…thanks gents….so what speed is gone according to Mikhel?

            Anyway, I guess the Yankees season collapse is all about Nova and Roberts….oh and Tanaka “probably” getting beat up tomorrow…..yeah, whatever Mikhel.

            You should mail in the season and root for the Expos.

      • ALZ

        This isn’t 2004, in this day and age you are doing pretty good with a bottom order hitter taking lots of pitches and putting together a .346 OBP so far. I’m not expecting him to replace Cano, but I think he can still provide value, as long as he is able to see lots of pitches and try limit the number of outs he makes. Let the top of the order do the damage, he can make the pitcher’s life difficult.

  • Mikhel

    There is no excuse for the hard lines the Orioles were slugging versus Nova. Though Brian Roberts only contribution to the NYY is his OBP via walks, his fielding range is limited, his throws are weak, at this point Dean Anna is a better option, an ever better option than what Brendan Ryan could be in his entire life as a 0.200’s AVG/low OBP/no power “hitter”.

    Iván Nova is too inconsistent to be a #3 pitcher and he was designated #3 just to avoid having Kuroda and Tanaka back-to-back for fear that teams would adapt to them on consecutive days (most series are of 3 games, we would have to check how many times they would have pitched to the same team on consecutive days and to how many they’ll pitch them now).

    For all we know, Tanaka could be hit pretty hard tomorrow because his fastball is nothing to write home about (no movement, stays flat with no late bite and at 92mph above the waist is a flan for fastball hitters like Delmon Young, Chris Davis and Nelson Cruz), but I think he at least could be a better option.

    I don’t know if we scaped facing Miguel or not, but I hope we did, he usually pitches big games vs the NYY.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    It’s 0-0 now and Tanaka will be taking the mound next inning.


    Yes, signs of life from the vets. Some good signs in an otherwise-shitty day. They’re going to happen sometimes. Move on. It’s a beautiful day outside.

  • Kosmo

    obviously NY needs more offensive contributions. Nova to me is still a great unknown kinda a Jekyll and Hyde type, never know what to expect from him.

    • vicki

      we kind of do know what to expect from him this time of year. over his career, fourteen games (thirteen starts), he’s got a 5.53 era, 1.727 whip, .895 ops against, in april. (and bizarrely, a 6-3 W-L record; what a fine indicator of pitcher production.)

      • Kosmo

        yes he sucks in April and May. Throughout the season Nova has a nice little run here and there, which strongly indicates to me if you check his splits/game logs he´s a good pitcher in roughly 50% of his starts the rest of the time he gets hammered. I have very limited expectations.

  • JGYank

    Just a tough day. Tomorrow Tanaka is going to make his first start at home, so I’m looking forward to that.

    Offense was not bad today. Solarte is making it really, really hard not to ignore him. I like what Ellsbury has been doing. Soriano and Johnson hit HRs which is encouraging. The infield defense, however, needs more range. Ryan and Tex would help shore that up.

    Nuno and Nova had really bad outings. Kind of good most of the runs came from 2 guys since no one else got lit up. Maybe the Os offense was just on its game today. Only pitchers I’m worried about right now are CC, Phelps, Nova, and Nuno. The pen could definitely use some fresh arms though.

    The injuries to Tex, Drob, and Ryan are really exposing the weaknesses of this team. Need them back and soon.

    But we’re actually tied for 1st right now and for some reason I’m feeling optimistic. We still have a shot at 158-4.

    • TWTR

      How much do you think Ryan would play? Once or twice a week max, unless he was used at 2B. And I don ‘t think that Jeter will be removed for late inning defensive purposes much, if at all.

      • JGYank

        Probably not much, but our infield’s defense needs any boost it can get.

        • TWTR

          True, but if the hitters who are supposed to SLG (including Tex) were doing so consistently, it would be less of an issue.

          • JGYank

            Exactly. We need something out of our infield. Right now we’re really not getting anything. Let’s be honest, if Jeter goes into a prolonged slump at the plate, Ryan would be the better option when he gets back. If our infield had Tex back and was producing offensively, this would be a minor thing. But we’re not getting much at all. Solarte is literally the only one producing offensively in the infield and I doubt that’s going to last.

    • RetroRob

      Lousy game, but blow outs don’t bother me.

      Losing 1-0, or blowing a lead in the 9th bother me.

      • JGYank

        Any loss bothers me. Especially ones where the offense did well enough to win without it’s everyday 1B.

        • JGYank


        • ALZ

          Well you got at least another 60 losses this year. MLB is like that, you win some, and lose some. I would much rather see this than to have the offense shut down. We aren’t going to see Nova again for 5 days, the offense we at least know is putting together good ab, and they are the ones we see everyday. Unfortunate for Nova, but tomorrow is a new day for a sp.

  • Delbert Grady

    I know this is probably verboten, but I honestly like the Orioles offense better than ours. If they get any kind of real pitching this season, they’ll be tough to beat.

    As for the Yankees, we need bats. We needed bats before Tex went down and we need them more now that he’s officially Mr. Glass for the rest of his contract.

    I’d love a Morales signing. You lose nothing but money and a 3rd round pick for him. He’s a middle of the order switch hitter on a team that needs one. Even if Tex comes back armed with honest self awareness and wrist and hammy excuses, the fact remains that he can’t hit RHP well anymore in a stadium where you need him to 1/2 the games.

    I’d sign up for Morales and an Aramis Ramirez salary dump in a heartbeat. The lineup is not long when it’s healthy.

    Nova stunk today, but you’d have to be blind to not see the bats are going to be a big issue here.

    • JGYank

      I’m down for Ramirez, but we don’t need a DH like Morales. He can barely play 1st and when Tex gets back there be no way to play him with Sori/Beltran DHing all the other guys who need DH days.

      • JGYank

        *there will be no way

      • Delbert Grady

        The whole “When Tex gets back” part doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. I think he’s going to have an awful season and the Yankees should proactively replace his bat despite what he’s slotted to earn. Maybe if he gets mad enough, he’ll consent to a trade.

        Even if Morales is a butcher at 1b, if he can hit .800 OPS from both sides in our ballpark, he’s a massive upgrade over Tex.

        And I’d love Ramirez because we can move Solarte to 2b if he continues to hit where his offense will be a nice surprise. We need power from the corners.

        • TWTR

          When is the last time a team just put a $23m a year hitter on the bench for three years? It’s not realistic.

          I am skeptical about Teix’s upside, particularly batting LH, but it would be really premature to bench him at this point.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Tex hasn’t shown himself to be anywhere near the useless player he’d need to be for that to happen.

            Even if he settles in at a .240 hitter with 15-20 HR power, his defense would still keep him in there for the rest of the deal.

            • TWTR

              I agree with Sherman that the way to handle this might be the batting order.

              • Jorge Steinbrenner

                I’d co-sign on that. Sure.

            • Delbert Grady

              I don’t know Jorge. .240 with 15-20 HR’s at 1b sounds pretty useless to me. It’s an offensive position. Those stats are like waiving the white flag. You can get that out of Overbay.

        • JGYank

          I don’t see how he’s a massive upgrade even if they somehow find playing time for him. Tex is way better defensively, both are switch hitters, Tex still hits LHP well. Morales can hit RHP better, but a lot of that would be negated by defense, and his is terrible even for a 1st basemen. He’s really a DH. And like TWTR said, it’s unrealistic to sit Tex and his contract for Morales, who would cost a pick and cost money that we could use towards other targets like Ramirez instead. Tex just needs to stay healthy when he gets back.

          • pft2

            Tex looked awful defensively his few healthy games. He has been in decline for a few years now, missed an entire season and is still hampered by that wrist for the left side which constitutes 70% of his AB’s.

            Morales costs a 2nd round pick, can be had a ona 1 yr deal and the Yankees have plenty of money since their payroll is down 30 million this year. I doubt Morales would sign with a team without a guarantee for playing time

            Tex can handle bee control on the bench

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              And it’d still be pretty bad roster construction for the rest of the team. It’s not happening.

            • JGYank

              C’mon. You are really going to use a few game sample to argue Tex isn’t good defensively? Tex could still put up .245/.325/.450 25 HRs with great defense and I wouldn’t be surprised at all. That’s a good player, not a bench player. The wrist and decline is concerning, but in his last full season he was good and shouldn’t be too much worse now. He’s still an above average hitter with power and plate discipline. People seem to think he can’t hit at all for some reason. It’s not like his wrist is so bad he can’t hold a bat.

              • lou

                I think most are looking at it wrong here. Tex would be good in the lineup for defense but as for batting I’m tired of waiting for a homerun. Tex will prob hit 240 and 20 homeruns BUT. If you sure up the other spots in the infield you move TEX down in the lineup and let him do whatever the F he wants to fo popup strike out or hit a home run once ever two weeks. So Tex on D is fine it’s the other spots on the infield. So if the Yankees move Tex down in the lineup I think it would improve the lineup a bit. Move Slo up and when tex come back move Tex down if Sol stay hot. Get another guy who can play some D and hit better then Tex either 2b or 3b and move him up in the lineup and move Tex down. Beltran, Mc, Soriano are all going to have abetter year then Tex so just move him down.

                Be nice for them to pull off a trade and have both Sol and the new guy they trade for hit above tex in the lineup as long as Sol is hot and looks real go for it.

                • Jorge Steinbrenner

                  Sol? Are we trying to trade for an old Jewish man?

                  • Delbert Grady

                    Better call Sol.

              • Delbert Grady

                JG – I don’t see Tex putting up those numbers this season. I’d bet on .220 15HR’s tops. I also don’t think he’ll be healthy all season. He’s breaking down faster than Donnie Ballgame did at a similar age or Giambi. He’s basically turned into Nick Johnson right before our eyes.

            • BFDeal

              You argued MLB moved the pitching mound back 6″ in 1968 and now you’re an expert on Tex’s defense? Go back to your Red Sox hangout.

        • ALZ

          WRC last year: 116. WRC teix 2012: 116. Sure his bat is a bit better than Teix at this point, but teix way outdoes him in defensive value.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I can’t sign up for one of our bench spots going to someone who basically will only DH and backup at first. I’d rather go with more versatility there, even if the bat is lesser.

      I’d especially wouldn’t give up a bench spot AND draft pick for that player. It’s not a first rounder, but why give it up for a player who simply does not fit the current roster?

      The middle of the order guys are not going to hit this way all season.

    • ALZ

      Not giving up a draft pick and the money for Morales when you already have Ichiro/Beltran/Soriano that will fill 2 slots. If you are willing give up those, give me Drew, he brings much more to the team, even if he not needed.

    • Kenny

      “I know this is probably verboten, but I honestly like the Orioles offense better than ours. If they get any kind of real pitching this season, they’ll be tough to beat.”

      If it’s “verboten” it can only be because truth hurts.

  • vicki

    if the ol’ Sad Trombone had an avatar it would be that win expectancy chart.

  • Frank

    Jeter looking bad on defense. Get used to it. Unfortunately, that’s going to be the negative aspect of his game we’ll see quite regularly as he ends his HOF career.

  • http://stevearts.com Steve H

    Yeah what’s the BA of our lauded 4-5-6 hitters now? ’bout 0 me thinks. If they get going we’ll be fine. And Jorge, it’s a beautiful day in Beverly Hills too – go out and enjoy!

  • gageagainstthemachine

    Oh, Ivan Nova. Don’t be this year’s Phil Hughes. Please.

    • King George

      Let’s give Ivan 3-4 more starts before we start this type of conversation. After all, we’ve only just seen the completion of Game 8.

      • gageagainstthemachine

        That’s why I kept it short and sweet. I agree there’s lots of time, but isn’t this part of his MO? No consistency. Bad for extended periods. Good for extended periods. Just expect much more based on where he left off last year and through spring training. I still hope he has turned the page for good, but the first two starts haven’t exactly helped solidify that suggestion.

    • RetroRob

      He won’t. We know enough about Nova that he’ll have stretches where he’ll look like the most unhittable pitcher in the league, something that was beyond Hughes. He needs to limit the downside games, like, ummm, today.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I think he’s more likely this year’s Ivan Nova.

  • forensic

    Sounds like an ugly one. If I wasn’t such a glutton for punishment I wouldn’t be starting to watch the DVR’d game right now.

    And there goes Jeter’s ‘fall-down’ defense in the first inning. Yeah, that was pitiful.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner
      • forensic

        lol, you’re really getting as much mileage out of that as you can, huh?

        1992? I bet I saw that one when it happened.

    • Wheels

      Pitiful is a fine word choice for that.

  • forensic

    Also, I’m really surprised that McCann wasn’t given the day off. With the lefty starting and the long break that he would get between the day game yesterday and the night game tomorrow, I thought that was an easy choice.

    Johnson doesn’t need to be sitting as much as Girardi apparently thinks he does (it’s one of the most frustrating things with Girardi, for me), so you still could’ve easily played Cervelli at catcher instead. Hell, Johnson is probably of more use to the lineup at this point than McCann is anyway (especially vs. lefties).

    • JGYank


    • vicki

      and if he’s going to give kj a day off let it be for a pineda start or something, not a nova. you need all the infield you can get for a 50% groundball pitcher. not saying johnson looks like mattingly over there, but come on. at least he’s an infielder.

      as for the left side, no words.

  • 461deep

    Chen tried hard to match Nova & Nuno 7 + 7 = 14 formula but could not
    quite get there. Buck gave him 5 shaky innings. Jeter & Roberts average near 38 years old. We all know Derek is great at balls, throws right to him and pop-ups as well, but today we saw how really limited his range is. How much this will hurt in close games is any ones guess in what looks like a tight AL East race. Team does well hitting no juice pitchers like Chen but wasted 5 run game today.
    Nova was okay in his 1st start getting 4 DPs against the Astros. Orioles hit the ball harder though. Tanaka should keep the score down tomorrow but hopefully the infield makes plays for him. Gardner may be the best LF in ML.

  • JerseyAdam

    I just don’t believe in the Nova hype…if any hype at all. A dominican Chien Ming Wang.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      He wishes.

  • Mike

    Nova ran into some bad luck today but Tanaka will be lights out next game.

  • PunkPitch

    Wake up and smell the cafe ole, Solarte is not Miguel Cabrera, or even Melky Cabrera. It would be a miracle if he were something in between. If this is a championship caliber team (and it is not), miracles are gonna need to happen on a weekly basis. And BTW, there were a lot of empty seats today. Attendance may sag this year, even with the FA signings. Please, please Cashman Ctrl Alt Del this badboy.

  • Larry B.

    Disappointed with the way Nova has pitched so far. I’m gonna give him the whole season of course but this is a big season for him. We will find out if he is just a regular joe blow bottom of the rotation type or a top of the rotation guy.

  • YankeeBaseball

    Do what they did last year with Nova. Send him to the Minors until he gets hot. Until then, I believe Warren would do an admirable job as the #5 with Tanaka and Pineda shifting up one. Trade Romine for another bullpen piece to take Warren’s place and ultimately give us more depth.

    • forensic

      He’s out of options. They can’t send him to the minors.

  • fred robbins

    I was sure hoping for a good Nova game and a little streak going.
    Sadly, I think this is the defense Yankees will get with Jeter and the rest. Jeter is too proud to say his defense is below par and Girardi will not change anything. I do think Jeter will hit 275-280–but he has to come out in close games if they find a defensive replacement who can stay healthy.

    About Tex… I also don’t think Girardi will drop him in the batting order. His loyalty to the players he likes– like putting Phelps in yesterday in a crucial spot is proof of that- and he will sit and watch Tex strike out and hit weak ground balls for a while. You sure can’ sit him down at 23 mil per year… But I sure would love to see what Joe Madden would do with this team… just for a week.

    The Yankees might have a pretty bad defense all year so it is hard to imagine this team going anywhere, but I hope I am wrong. I was really looking for a few wins before Boston.

    I hope Tanaka is ready for Yankee stadium opener and shuts them down

    • forensic

      But I sure would love to see what Joe Madden would do with this team… just for a week.

      I’m not a big Girardi fan, but I don’t think Maddon would do too much differently than Girardi, at least not in terms of the things you’re talking about. There’s a world of difference between managing a young team in Tampa where he’s looked at as infallible and managing an old veteran team in New York.

      • TWTR

        I would much rather have their drafting and development people, from the top down.

      • Fin

        I’m indifferent to managers in general. However, I would rather have Girardi coaching the Yankees than Maddon. That being said, I think Maddon would do a similar job as Girardi with Yankees, but no way Girardi does the job that Maddon does with the Rays, year in and year out. I know Girardi did a great job with the young Marlins but had to be fired after year 1. I know RAB hates Buck, but I take him over everyone.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I don’t like Buck’s persona, but I like him as manager. I’ve always been a firm believer that managers manage to situation. There’s very little separating many of these guys to me. Joe Maddon in NY would manage a lot like Joe Girardi.

  • Fin

    Can anyone get excited for, or expect Tex back anytime soon. He’s become a declining, injury plagued, mess. I have very little hope for him this year or going forward. I like when players tell the truth about themselves and the game, but it seems like Tex just resigned himself that hes going to be hurt and deteriorate, instead of fighting with all his soul against it. Seems the Yankees may have gave the wrong type of guy a contract that size.

    I’d like it better if Tex was lying to himself saying he can play everyday and be as good as he was when he was 28. I don’t think his acceptance of his decline is the cause for his injuries, or necessarily his decline in play, its just unsetteling that a player that good just seems to accept things instead of raging against them.

    • forensic

      I do expect him back soon after his 15 days are up. Whether I’m excited about it? I’m not sure. Eventually, their best lineup is one that includes Tex in it, even in his diminished condition of recent years. He has become a frustrating player these last couple of years though.

      What I’d actually like to see them do is send him to the minors for a ‘rehab’ assignment before activating him. It would help get him back in the flow of playing and maybe even knock off some of the annual early season rust that derails him every year. Unfortunately, I don’t see them doing that and this DL stint has basically just extended how long we’re going to see his early struggles last.

      • Fin

        I don’t expect him back in 15 days. Its Tex and the Yankees we are talking about, that seems like a very good mixture of a month or 2 on the DL. When was the last time a Yankee with an injury came back when they were suppose to?

        That being said, don’t you find it unsettling how Tex, who is not that old, just accepts hes going to decline? I mean he talks like hes in his late 30s, and he started doing that when he was in his early 30s. Starting to seem the guy doesn’t have any fight in him.

  • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

    Wow. This thread is…wow.

    As usual I’m no Pollyanna but the trolling/cliff jumping/wrist slitting/doomsday prognosticating here is a little overblown. Even for me.

    Still, the FotD™ has to be that Nova will revert to bad Nova.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I think it’s far more likely you see shades of Bad Nova throughout than that he suddenly becomes a frontline guy. The hope always with him is that Good Nova shows up far more often than Bad Nova.

      • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

        Maybe my problem is that I keep waiting around for him to figure it out once and for all. Okay so that’s clearly not my only problem but anyway…

    • Rolling Doughnut

      Oh I don’t know. After a blowout loss, there’s going to be some venting. It’s bitching not trolling. You consider the comments in this thread trolling? Maybe some are over the top, but the observations on Tex seem pretty tame to me. The elephant in the room is Jeter. Would it be trolling to suggest he can’t field his position anymore? And when you have to put Cervi at first, you know you’re in trouble. The team is in transition and it’s going to take more than a year or two to get it back in contention.

      • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

        I think I probably should’ve said venting or bitching rather than trolling, on the whole. But there are a few comments posted by folks with suspiciously short, unrecognized handles, of which I’m always suspicious.

        I don’t think Jeter is the elephant in the room because he hasn’t been able to field his position (outside of balls hit right to him) for a while. Plus, he’ll likely sorta kinda hit. For better or worse I think we have to live with him at SS and high in the order all season long barring an absolute disaster of a triple slash at the ASB. That’s the soonest I can imagine Girardi making some kind of meaningful change.

        To me the elephant is Teix. I think he’ll be out longer than expected, and not be very good when he gets back. To be clear, some of the lines posted earlier jive with what I’m expecting.

        Overall though, I agree that we have short and medium term trouble brewing in the IF. Our best farm guys are A/AA and thus 3-4 years away from meaningful impact. It may not be pretty between now and then.

        • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

          I forgot about ARod (!) who I believe will be back next year and will be at least a league average 3B.

          There. I said it.

          (I still think the IF is in trouble)

  • TWTR

    I saw this on SportSpyder

    Mike Silva 7m
    How can a team start Francisco Cervelli at first and say they are contenders with a strait face
    Blogger / Podcaster

    What is a strait face?

  • fred robbins

    Maybe this is considered taboo, but if Jeter were a true captain, he would talk to Joey and tell him it might be best if he were to DH against certain left handed pitchers and leave the field to someone who can at least get to a ground ball within two feet either direction.

    He has been a class act all along, other than not moving to third when Arod came over but that is a different discussion. He can no longer be the ss for a playoff team although I think he will hit 275-280 if he is used well.

    This infield is pretty much a joke right now and there is just no way around it.

    Any Ideas for a fix or is this it for the year?