Pineda dominates Red Sox; Yankees take series opener 4-1

Williams, Jagielo, and O'Brien stay hot in wins
Mailbag: Framing, Defense, Bichette, Jagielo, CC

Could you have asked for a better start to this long four-game series against the Red Sox? The Yankees took the opener on Thursday night by the score of 4-1 thanks to a dominant starting pitching performance, a total team effort on offense, and stellar work by a bullpen missing some key pieces. This might have been the best game of the season so far.


Big Time Big Mike
Well how about that for Michael Pineda‘s Yankee Stadium debut? Dominating the Red Sox for 6+ innings sure makes for one hell of a first impression. Pineda struck out seven in those six innings, allowing just one run on a solo homer by Daniel Nava, the second to last batter he faced. He walked two and surrendered only three hits besides the homer. Of his 94 pitches, 63 went for strikes and 15 went for swings and misses. Fifteen of 24 batters saw a first pitch strike, including the first eight men he faced. Dominant.

Here is the PitchFX breakdown from Brooks Baseball, if you’re interested. The data says Pineda only threw six changeups (three whiffs), but it seemed like more than that. The pitch was very good for him in this game. (Just so you know, the pitch classifications at Brooks are updated overnight, so the data might change from what they have right now.) Here is Pineda’s velocity graph for the night:

Michael Pineda velocity 041014

Pretty noticeable decline in the later innings there. That’s not surprising for a pitcher making his second start of the season after missing two years following shoulder surgery. That’s why the Yankees have to be careful with Pineda these first few weeks. You don’t want to push him too hard when his pitch count is approaching 100 and he’s fatigued. That’s how pitchers get hurt, especially ones with a history of arm problems. The Yankees have done a good job of taking their foot off the gas so far.

Through the first two turns of the rotation, Pineda has been the Yankees best pitcher. He’s shown very good swing-and-miss stuff and he pitches with some serious swagger. His body language screams “I belong here and you can’t hit me.” I didn’t think there was any chance he would pitch this well after surgery, at least not so early in the season, but here we are. The old Michael Pineda is not back just yet, but this current version is pretty damn awesome as is. Hard to believe this guy was competing for a rotation spot a few weeks ago. Watching Pineda and Masahiro Tanaka pitch back-to-back days is just a joy.

One Run, Two Runs, Three Runs, Four
The first three innings of this game had the look of a classic pitcher’s duel, something we don’t see very much between these two teams. These games usually feature a ton of offense. The Yankees pushed two runs across in the fourth inning because their best players put together a rally for what felt like the first time all year. Jacoby Ellsbury started the inning by reaching on an error by the third baseman, then Carlos Beltran singled through the shift to right. Brian McCann broke an 0-for-way-too-long slump with a double down the right field, scoring Ellsbury and moving Beltran to third. Alfonso Soriano killed the rally but drove in a run with a ground ball double play.

The Yankees scored another two runs in the fifth inning, the first of which scored on a … Dean Anna homer? Yep. The team’s seldom-used backup middle infielder swatted a solo homer off Clay Buchholz, taking a Raul Ibanez-esque hack and sending the ball into the short porch in right. Can’t say I saw that coming. Derek Jeter (ground rule double) and Ellsbury (single) hooked up for a little two-out rally to score the club’s fourth and final run of the night. The top of the lineup contributed, the middle of the lineup contributed, and the bottom of the lineup contributed.


Today, We Spell Redemption P-H-E-L-P-S
Before the game, Joe Girardi said both Shawn Kelley and Adam Warren were not available due to their recent workloads. That is kind of a big deal. Girardi would have to rely on his “B” relievers to get the job done, and he indicated he would hold the veteran Matt Thornton back for a save situation. Naturally, the game was reasonably close (Yankees up 4-1) when Pineda was pulled with a man on first and no outs in the seventh. Never easy.

First guy out of the ‘pen was lefty Cesar Cabral, who did his job by striking out lefties Jackie Bradley Jr. and A.J. Pierzynski. He has struck out eight of twelve left-handed batters faced during his short big league career. Cabral gave way to David Phelps after the Red Sox lifted the lefty Jonathan Herrera for the righty pinch-hitter Ryan Roberts. Phelps retired him on a routine ground out to shortstop to end the seventh. Those were the first three of nine outs from the bullpen.

The next three outs actually came easier than the first three even though Boston sent the top of the lineup to the plate in the eighth. Phelps sat down Grady Sizemore (foul pop-up), Dustin Pedroia (grounder to short), and David Ortiz (strikeout) without much of an issue, though Ortiz did have a quality at-bat. Phelps really struggled in his first two appearances of the year, but he has rebounded well. That eighth inning was huge given who was at the plate. Great job.

The final three outs did not go to Thornton despite Girardi’s pre-game comments. The manager stuck with Phelps after his strong eighth inning and his faith was rewarded with another perfect frame. Phelps struck out Mike Napoli for the 25th out, struck out Daniel Nava for the 26th out, and got Xander Bogaerts to fly out for the 27th out. Nine up, nine down for the bullpen. Seven up, seven down for Phelps. It was his first career save. What a big time performance. Excellent job by him.

What's that on your hand, Big Mike? (via @RedSoxStats)
What’s that on your hand, Big Mike? (via @RedSoxStats)

Big Mike Is Cheatin’ And Tryin’
It sure looks like Pineda had a big glop of pine tar on his hand during Thursday’s start, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s sweat and dirt from the mound, who knows. Sure looks like a foreign substance though. For what it’s worth, YES showed one image in which Pineda’s hand was clean in the fifth inning, and MLB Network showed what appeared to be a similar brown goo on Clay Buchholz’s forearm.

The Red Sox and manager John Farrell never bothered to call Pineda on the mystery substance, mostly because they would look like massive hypocrites after defending Buchholz (sunscreen) and Jon Lester (???) last year. One of baseball’s many unwritten rules says you don’t call out a pitcher for doctoring a ball because your pitchers are probably doing it too, and that is what seems to have happened in this game. Be a little less obvious next time, Mikey.

I think the Yankees need to start giving Brett Gardner the “steal” sign. Just call it from the dugout. I have no idea why he isn’t attempting steals, but it’s annoying. He singled with two outs in the third inning and didn’t even budge against the eminently run-on-able Buchholz and Pierzynski battery. That is the most obvious time to steal there will ever be. Just start calling the steal from the bench. Force him to go. This is getting ridiculous.

Soriano, Kelly Johnson, and Yangervis Solarte all went 0-for-3 with a strikeout, though at least Soriano drove in the run with the double play ball. Jeter was the only player with two hits and the Yankees didn’t draw a single walk either. Only struck out six times though, so the ball was in play all night. Also, Bradley and Nava made two excellent defensive plays after I trashed Boston’s outfield defense this afternoon. Of course.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs has some other stats, and ESPN has the updated standings. In case you’re wondering, that gray line “shadowing” the green line on the WPA graph is the projected game odds. Read this for the nuts and bolts.

Source: FanGraphs

Up Next
One down, three to go. The Yankees and Red Sox continue this series on Friday night — assuming the weather holds up, last I checked there was some rain in the forecast — when left-handers CC Sabathia and Jon Lester square off. If you want to catch the game, RAB Tickets can get you there.

Williams, Jagielo, and O'Brien stay hot in wins
Mailbag: Framing, Defense, Bichette, Jagielo, CC
  • WhittakerWalt

    This might be a stupid question, but wouldn’t someone have the umpires check out Mike’s hand for schmutz?

    • Dalek Jeter

      Like Mike Axisa said, 1. it’d be hugely hypocritical considering Lester and Bucholz and 2. (and much bigger) it puts his starter, who has been called out in the past and who’s hair was extremely sweaty for such a cool night, under a gigantic microscope. Fwiw, Farrell also said on the post game he became aware of it in the bottom of the 4th and didn’t notice anything in the top of the 5th.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Mike Pineda is the true ace we’ve been looking for. Someone you can count on for a good outing every time. This is what CC should be doing.

    BGDP! He’s back just when everyone else wrote him off. I knew he’d be a big part of the pen this year. I think we’ve found our de facto closer until Robertson returns. He had the two seamer and breaking ball working and that’s what he needs without overpowering stuff.

    I was confident coming into this series that we could take 3/4. Only game I don’t feel good about is tomorrow because CC is starting.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Preach it, brother.

    • Big Magic Mike

      Yangeddard Solarte says:
      April 10, 2014 at 12:42 pm
      They’ll be lucky to take 1. The Sox are just flat out a better organization than the Yankees right now. Lineup is better top to bottom, pitching staff is better top to bottom, farm system is better top to bottom, FO and management are better top to bottom.
      They might be able to split if Pineda wins tonight.

      Sounds like a guy who’s confident about taking 3/4.

      • King George

        Thank you for posting this. I was just about to look for it myself.

      • JonS

        Epic ownage..

      • Michahiro Pinaka

        It’s Eddard’s schtick. You’ll give yourself whiplash trying to keep up with all his contradictory comments.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          Yeah, it’s why he’s funny.

          • nyyankfan_7

            “funny” — the one adjective that never came to my mind to complete that sentence…….

    • JPinstripes

      CC is an innings eater now, he is not an ace.

      If he throws 200+ innings and goes 7 innings each outing giving up and average of 4 runs a start the Yankees will win half those games.

      To me the biggest question in the rotation is Nova as his early problems appear to be lack of focus rather anything mechanical or physical.

      • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

        Yeah, it’d be great if he could go 7IP and give up 4 runs.

        Except that he hasn’t come close in his first two starts. He has a ways to go.

  • UncleArgyle

    The home plate umpire examines nearly every baseball after each pitch. The Red Sox didn’t complain because Pineda wasn’t cheating. I don’t know exactly what that was on pinedas hand, but he wasn’t scuffing the baseball because the ump would have noticed.

    • forensic

      Pine tar on the hand doesn’t scuff the ball. Scuffing is from something like sandpaper or a nail file. Pine tar would just give him a better grip of the ball and potentially allow him to get more spin on it.

    • jgibs

      What I don’t get is what good sticky pine tar does on the lower palm of your pitching hand? If you grip the ball in your fingertips why put the stuff on the same hand, in a spot you can’t reach?? I mean, I’m not 6’7″ and my hands probably aren’t as big as Pineda’s but I’m trying right now and I can’t touch that part of my palm with my fingertips. Not well anyway. Was there stuff on his glove hand/arm too? Cuz that would make more sense.

      • Andrew J.

        You can see it on a video close up. He touches the tips of his fingers to his palm, just barely, just to get a smidgen on his fingertips. It has to be down on his palm, otherwise, higher up and you’d get the gunk consistently on the ball. I’ve used pine tar; believe me, a little dab will do u!

  • Cool Lester Smooth


    Uh…I mean…It sure is swell that Mr. Pineda is pitching so well!

  • Wheels

    -His body language screams “I belong here and you can’t hit me.”

    Damn straight.

    • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

      I still wish he’d straighten out his hat.

  • Andrew

    Baseball in the world we live in today, where if a player is ever good it must either be because of steroids or some other more rudimentary form of cheating. Great work all around.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Mike, they updated it to 10 changeups and 4 whiffs. Pretty fucking awesome.

    Now if only he could develop a third pitch!

    • BaltimoreYankee

      That’s 2 F Bombs in 10 minutes. Can you watch your fucking language, Mr Smooth? ‘Taint that hard: “pretty fucking awesome” becomes “pretty awesome”. Conveys the same message and people may respect you more.

  • Poconos Adam

    Gotta love this bit of Boston propaganda….you’ll really enjoy the high-level unbiased analysis.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      He’s not entirely wrong in principle; he just doesn’t understand that prospects have value beyond their production in your uniform.

      Oh, and he underestimates just how much money the Yankees have.

  • Kiko Jones

    Big Mike! Yeah!

    I think the Yankees need to start giving Brett Gardner the ‘steal’ sign. Just call it from the dugout. I have no idea why he isn’t attempting steals, but it’s annoying.

    Been so frustrating over the last few years that I’ve finally given up on this.

    • RetroRob

      I don’t even expect Gardner to attempt a steal when he gets on base now. Have no idea what happened to that part of the game. He led the league in SBs just a few years ago.

      • John in Forest

        Gardner’s not running because he’s lost a step or two. He’s still fast, but he’s not a top base stealer anymore, and hasn’t been for a couple of years. Turning him loose is just going to get him thrown out a bunch.

  • RetroRob

    I missed the whole “pine-tar gate” incident as I was watching most of the game from a pub, but it is interesting that I’ve seen three quotes from Red Sox players, and two pitchers, all who basically say no big deal. I suppose the cynical in us could say it’s because the Red Sox pitchers do it all the time, yet in reality what they’re saying is all pitchers do it and it is accepted by the hitters, too.

    Just be less obvious.

    • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

      Yeah. All the post game comments from everyone screamed the subtext that we all do it so we all remain silent on it.

  • Pinkie Pie

    “I think the Yankees need to start giving Brett Gardner the “steal” sign. Just call it from the dugout. I have no idea why he isn’t attempting steals, but it’s annoying. He singled with two outs in the third inning and didn’t even budge against the eminently run-on-able Buchholz and Pierzynski battery. That is the most obvious time to steal there will ever be. Just start calling the steal from the bench. Force him to go. This is getting ridiculous.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. If he doesn’t want to use his green light, then make him steal those bases. Speed is his calling card, so why doesn’t he use it?

    • Preston

      I don’t like forcing things on players. Brett is a good player just as he is. Would we all like him to use his speed and be more agressive on the base paths? Of course. But if it’s not in his comfort zone, than it’s probably not going to work out well. Just let him play.

  • Matt DiBari

    Even when he used to steal bases Gardner was frustrating to watch, taking four and five pitches to get a read and leaving the batter protecting with two strikes. But over the last two years he’s just stopped and I really don’t get it.

  • Bats

    The reason why Gardner isn’t stealing is because he’s gun shy, therefore he’s gonna need some help from the dugout. However, it’s not in the form of the steal sign, rather the form of the hit and run.

  • Itsallhowuseeit

    Love when they went to Ortiz for his post game comment on the pine tar sitch. So Papi is the truth sayer of baseball now??? Guess everyone forgets the mitchell report. Even Smoltz was calling him one of the true ambassadors of mlb???? Smh

    • Kiko Jones

      Or it could be “Well, since we’re on the topic of cheating, let’s talk to a known cheater.”

      Btw, Ortiz is on the infamous list of 104 players who used PEDs—the same list that A-Rod was culled from in ’09—but NOT in the Mitchell Report, which had NO Sux players on it. (No, not even Manny.) But the fact that Mitchell was a Red Sox exec, was pure coincidence, right?

  • TWTR

    There has always been a fine line in baseball between cheating and gamesmanship. In fact, it is often so fine that no one knows where to draw it, except some, often hypocritical, self-appointed keepers of the faith in the media.

    Anyway, from my perspective, nothing can detract from that awesome game by Big Bad Mike.

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      You’d think people in the Boston media would choose their battles more carefully considering who was on the mound.

  • nycsportzfan

    Solarte and Anna combine for 6doubles 1hr and 8ribs through 1st ten games of season. Not to shabby.

    Anna really cracked that ball tonight. No doubter!

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      I don’t know why your lumping Anna in there at this point. He’s only had two hits.

      • vin

        Solarte, Anna and my dead grandmother have combined for 6doubles 1hr and 8ribs through 1st ten games of season. Not to shabby.

  • your mom

    “The first three innings of this game had the look of a classic pitcher’s duel, something we don’t see very much between these two teams. These games usually feature a ton of offense.”

    If CC isn’t locating we just may have one of those usual games.

  • forensic

    He singled with two outs in the third inning and didn’t even budge against the eminently run-on-able Buchholz and Pierzynski battery. That is the most obvious time to steal there will ever be.

    I think we’re going a bit overboard getting all over Gardner now. They’re different game situations, but the very next half inning Ellsbury got on and never budged either (Gardner was there for 3 pitches, Ellsbury for 4 pitches).

    They even said on the broadcast that Buchholz hasn’t allowed a stolen base in his last 12 starts (runners were 0-6). Also, Pierzynski last season had a caught stealing % just a tick below Wieters (who everyone loved saying last series was impossible to steal on so they shouldn’t even try).

    I understand (and sometimes agree) that it’d be nice sometimes if Gardner would run more and run sooner, but the bashing seems like it’s just reached the point where if he doesn’t attempt 150 steals this year, all on the first pitch, then he’s being too conservative and not using his speed. Plus, only 6 guys in the league have attempted more steals than him, it’s not like he’s been sitting over there and not moved all year.

    • Kiko Jones

      It’s a tad disingenuous to compare Gardner to an aggressive baserunner like Ellsbury.

  • forensic

    Finishing up the game now, and I’m surprised there was no mention by anyone here of Gardner pulling up a bit and gingerly walking back to the dugout in the 8th inning during/after his groundout. It’s not like he tore anything, but it’s still something to mention.

    I fully expect him to sit out tomorrow’s game, which might not be such a bad thing given his and Ichiro’s numbers against Lester. Hopefully he’s back on Saturday since he hit Lackey well, though.

    Also for tomorrow, I wonder if Cervelli will be back at 1B again given that Johnson is 0-12 against Lester (McCann has only faced him 4 times, with 2 hits).

  • csonk

    Why does Ed Bighead (Michael Kay) have to try to prove he’s on top of everything Yankees by making such a sensationalist public spectacle of Pineda’s wrist/hand in the 1st place? STF up dousche and let the Red Sox worry about it if they choose to. This whole ordeal is only what it is today because of Bighead’s big mouth. Lord I miss the days of Scooter & White. Half the time I think Cone’s stoned & just goes along with whatever – Kenny woulda clammed his ass right quick. Just a stupid situation brought out only because of Bighead’s thirst for self promotion.

    • JPinstripes

      Very well said and agreed…

    • Kenny

      He thinks he’s The Yankees Great Teller-of-Truth-To-Power. The baseball announcer as Journalist! Remember his behavior last year re ARod. I had to put the TV on “mute” every time Arod came up during that first week back, so I wouldn’t have to endure Kay’s pieties.

      This is a failure to maintain discipline, on the part of Yankee management. They should be reminding him he’s not working for some newspaper any more.

  • Bronx Boy

    Fat Jesus languishing in the minors at 1st base makes Cashman look like a genius this morning.

  • mt

    I have not read all the quotes because as usual with Boston there is such tunnel vision (like Boston fans deciding Ellsbury is “dead to them” even though Red Sox GM acted like he really did not want him back and really seemed to make no attempt to get him back: was Yankees offer 2 or 2.5 times what Boston actually offered (I still think it is incredible that there is no real confirmation in press of what Boston finally offered, if they actually offered anything, to one of their premeir players) supposed to be turned down; of course it is fine to hate a player just because they are on Yankees now but just to not have any additional perspective that the team made no real attempt to keep him is so myopic).

    (Yankee fan reaction to Cano is a little different because there was the whole “Yankees disrespected me” thing that supposedly was said by Cano on his way out; also Yankee fans have had an negative obsession (whether warranted or not) with Cano’s not running out ground balls whe he was here being an Al-Star for us and of course that just got magnified once he left. For the Red Sox, the other instance is that David Ortiz is such a great amabassador and role model even though his name showed up on that list.)

    Supposedly NESN was going crazy with the Pineda stuff – did anyone on the broadcast mention Buchotlz last year in Toronto where the media went wild with Bucholz’s hand and him blatantly rubbing a substance on his forearm and of course constantly going to the back of his nasty hair on the back of his head? So I say go after Pineda and make a big deal of his gooey hand – fine – but where were you on the Bucholtz stuff and what are you saying about it today as you rip Pineda?

    Since Red Sox players did not complain during game, Pineda will just make an attempt to not be so obvious the next time. It seems that many pitchers try to get a better grip on ball. (Maybe Tanaka needs to start doing that to control hanging sliders/splitters like the ones that were hit for homers in hsi first two games:-)

    • New Guy

      A paragraph surrounded by parenthesis defeats the purpose.

      • RetroRob

        Yeah, that was quite the break he took there mid-sentence.

    • RetroRob

      I don’t think we quite know what the Yankee fan reaction to Cano will be. We hear comments on sports talk shows, and read them on sites, but how most fans view Cano is harder to guess. We’ll find out how Red Sox fans view Ellsbury when he visits Fenway. We’ll find out how Yankee fans view Cano when he comes to Yankee Stadium.

      I still think they’ll be some applause in recognition of his good years, but there will be a segment of fans that will boo, and boos have a tendency to drown out the applause and cheers, so it will be mixed. I don’t think after the first few times, though, they’ll be a reaction to Cano. He’ll just be a player who left. It won’t be like A-Rod getting booed every time he goes to Seattle.

      Ellsbury, though, probably will in Boston because he didn’t go to Seattle. He went to the Yankees. Now imagine if Cano went to the Red Sox. Fans would be very unhappy and he’d hear it.

      • Kiko Jones

        I won’t boo him, but I’ll keep my hands to the side when he comes back.

        IMHO, Cano knew that with Jeter leaving he’d be the lone homegrown star on the team, the face of the Yankees, and he did not want that responsibility. Which is fine, whatever. But when he tried to mask that with “they disrespected me”, the dude lost me right there. And I was one of his biggest fans.

  • Geno

    It’s 2014 – isn’t there something Pineda could use to doctor the ball that would have the same consistency as pine tar, but be clear? Either that or put a bit on the underside of the bill of your cap? Just seemed like he was practically asking to get thrown out of the game.

  • LarryM Fl

    You cannot have a better 4 and 5 in the rotation than Tanaka and Pineda. The offense will be there. Elsbury, McCann and Beltran add stability for the consistent attack. I know McCann is hitting .182 or thereabouts but the guy makes solid contact. Also, I see I guy who may make some adjustments especially with all these crazy shifts. Unlike Teix. who can’t or will not make a change.

    Hats off to Phelps who pitched well in relief. This team looks engaged with each game. The rotation is solid and should keeps us with opportunities. I would not give up on CC. He is not the ace anymore. The other four guys are treading water in this respect but CC still can win and I thing he could provide 15 wins for us.

  • CashmanNinja

    While I do not condone doctoring the ball in any way, shape, or form…I also don’t like how the media lets so many get away with things, but suddenly now it’s a huge deal. Do I think he was applying a “foreign substance” to the ball? Yes. The part where he swiped his fingertips along his shiny wrist really seems odd — like he wasn’t trying to wipe sweat or dirt away, but was trying to coat his fingers. But the real problem is the double-standard. It’s NOT ok for it to be ok for 1 person to use it, but not another. Buchholz *clearly* used that sunblock stuff last year. His hair wasn’t sweaty — it was greasy. And he had long hair. And then there was that Lester thing. But when they do it it’s perfectly fine, yet a Yankee does it and hold the phones! Put a 20 minute spot of it on SportsCenter because it’s the end of the fucking world. I don’t love the thought of him using something, but it is beyond hypocritical to call him out while others are perfectly fine doing it. It’s like using amphetamines in the 80’s. EVERYONE does it and you can’t call the other guy out on it because 99% of the time one of your guys is doing it too.

    • John C

      YOu know the media always gets an erection whenever a Yankee is involved in a controversy, so no big surprise here. I’m picturing the Red Sox fans on Baseball TOnight, particulary Kruk, going nuts over this.

      • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

        I thought of that fat fucking troll as well.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    From my least favorite game of the season to my favorite. Pineda looked amazing, and I do think we get too caught up in things used for grip, etc., because CHEATING when we really just need to let it go sometimes. They weren’t hitting some of his pitches if he were throwing them with his dick.

    McCann and Phelps coming around. I’m smiling. I hope CC keeps that smile on my face tonight.

    • Looser Trader Droids Kenobi FotD™

      Apparently he was throwing with his dick for the Mariners at one point in 2011. I’ll try to find a link.

  • Yankenstein

    I love when Phelps came into the dugout at the end of the top of the 7th, thumped Pineda on the chest and looked like he said to him “you’re gonna win this game”. Love it, love it, love it.

    • LarryM Fl

      Young guys getting a taste of being an integral part of a winning team. This emotion is contagious and breathes life into a team. Last night’s heroes Pineda, Phelps, Anna, Elsbury and the regular cast of guys. These young guys were not mentioned last year except Phelps. There enthusiasm spreads. Jeter greeting Anna after the HR. Gave Jeter just as much pleasure as it did Anna. It spreads. Just be thirsty, just be thirsty, boys sounds as a beer commercial but it works in baseball.

  • LarryM Fl

    It was a good game to watch and about 3 hours in duration, priceless. I saw this substance in Toronto on Pineda’s hand. It was strange looking and obvious. It was no stranger looking than Bucholtz going to his curly locks with the glops of gel. The batters use pine tar on their bats for grip. MLB asks pitchers to throw in cold weather. What is wrong with pine tar. It may save a life

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      That was the one comment I made to my roommates. “Is it really the 8th inning? Is this game seriously going to be over in less than 3 hours?!”

      Couldn’t believe it.

  • mick taylor

    what bullshit from anti yankee people. pineda pitched great because of his arm, these people are just trying to dteract from that. how about focusing on the biggest steroid cheat , big needle in poopie ortiz. why don’t self righteous dicks like bill madden who crucified arod in his articles ask ortiz would you be willing to waive your patient physician priviledge and tell us what substance was in you when you made the top 103 list in 2003, so we can as you said get to the bottom of how you tested positive. of course ortiz, who gave his ridiculous statement, about taking vitamins, will not disclose it because he did test positive for peds if scumbag selig wanted to go on a witchhunt with ortiz like he did arod but sending out investigators , big poopie would be nailed today as a ped user. only 1 player at his age has ever hit with the power and average he does , without using peds, ted williams

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      There’s a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” derivative somewhere in which you try to guess how many degrees of separation there is in mick taylor’s brain between any topic and David Ortiz.

      • mick taylor

        take your head out of ortiz ass . i would then try to explain to a moron like you the double standard.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          The only accusation thus far hailed at Michael Pineda was basically from the Red Sox announcers. Anything else is just media snowballing. No one actually working as a player or coach for either team is making a stink of it.

          What that has to do with what David Ortiz did, or didn’t, do, is beyond me. I honestly don’t think much about David Ortiz besides when he’s hitting against my team.

          If you’re going to try to insult someone, please use correct spelling and punctuation. You’d be surprised at how much the effect is lessened when you don’t. Then again, you’re mick taylor. I don’t think a proofreader would do much for your cause. Perhaps a priest.

          • Kiko Jones

            They did go to Ortiz for a comment on Pineda last night, so there’s that.

            I’m not going to speak for anyone here, but it irks many that a cheater like Ortiz has been anointed de-facto MLB ambassador, while our guys are held to a different standard. I mean there were no Sux in the Mitchell Report, not even Manny, for Pete’s sake.

            Meanwhile, a stooge like Madden goes after A-Rod tooth and nail but leaves Ortiz be? C’mon!

  • Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    Pineda’s change of speeds was very impressive.

    As for Gardy I now think he should bat behind Ellsbury and Jeter should bat 3rd. Screw the HR element with this lineup. Gardy takes a ton of pitches and will allow Ells to steal. Less chance of the GIDP with Jeter swinging at the first or second pitch behind Ells. I am sure Derek would not object or change his approach batting 3rd. It’s still a first inning ab. I like it.

    • LarryM Fl

      The guy who bats third in your lineup should be your best hitter. Derek has lost bat speed especially from the right handed pitcher. Jacoby is our best hitter. He should bat third regardless if he hits homers or not. Derek is a number two hitter because of his ability to go to RF. Gardner can bat first because of his patience and former ability to steal second base.

      • pinedamaybegreata(formerlyMonterowasdinero)

        But Gardy doesn’t steal enough and Ells does. Thinking outside the box with an Ellsbury/Gardener/Jeter top of the order but i like it for many reasons.

  • BTS:Beat The Shift

    Yankee Red sox games are scrutinized a lot more than they need to be. Pineda had the same amount of red stuff in hand during his first start. Anyone who throws the slider with a single finger stressed on the smooth part of the ball needs some help. If batters can use pine tar to help grip the bat I see no problems allowing pitchers doing the same.

    Though having said that “ball tampering” is a big issue in cricket and there are ways to make the ball “reverse swing”. So someone should look onto that possibility as well.

    • jgibs


  • gageagainstthemachine

    Anyone else watch Bob’s Burgers and think of the “Torpedo Jones” episode regarding Pineda and the “mystery glob” last night?

  • ClayDavis

    Last night did anyone encounter massive lines entering the stadium? It was unreal. Never have I seen it that bad before. Just a complete s-show.

  • jgibs

    I don’t often agree with Wallace Matthews but he was absolutely right when he said in his article about last night that the Sox (and the rest of the AL East) should HOPE that was pine tar on Pineda’s hand. Because if he was making their hitters look foolish with no artificial help then they are in BIG trouble this year