Update: Cabral designated for assignment, Matt Daley called up

Bullpen melts down in 11-5 loss to Rays
On chemistry and the new-look Yankees

11:49pm: The Yankees just announced that Cabral has indeed been designated for assignment. Matt Daley was called up from Triple-A Scranton as the corresponding move. The Queens native had 13 strikeouts in five innings for the RailRiders.

: Via Marly Rivera: Cesar Cabral was designated for assignment following tonight’s game. He failed to retire any of the six batters he faced tonight, including three hit batsmen. It was ugly.

There is no word on the corresponding roster move just yet, but it’s worth noting Danny Burawa threw 51 pitches last night and Mark Montgomery has pitched in each of the last two days. Fred Lewis and Al Aceves both pitched tonight as well. Not sure who is getting called up. Maybe Matt Daley? Here is our Bullpen Workload page for your perusal.

Bullpen melts down in 11-5 loss to Rays
On chemistry and the new-look Yankees
  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Heh. That’s one way to deal with a meltdown like that.

    • nycsportzfan

      He had to go. Position players don’t meltdown like that. As I said in the game thread, forget bringing him to Scranton, he should be let go.

      That was flat out humiliating.

    • Deep Thoughts

      That is some George Steinbennerian win-now ruthlessness right there.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        More like “someone needing that kind of hand-holding should not be taking a 40-man spot right now” to me. Not necessarily ruthless. Just the reality of the roster and what’s needed moving forward.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    Not gonna shed any tears over this one

  • forensic

    I don’t think Fred Lewis really makes sense anyway. To me, it comes down to Montgomery and Daley. Montgomery would likely be the longer-term option, but he’s also pitched the last two nights and Daley is likely better set up to supplement Nuno on Sunday.

    If I had to bet, I’d say it’s probably Daley. Of course, I’ve been wrong about what they’d do with Cabral all night…

    It all just seems a little overboard, especially if it means you’re going to add Daley for Sunday then DFA him right after to get Robertson back (if Daley is out of options, I haven’t looked that up yet). And adding Montgomery make sense in the long-term, but it doesn’t help much at all this weekend, and that’s likely all he’s going to get. (Unless there’s some other move on the way with Phelps or even Betances)

    • forensic

      And as I finish they’ve already made their decision. I love having Daley on the roster but I hate that it likely means he’s in line to be DFA’d right away on Tuesday (it does appear he may be out of options, though it’s tough to figure sometimes with injury history like his).

      • Tom

        Could be Daley or Nuno (for Robertson on Tuesday)

        Almost would like to see Phelps migrate back to more of a long man role and maybe give Daley a shot in the mid/low leverage 1 inning guy role (behind DRob/Kelley/Warren) and send Nuno down where he can stay stretched out as a 6th starter.

        This might not be just a 2 day callup especially as Nuno will be out of commission for a bit after Sunday’s start and they probably don’t want an effective 6 man pen heading to Fenway.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Or Betances.

          Wouldn’t surprise me if Nuno went down, though.

          • Tom

            Could be, but I would hate to see Betances sent down

            Sure he’s been erratic control-wise and might not be in the circle of trust for the high leverage innings, but he’s pitched more than well enough to handle the lower leverage innings.

            I would be surprised if it was him. Then again I also didn’t think they would send Cabral down until Tues, yet alone DFA him

            • ALZ

              Or maybe they think after tonight there is no chance anyone picks him up, and it clears the 40 man.

              • vicki

                this occurred to me too.

            • nycsportzfan

              The only place Betances is going, is into more pressure situations. Hes simply in the midst of earning the trust the same way guys like Phelps and Warren had to. So he walks guys here and there, its not like Phelps and DROB, and Warren have always sat the opposing lineups down 1,2,3 every outing. As long as he keeps putting up zero’s, the way he is , hes gonna rise through the ranks. Zero chance hes going anywhere.

              • will

                Did someone actually suggest sending down your best “stuff” reliever that Binder Joe uses improperly? If he’s gonna pitch betances every 5 days, let him be a starter. It’s seriously ridiculous, the reason he was changed to a reliever was because he wasn’t able to keep it going every 5 days, once it was every day or every other day he found it.. But now Joe refuses to use him unless it’s a mop up duty. How’s phelps working out for you Joe? 8IP 7 hits 5 runs 3 homers (hughes jr) 4 walks and 11 strikeouts. 1.32 whip BAA of .219 5.40 ERA

                Now Betances? 6ip 1 hit, 0 runs 0 homers 4 walks 11 strikeouts 0.79 whip

                And someone actually suggested sending him down?

                • nycsportzfan

                  I remember late last season, I mentioned maybe having Betances as are closer, and keep Robertson in the 8th inning as setup guy, and use Kelley and Warren as ur 6th-7th inning guys. I was pretty much laughed at, but in reality, I think that would be the best situation for the team. I think Betances is/will be better then Phelps and Warren ever can be, and having a Warren,Kelley,DROB,Thornton, set up to Betances would be devestating for teams to go against.

                  So i’m with you on Betances. Your not gonna find a bigger backer of his, then me.

                  • forensic

                    Yeah, putting Betances and his control problems in the top spot of the bullpen where no one can come in to clean up for him if needed is definitely the right move to make.

                    • nycsportzfan

                      I hate to break it to you, but Betances is gonna move toward that closer role before long. Sure, DROB could end up being so good there, he dosen’t get a chance, but Betances is gonna climb that ladder and get close, if not secure, the closer spot eventually. Hes simply to talented not to. Even in games he has walked guys, he’s still shown the ability to get outta it, unharmed.

                    • Jorge Steinbrenner

                      Well, that’s your ophinion.

                  • n0exit

                    So Betances’ 6ip means he should be the closer but Robertson’s 100+ holds mean nothing? Not saying B won’t be good but starters converted to relievers due to poor control and mechanics suddenly don’t become great hi leverage guys over one off season. Hate to break this to you but if Cabral, a Loogy, gets DFA’ed based on poor control against five righties then you have to believe Betances is only a couple of poor showings away from the the minors.

                • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

                  I did. For a couple of weeks to get him more frequent outings and work on his control.

                  The point is moot, now. After Cabral’s meltdown he is needed.

                  As long as he can throw strikes, he’ll stay. If he doesn’t, they will absolutely send him down to work on it for a few weeks regardless of how crazy you may think that sounds on APRIL 20th.

                • Jorge Steinbrenner

                  Unbelievable how people read things sometimes.

                  Betances has an option remaining. His control continues to be inconsistent. While that may never change, at this point, it may be a hindrance towards him getting more high-leverage work. It’s entirely possible that they’d prefer for him to work on bullpen consistency in situations that mean even less right now. They’d like Daley too much for him to be a sacrificial lamb.

                  Frankly, I think it’s much more likely that Nuno goes down, if he’s the spot starter, simply because he’ll be unusable for a few days. Betances is probably tr second most likely option.

                  Do I want him sent down? I can guarantee you I’ve known his name longer than you have. I remember him as a high school kid. Do I think it’d be some sort of travesty? No. Guys with options get sent down because others don’t have options. That’s life.

                  • Dick M

                    Betances isn’t going anywhere. Obviously.

                    Robertson’s injury goes to show how the loss of one reliever can create a ripple effect, wearing out the survivors. I’m a big believer in a rested bullpen is an effective one. When Drob gets back and when Joe starts trusting Betances, things should be just fine.

                    • Jorge Steinbrenner

                      You’re right. He’s not going anywhere. That doesn’t mean that it won’t involve a pit stop or two in Scranton along the way if it has to.

                      Who’s hugging players now? ;)

                    • will

                      Can we agree that Joe is misusing him? I understand there was 2 days off, but not pitching for long periods,obviously hasn’t worked out for him… True?

                    • Jorge Steinbrenner

                      Disagree. Pitch well consistenly and you can a higher profile role. He’s a rookie. He hasn’t proven a thing yet.

                  • nycsportzfan

                    What don’t you get, that Betances has given up 1hit, and Phelps 7hits. If your giving up 1hit and 4bbs, its still better then 4bbs and 7hits, which is what Phelps has done. You keep avoiding the fact, that Phelps isn’t exactly getting guys out consistently. Hes letting guys on at a much higher rate then Betances, by a mile. He’s not only walking some guys, but also giving up a ton of hits, and having to play hoodini all the time. Betances has only walked guys in 2 of his outings. Hes not going anywhere, despite options. He’s gonna continue to climb the ladder, and probably will take over Phelps role 1st, and eventually Warrens. Hes just better.

                    • Jorge Steinbrenner

                      This is what I imagine the MLBN guys all sound like.

        • forensic

          I’d be more than fine with Nuno going down and Daley hanging around for a bit, but it seems that if they were interested in doing that, they could’ve done it 3 weeks ago instead, and they clearly didn’t.

          Also, your last paragraph has basically the same meaning if you replace ‘Nuno’ with ‘Daley’. Maybe it’ll be one less day, but I’m not sure they’re going to consider that the end of the world since they’re already off Monday and they have this love of keeping multiple lefties (before I said two, but also completely forgot about Nuno as the 3rd).

          • Tom

            I think one of the reasons they didn’t do it 3 weeks ago was 40man driven. I don’t think they were ready to cut bait on Cabral back then (or someone else on the 40man). Obviously their opinion on Cabral changed a bit tonight.

            The other difference was also coming out of camp with 13 straight games and not really knowing what Pineda and to a lesser extent Tanaka was going to give inning wise early on. They have the next couple of Mondays off so the need for multiple long men is not as pressing as it was as the start of the season.

      • ALZ

        Or Nuno is going down, especially if he making the spot start.

      • nycsportzfan

        Daley was the guy I thought should make it outta Spring, so i’m happy. Hes been nothing but good in our system, including a cup of coffee with big club and this past spring training.

  • M-Three

    So we get rid of the guy with no control and replaced him with the guy every blogger spent all spring training overrating. Hopefully Daley is just here just to be the last guy in the pen until Robertson comes off the DL on Tuesday. I don’t see anyone in our bullpen that he is an upgrade over to justify staying here long term.

  • Cesar “Stairs” Cabral

    I will kill you all.

    *stabs wildly in the air, hits nothing*

    • Looser trader droids Kenobi FotD™

      I was looking for this exact post. Thank you!

  • TWTR

    Betances needs to remain up and get a bigger role.

  • Rod Ragazzo

    Shame on Girardi for embarrassing that kid ,Cabral, tonite! I can’t stand Girardi or Umpire Joe West but I gotta stand up and applaud Joe West tonite. He did the right thing. Girardi, you’ll always be a loser in my mind…rr

    • TWTR

      Hardly. He was trying to save an already spent pen.

    • forensic

      I don’t mind West throwing out Cabral, but what happened isn’t Girardi’s fault. He’s not the one who made Cabral go pitch with a blindfold on. I don’t agree with some of his BP decisions from earlier in the game, but once it’s at that point you just have to hope Cabral flukes into some sort of out.

    • Pasqua

      It’s nice to see that your analysis of last night’s game is in no way clouded by a pre-existing bias against Joe Girardi. Clearly, a very objective take.

  • dalelama

    I have been watching MLB since 1964 and have never seen a pitcher ejected to protect the lives of hitters. Does anyone know if it has ever happened before?

  • n0exit

    I don’t really get this move. Cabral isn’t this bad and he faced 5 righties tonight. Once nuno pitches Sunday they’ll only have one lefty for the Fenway series. Complete overreaction to DFA a guy for one outing when he’s only made a handful of appearances. Seems like Girardi made the call judging by how quick it happened. Cabral should probably elect for FA he’ll be picked up on a minor league deal and be in the majors again this season.

    • Axis of Mike

      I’m no expert but I doubt Girardi made the decision alone. Last night will remain a hideous stain etched on the fabric of Yankee history, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the higher ups called for Cabral’s head on a platter. Just my opinion, could be wrong.

  • phil

    Nuno should be in triple A starting…they need to have someone ready just in case they need a starter in the majors

  • Paulc

    Cabral will be back. They need arms for today and tomorrow. Nova needs to go at least 6 plus…if nova melts down nuno comes in which means a new starter needed for Sunday…who? Greene, billings, Daley? Tonight though nova, Kelley, betances, Thornton, Daley have to get our 27 outs….one meltdown is not end of the world…drob is our closer…betances will be groomed…all in all a good situation.

  • Dan

    I hope he passes through waivers and they get to keep him in AAA. He had 1 horrendous outing. The kid has some potential though and I think they’ll be better off if he has a chance to come back up.

  • YankeeDJW

    Poor Cabral. He looked like he was about to burst into tears on the mound.

  • mt

    That game must have set a record for hitters getting hits with 2 strike counts and runs scored with 2 out – all eleven runs were scored with 2 outs.

    I think this Yankee bullpen where we do have people in new roles will have nights like this. The only relievers on Yankees who i see not completely collapsing at times like Warren and Cabral (from a hit standpoint – not the HBPs) did are Robertson and Kelley (meaning somehow they would settle down and get that final out, even while pitching poorly, to prevent three or four runs scoring.) Unfortunately I can see the same thing happening again with Warren, Phelps, even Thornton (if too many righties he has to face), and Nuno.

    I have not seen any mention so far of the biggest reason Girardi should have been more proactive with taking Cabral out of the game – the Yankee batters start being at extreme HBP risk. Could anyone argue today if Ellsbury or McCann or Jeter even get plunked once or twice? Imagine how incensed we would be if the shoe were on the other foot last night and say, Andrew Miller of Red Sox came in and gave up three hits and also at same time HBP Jeter, Ellsbury, and McCann – we would be out for Red Sox blood screaming for Ortiz and Napoli to be HBP. Instead because it was our pitcher hitting Tampa Bay people, I see very little mention of that angle.

    At some point Girardi had to get Cabral out of the game (thank God, Joe West did it) – also couldn’t Thornton have come in and get one batter? Or if it unfortunately means because Kelley came in and that means he is unavailable tonight (not sure why it should after six pitches or so) then so be it. Cabral had no idea of where the ball was going last night and could have seriously injured somebody.

    • mt

      Scratch Thornton reference – he had piched earlier in game – Kelley was only option (other than Betances on back to back)

    • Deep Thoughts

      So much trouble putting hitters away. If only they had had a Phil Hughes type of arm to come out of the bullpen.

  • Axis of Mike

    I am mildly surprised they acted so quickly but only mildly. I thought they might err on the side of caution and keep Cabral around til Tuesday but I have to agree with the move to ditch him. The whole Yankees bullpen failed last night, and Kuroda himself was not great, but Cabral flamboyantly shamed the team. I wish him well, wherever he flails.

  • 5

    I’d say the corresponding moves going into next week will be Nuno and Anna being sent down. Which makes sense, considering Phelps got wacked last night and Girardi likely won’t use him to spot start. Ditto Warren. So Nuno pitches 4 or 5 tomorrow and then likely sent back down to be stretched out again. This is a pretty easy one to figure out. It won’t be Betances or anyone else. As for the infield, well, at this point I can’t see another move, but to send Anna down. Sizemore looks great. Solarte isn’t going anywhere. Roberts seems ok, Johnson isn’t likely going anywhere, so it seems like Anna is the odd man out. I’m guessing in an extreme pinch if Jeter is banged up or something, Solarte can man short for a game or half a game. Maybe even Johnson. Not ideal and that’s the risk. I guess they could always call Anna back with a day’s notice.

  • Dave Guarnieri

    If Daley is out of options, Nuno definitely goes down after the spot start. Was there actually talk about Chase Utley being traded to the Yankees?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      The Utley talk was a dissociative hallucination occurring during a painful dental procedure.

    • RetroRob

      Agreed. Nuno seens most likely to head back to AAA after his start. He’ll return at some point. Nuno, Cabral, Daley and the entire AAA pen are part of the Yankees extended MLB pen. Same with guys like Solarte, Sizemore, Anna on the positional side…any of them can be moved around to the MLB team’s liking, riding back and forth as required, unless they have some contractual agreement (i.e. Sizemore) that may prevent that.

  • RetroRob

    As someone noted prior, they may figure such an extreme meltdown represents a great opportunity to pass him through waivers and back to AAA without losing him while also opening up a 40-man slot. If they guess wrong and he’s claimed, no great loss, but they’re probably hoping to keep him down on the farm.