Yankees rank 13th in Baseball America’s farm system rankings

Still way too early to worry about lifeless offense
Game Three: Come on, it's the Astros

Baseball America published their updated farm system rankings yesterday (subs. req’d), which were topped by the Pirates. Even with RHP Gerrit Cole graduated to MLB, they still have a pretty stacked system. The Red Sox and Twins round out the top three while the Brewers and Angels predictably rank 29th and 30th, respectively. They never seem to have good farm systems.

The Yankees rank 13th, though that is because Baseball America considers RHP Masahiro Tanaka a prospect. Both Keith Law (#20) and Baseball Prospectus (#23) ranked them lower without Tanaka, understandably. “[Tanaka’s] acquisition masks a down year from the system last year at the upper levels. New York’s volume approach internationally, plus three first-rounders in a potentially strong 2013 draft, infused talent to the lower levels,” said the write-up, which also listed RHP Bryan Mitchell as a sleeper. The minor league season begins today.

Still way too early to worry about lifeless offense
Game Three: Come on, it's the Astros
  • Algernon Blackwood

    Huh. I thought the Angels historically had a great farm system until very recently.

    • pat

      They did, and then Conger,Trumbo,Trout, Bourjos etc all graduated and the cupboard was bare.

  • EndlessJose

    The Yankees had a terrible year but never benefitted from it like the Red Sox who have done nothing from 2010 -2012 and yet 8 of the top ten prospects are from there 2011-2013 draft.

    Unless the Yankees start spending money and get penalized in the draft and internationally they are gonna have to lose to get big prospects.

    • TWTR

      Alternatively, you could argue that a surer path would be to spend less money on major league free agents (their own and other teams’) in order to keep and be awarded more high picks.

      That said, they have brought in some talent. Their issues have probably been in development.

  • nycsportzfan

    Well, its not surprising we have a fairly high ranking minor league system. We got quite a fill of upside players and quality players. I had said before, that after 2013 season, i’d be shocked if we weren’t in the top 10 farm systems in the league. Judge, Clarkin, Jose Ramirez, R.DePaula, Heathcott, Avalino, G.Sanchez, L.Torrens, J.Murphy, Romine, Bird, Cote, Montgomery, Severino, ManBan, Campos, B.Mitchell, Hensley, Ty Austin, M.Williams, Jagielo, M.Andujar..etc

    Those are legit prospects right there, no minor league fillers or anything. Thats a pretty big heap.

  • pat


    • Coo Lester Smooth


  • Yankee$

    I’m a bit surprised that one “prospect” (Tanaka) would move the system from say 20-23 all the way to 13. They must like the depth of the system too and particularly, as they say, the lower levels of the system. My guess is they expect a lot of those lower level guys to take a big step forward on the prospect radar in ’14.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Tanaka’s a top 5 prospect by BA. That absolutely is the difference between 20th and 13th.

      • Jerkface

        Yup, having a guy who could conceivably be a top player at his position in the majors as a prospect gives your farm a boost.

        • Yankee$

          Oh sure, a boost yes. I’m surprised that it moved the Yanks from 20-23 all the way to 13. BA ranks Top 30 Prospects on every team. For each team there is usually another 5-10 prospects (depending on system depth) that are considered for those Top 30’s. For 1 Prospect (even Top 5) to move the system up nearly 10 teams in the rankings (1/3 of the 30 teams in the league) seems like a a rating system very heavily skewed to those top of the top prospects (as ranked by them.) It’s also possible BA would have rated the system better than the other two (Law, Baseball Prospectus) maybe around 17 or 18 and so on their list Tanaka moved them up 5 places or so. Just spitballing here. I’ve had a BA subscription since 1989. Usually, they don’t surprise me but this time they did.

  • will

    I hope this is a big year for the farm… it’d be nice

  • Joe Kotulak

    Does it really even matter what the Yanks farm system ranks? Except for pitchers, they’re never going to develop position players anyway so they might as well abandon position player scouting forever. That goes back to the 189 million dollar payroll bull crap proclamation that Hal wanted to achieve. They’ll say this again in 5 years, then go out and spend another 50 million on players.

    • CS Yankee

      Say what???

      They have developed almost every aspect of positions;
      Catchers: check
      Middle IF’ers: check
      Corner IFer’s: fail
      Of’ers: check
      relief pitching: check
      starting pitching: Check
      DH’s: fail

      Turned Posada from a 2B to catcher with much success, plus they have multiple talent at that position currently…Jete, Soriano, Cano, Pena, etc as MIF…nobody since Mattingly at the CIF so big fail there…Grit, Melky, etc as OFers…everyone at RP…IPK & Hughes, as starters…closest at DH (if thats a position) would be Duncan.

  • Preston

    I’m really excited for the upcoming season. I’m actually thinking about taking a trip down to Charleston. Torrens, Andujar, Avelino, Katoh, and Wade in the infield, Judge, Oneill and Thomas in the OF and Severino, Davis and Cote on the mound. Should be exciting.

  • PunkPitch

    For true some ya, just don’t bother to read the fine print. Wasn’t this posted a while ago?