Update: Mark Teixeira leaves game with wrist soreness

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Michael Pineda shut down following setback, MRI shows inflammation

5:00pm: Joe Girardi said Teixeira will not play tomorrow or Monday, and will then be re-evaluated on Tuesday. He received a cortisone shot today.

3:24pm: Teixeira left the game with right wrist soreness, the Yankees announced. Don’t like where this is going.

3:05pm: Mark Teixeira was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the sixth inning of this afternoon’s game for an unknown reason, though chances are it has something to do with his surgically repaired wrist. Brian Roberts was on deck to pinch-hit for him when the fifth inning ended, which is weird. Means Teixeira was coming out of the game then stayed in to play defense for another half-inning. He sat three games last week because of inflammation in the wrist, and a visit to the doctor on Thursday confirmed the diagnosis. Stay tuned for updates.

Draft Links: Mock Drafts, Updated Rankings
Michael Pineda shut down following setback, MRI shows inflammation
  • CashmanNinja

    Great. This is getting really freaking annoying now.

  • King George

    Secretary: “Mr. Boras?”
    Boras: “Yes?”
    Secretary: “We have a Mr. Cashman on the phone for you. It’s in regard to Morales.”
    Boras: “Sure. Put him through.”

  • Adam

    I’m so sick of this asshole. He just spent a whole week getting rest and MRIs only for his doctor to tell him for the hundredth time that his wrist is fine. Just put him on the DL and shut him down for the year, it’s clear this guy doesn’t want to play until his entire body is 110% healthy and he has zero pain whatsoever. He’s just gonna keep bitching about things every week. You could tell from Girardi’s comments before the game that he’s fed up with him, too.

    • Kevin G.


    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      Yea. He is an asshole for getting hurt.

      • Adam

        He’s not hurt. He just spent a whole week being told that by doctors. His wrist is just sore. That’s not an injury.

        • WhittakerWalt

          How the hell do you know how it feels?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com GT Yankee

      Missed that….What did Girardi say?

      • Adam

        He sarcastically said 92% of his players have aches and pains that he has to manage and he’s not gonna go ask Teixeira every day how his wrist is since they already determined it’s just inflammation.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Inflammation, which can impact performance or lead to more problems if not addressed.

          Common sense would dictate being careful with a surgically repaired wrist.

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      The idiots are out in full force today.

    • http://RAB I remember the CBS years!

      Couldn’t agree more with Adam. Every year, he gets on the DL with an injury and it stays with him the whole year. I remember his, “You don’t want me to come back too soon. You know how that went.” It amazes me that a 40 year old who fractured his foot twice doesn’t want out. Heck, Cashman, Pena’s not busy and he’s cheap. Wonder what Reynolds was asking for. PS: Did K-Long ever tell him to stop rotating his wrists as he waits the 45 seconds for the pitch?

      • Topeka Sam

        So, basically, you’re saying you’re as clueless as Adam?

        • http://RAB I remeember the CBS years!

          Topeka…he was checked twice. The Doc didn’t say he shouldn’t play. In Tex’s interview, he put himself at square one. Put him on the DL. How many times can you go short handed with the day to day thing. What happened to Jeter, he hasn’t begged off. Even Roberts hasn’t missed the time Tex has this year. Every year brings around a new injury with this guy. It’s sort of like all the players who can’t or won’t hit the other way. The ANGELS, CARDS, SOX…BOTH, AND EVEN THE TWINS DON’T SEEM TO HAVE THE PROBLEM. He had four days off. If he couldn’t go, it should’ve come up yesterday. But, Topeka…it’s good to know that at least someone has a clue.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    That’ll be it for the season. I knew he’d never be right again. Unfortunately, he and Soley were the only ones hitting. This is big trouble.

  • Frank

    The Yankees ineptitude as an organization is just mind boggling. How could they not have a competent first baseman as a backup coming into this season knowing Texeira was coming off major surgery? Instead, the play the likes of Kelly Johnson, Carlos Beltran, Brendan Ryan and Brian McCann and if I’m not mistaken, none of those players have ever played 1B.

    • Michael

      What do you expect Cashman to do with only 200 mil to spend? It’s not like he has resources like Oakland or St. Louis or San Francisco. He’s only been calling the shots on player development since 2007 so you really can’t expect much help yet from the minors.

  • Paul

    DL. Gone for awhile I bet. Better find someone cash. Tex won’t be the same ever again.

  • fred robbins

    why doesn’t Cashman go in for an MRI— there must be a reason.

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      You’re just a little rebel without a clue.

  • Leg-End

    Kyle Roller….do it, go on, do it.

    • Gman

      I would. Why not? Try him and if he doesn’t cut it, sign Morales

  • Farewell Mo

    Pineda has been shut down again with “inflammation”.

    It just keeps on getting better and better.

  • pat

    Lol. Looks like someone forgot to close a tag.

  • Looser trader droids FotD™


  • forensic

    Yay, more days of dead roster spots. If they had just DL’ed him in the first place, which is what it often seems to take with him, then they’d be more than halfway through it by the time they reach a decision on Tuesday again.

  • dalelama

    Not surprising for our team Princess…what a pansy this guy turned out to be…another $20Mish per year down the toilet.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Not a tough guy like you, obvi.

  • tommy cassella

    can kendry morales be the answer?

  • fred robbins

    This guy has shown himself to be a real soft player with no real desire to gut anything out. If his errors are all due to his wrist, then it’s best he just sit it out. The only thing that could be worse would be if Cashman trades some of the young talent for another aging player to take his place.

    • WhittakerWalt

      So all the times he’s tried playing through injury, that doesn’t count toward “gutting it out” in your mind? Maybe you have a different idea of what it means to gut it out.

      • Topeka Sam

        You know Fred doesn’t respond well to logic. He’d rather rant and rave without a clue.

  • fred robbins

    wrists are tricky. No one knows but him. Did Bautista go through the same in and out cycle? I know Pedroia played most of the year with a sprained thumb or something in that area…but each player is different. And if Tex can’t field his position or throw with it, then, yeah… he has to sit. Not much to do but find a solution and move on. I’m mostly just hoping it doesn’t cost a young player with promise.

  • sciota

    I think the yanks need to look at their medical staff. Nobody can ever get healthy enough to play. At the same time, some of these guys are bunch of little babies. Sometimes you gotta play through it. I’ve had a ligament strain in my wrist for the past 6 weeks and I play golf 5x a week. Did i sit on the bench ? no. i went out and played 5x a week. And for those of you who wonder, I am not a hack on the course. These guys have to Suck it up and deal with it.

    • Wat

      Did u just compare playing golf with the rigors of everyday major league baseball?