Pineda begins throwing program, will miss more than four weeks

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Via Chad Jennings: Joe Girardi confirmed Michael Pineda started a throwing program on Saturday — he played catch from 60 feet — and said he will likely need more than the original 3-4 week timetable to return to the team. No surprise there. “Everything was fine,” said Girardi to Jennings and Brendan Kuty. “We have a plan. As long as he makes every step along the way, I don’t know if it’s quite six weeks (until he returns).”

Pineda, 25, originally got hurt on April 29th, so tomorrow would mark two weeks out. He just started playing catch, so he still needs to throw off a mound before he can get into minor league rehab starts. Pineda needs to get stretched all the way out and will probably have to make several rehab starts. He might be be 3-4 weeks away from returning right now. You have to think the Yankees will be careful with him because the injury is so close to his surgically repaired shoulder as well. Pineda had a 1.83 ERA (2.68 FIP) in 19.2 innings before getting suspended and hurt.

5/12-15 Subway Series Preview: New York Mets
Badler: Yanks targeting three more international prospects for $1M+
  • emac2

    Rehab starts?

    Is that because we want to use our starting pitching depth and we are sure that Pineda will be worse than whoever else we would run out there?

    I would rather he comes back and gets stretched out in the majors.

    I think his innings would be better than whatever we would get from whoever takes those innings.

    • Yan Solo

      This would adversely affected Pineda and the bullpen in the short and long term if you rehab a guy at MLB. In my opinion, this move would be an unnecessary risk on Pineda (having to perform at the highest level in rehab games as opposed to being able to work on just getting healthy and arm strength back) and on the bullpen (they would be guaranteed to be heavily used in every Pineda start, which would then overly exhaust them for the other pitchers, who will inevitably throw a clunker here and there and have to expend the bullpen even more). Put your best, healthiest, and most-stretched out starters who are available in those starts. There’s a reason every team operates this way for the most part when dealing with injured starters early in the season. Again, all this is IMO.

      • Preston

        Absolutely, no reason to put any pressure on him to perform until he’s 100%. Just let him go to the minors where results don’t matter and work on getting healthy and sharp. He’s too important to our season to risk a larger setback because he’s overthrowing or trying to do too much.

        • Yan Solo

          Also way too important beyond this season to take a risk that possibly could be avoided with an extra week or two in the minors getting back to full health. We’ve seen what good/great Pineda is capable of and that is not worth the risk of rushing him back too quick (otherwise what the hell were they doing with him for the last two years, right?).

      • emac2

        I would let him start minor league games until he had arm strength and was healthy enough to pitch and was pitching well.

        Minors is to extend innings.

        Disagree on impact the the pen. My point was that whoever replaces him is either so bad or good for so few innings we would be better off or getting the same thing from pineda.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    At this point, take your time. The worst that can happen here is for anyone to come back too quickly and create an additional hole the team has to fill for the rest of the season rather than for a month.

    And, of course, just rub some pine tar on it.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    I guess the upside of Pineda and Sabathia being hurt is that it will limit the innings they pitch so they are fresh in October? Silver lining, maybe?

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Could be a blessing in disguise if he can get healthy. This might enable him to pitch through the stretch run and postseason, which is when we need him.

    • Looser trader droids FotD™

      That I agree with you disgusts me, and as usual I feel compelled to shower.

  • Yan Solo

    Healthy and dominant. If it means an extra week or two on top of the original diagnosis, so be it. One or two missed starts is worth as much of a guaranteed bill of health on that injury (and more importantly, no impact on the surgically repaired shoulder) as can be made prior to return. If this offense would just consistently come alive and hang around the team for a while CC and Pineda are on the mend (not counting Nova since he’s out the whole season), these starts by Aceves(?), Phelps, and Nuno would not be nearly as subject to scrutiny as they have been (or probably will be for the next few weeks and beyond). In fact, this offense (if productive) could probably carry the AAA starters all being called up for a few weeks if they absolutely had to. May not be much of winning record, but I think they could have one over that span. Simply put, it’s time for the offense to do their part in this season. Give the battered rotation the assistance it needs. Damn. One year without a boat load of injuries….that’s all we asked for after last season!

    • emac2

      What makes you think bus rides, low quality mounds and facilities are the safest way to fine tune a rehab?

      He has extended spring to get everything he can get from spring training and will not leave until fully healthy. They don’t have guys play minor league games to heal and he is more likely to get injured down there.

      If he isn’t healthy enough to throw really hard do you really think he should be playing games?

  • Not Kate

    Will this affect Pineda’s chances of winning the first of his three consecutive cy young awards?

  • TWTR

    McCann and Beltran better stop sucking, NOW, to compensate for the starting pitching issues.

    • Karla

      Has either of them heard the boo birds yet?

      • TWTR

        I think booing is counterproductive unless a player is dogging it, and I don’t think either of them are.

  • Farewell Mo

    Anything they get from him this year will be gravy. To count on him giving the team 80-100 innings from mid June on would be a mistake IMO. Until he actually proves he can stay healthy, I’m not overly optimistic

    • TWTR

      They are counting on him because they have no other choice at this point.

  • tanzo

    I am sure that depending on how the replacements ( Nuno, Phelps, and Aceves) do, will determine how fast he gets back. It will be a, wow, he is doing better than expected and will be back a week earlier;if the replacement do horrible.