Yankees designate Chris Leroux for assignment, call up Al Aceves

Yankees fall 10-5 to Rays in 14 ridiculous innings
Game 29: Just Win

The Yankees have designated Chris Leroux for assignment and called up Al Aceves from Triple-A Scranton, according to various reporters at Yankee Stadium. The team needed a fresh arm following last night’s 14-inning marathon and Aceves was scheduled to start today for the RailRiders, so he can give the team plenty of innings if need be.

Aceves, 31, had a 1.98 ERA (2.43 FIP) in 13.2 innings down in Triple-A. He was pretty awesome for the Yankees in 2009, hurt in 2010, good for the Red Sox in 2011, and awful for Boston from 2012-13. As much as I irrationally want to believe Aceves can revert back to his 2009 form through the magic of the pinstripes, it’s probably not going to happen. All he has to do is be better than the Lerouxs and Bruce Billingses of the world. Welcome back, Ace.

Yankees fall 10-5 to Rays in 14 ridiculous innings
Game 29: Just Win
  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Thank you, pitching gods.

  • The Other Matt

    I was just wondering before yesterday’s game, how long would it be until we saw our old buddy Alfredo Aceves back in the Bronx. Glad to have him back!

  • Leg-End

    Let’s have the 2009 version Al, better still the 2011 version. Just not the nutty version.

  • CC Sabathia

    All versions are nutty versions.

  • PaulP

    One day too late!

  • I’m One

    The Mexican Gangster rides (in the Bronx) again!

  • I’m One

    The Mexican Gangster rides (in the Bronx) again! Hide the wives, daughters and girlfriends.

  • LarryM Fl

    I’m wondering if the players at AAA are a bit concerned when called up to the big club. The Yankees use them and then DFA them.

    If this is a prelude to the season, I suspect a wacky ending with all 5 AL East teams in the hunt. None seem to be better than the other. So king of the mountain is the game. We all played it as kids and the outcome is usually not as clear as one might think.

    This team is tough to watch.

    • tom

      That is why there are a bunch of MLB players with a minor league contract playing in AAA level. A several of them have opt out contract will be seen some action in MLB with Yankees sooner.

      That is a first option.

      Next option is MLB players with several minor league option left.

      Final option is if there is any spot that is opened for a future plan then Yankees can add a kid to 25/40 roster and keep him there.

      Unless you have a stud prospect, you never go backward.


    • kenthadley

      I believe when they are DFA’d, if another team doesn’t claim them they can go back to their AAA team and play their way back again. If they are too good for that, either a team claims them, or they refuse the demotion and become a free agent. Without options they pretty much can control their own destiny and I imagine they clearly understand this when they sign on.

      If I’m mistaken in this, I’m sure someone will correct.

  • Dalek Jeter

    “All he has to do is be better than the Lerouxs and Bruce Billingses of the world.”

    And not be a bonafide Tuco Salamanca level psycho.

  • The Other Matt

    I wonder if he’ll be wearing his old number 91.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

      I would expect so, he’s worn 91 everywhere he’s gone, even in the WBC.

      • Mikhel

        I say yes, he uses number 91 because he was a fan of Dennis Rodman.

        Whenever he gets to the mound he draws a cross, a 91 and an M (for his mother), and has done it since he was a child.

        He has said he admired Rodman for the way he played the game and drove mad his opponents, though that style was not welcomed in Boston where Pedroia took exception to it, Aceves then broke a non written rule: you never ever can contradict Dustin Pedroia.

        Once you get to know Alfredo he is a very good person, sure a bit quirky but people born in the same area (northwesterne México) tend to be that way: we’d say what we think and won’t hesitate to accept we are wrong, but expect to hear that back if we see something we do not like.

        Sure, he can get angry pretty quick if you pick a fight with him, but he has always been that way trying to protect his young brother who has played with him a lot of years, Alfredo pitching, his brother Jonathan catching (nicknamed el becerro, because he is the youngest Aceves). But as his dad (also a very good first baseman in the Mexican baseball league) has said: Alfredo is not looking to hurt somebody, he tries to protect others and often times he ends up being hit if a fight breakes (and that was before the Canada-Mexico incident when Canadá bunted being already ahead for good, and Aceves ended up getting beat in the melee by trying to protect his teammates).

  • Farewell Mo

    Aceves? Didn’t take long for the wheels to fall off the bus. At this rate, We’re probably about 2 weeks away from a Mitre or Ponson sighting.

    In all seriousness, until the farm gets straightened out and some decent players make it to AAA, we’re pretty much stuck with the bum of the week club whenever someone needs to be added to the 25 man roster.

  • VT Yankee Fan

    According to Wikipedia, Aceves named his son Apollo the first.

    Wow. Just wow.

    • Mikhel

      Apolo, Apolonio and other similar names are something common in spanish. Some people use “junior” or “jr” or “segundo” both formally and informally.

      I am not sure if Alfredo really named his son Apolo Primero, I’ll ask around since the place where he lives has banned extravagant names because there have been reports of people naming their child “Disney Landia” or “USNavy”, heck, in Spain there are certain days during the year where municipalities cite people with strange names to hold a big festival.

  • Naved

    Mark Montgomery is still in AAA after all this antics that is happening in our bullpen. WTF

    • pepes pizza

      I would much rather see Montgomery and Pinder than what they have called up in the last week. I’m a believer you put your best arms in the pen.

  • Mike

    I was wondering if they would make a move for today’s game. I still don’t like the idea of a three-man bench. But if two of your starters can only go five innings a start, I guess you have no choice.

    I also hope the Yankees don’t get the coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs version of Aceves.

  • Jersey Joe

    Has our pitching AAA depth always been so completely horrible? I mean we should have better options; kind of missing Brett Marshall.

  • Jersey Joe

    Would Marquis/Garland/Zito be worthy options at this point? Have been solid in the past, and so has Jair Jurrjens. Maybe signing one of them for pitching depth would be helpful.

    Frank Francisco and Brett Myers are also available as relievers. The problem with all this depth is that they have no experience, even if they have a high ceiling. I’d want to see what some vets can do.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Number 91 back in da houze

  • Mikhel

    Glad to read that el patoncito is back with his favourite team since he was a child.