Jeter wants to become an owner, will gauge interest after the season

Five Years Later: The 2009 Draft
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Via Zach Braziller: Derek Jeter said he wants to own a Major League team when his playing days are over, and he intends to start gauging interest after the season. “That’s the next goal, buddy. Calling the shots, not answering to someone, that’s what interests me,” said the Cap’n. “I’d like to think I would be good one. I’d probably be a little bit more behind the scenes than the Boss, but I learned a lot of things from the Boss.”

I could totally see the Steinbrenners letting Jeter buy into the Yankees. Can’t you? He could be for the team what Magic Johnson is for the Dodgers, that local megastar who is the face of the ownership group despite having a relatively small stake in the team. At least that’s what he could be at first. Jeter’s star power is unmatched in baseball, but he’s a smart guy, he knows staying in New York is best for him. The Yankees and Derek Jeter were made for each other. Him owning a piece of the team makes too much sense.

Five Years Later: The 2009 Draft
6/3-6/5 Series Preview: Oakland Athletics
  • Geoff

    Yeah, just what the front office needs, another guy who can’t see his own weaknesses.

    If you also read him closely, he wants to be a controlling partner, not a face with no real decision making. That will never happen with the Yankees. Too many pigs with their faces in the trough.

    • Looser trader droids FotD™

      Completely agreed. And I don’t think you need to read him closely. It screams loud and clear to me. A weird misread by Mike here. Way off the mark.

  • Larry

    He could easily afford the Rays payroll and lives in Tampa.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Vernon Wells also showed interest. They should join up?

  • Geoff

    Reading the quotes, pretty clear he wants to lead an ownership group. Maybe if the Yankees decide to sell, he could be that. But even then his pockets aren’t deep enough to be their controlling owner a la the Boss.

    As noted above, the Rays or Marlins make a bunch of sense. Jeter wants to be more like Jordan than Magic. Given his lack of self-awareness, he’ll be as successful as Jordan as well.

    • BigDavey88

      “Given his lack of self-awareness…”

      I’d argue Jeter is one of the more self-aware athletes ever given his perfect image within and outside of the game. He absolutely knows what he’s doing.

      If you’re whining about how he is playing like a 40-year-old shortstop in the field this year, how he should change his position, how he should bat lower in the order, then I’d advise you save it for a game or recap thread along with the hundreds of other spoiled rants. I’m sure everyone would love to beat that atomized horse into anti-matter. Again.

      • Geoff

        There they are – the Jeter ball washers.

        Jeter’s self-awareness doesn’t extend to himself or his efforts. It took years to get him to realize his defense sucked. He was the inferior SS on his own team when A-Rod joined, and, yup, he’s plain awful now. Of course, his self-awareness doesn’t extend to his treatment of women either.

        The analogy to Jordan is apt. Jordan was a media and sports star. Jordan is a man whore. And Jordan has no insight into his own weaknesses. Jordan at least could still play when he was 40.

        • Cool Lester Smooth

          How doesn’t it extend to his treatment of women? He’s a good looking superstar athlete who sleeps with a lot of beautiful women. That seems very self-aware to me.

          And, anyway, just because he doesn’t talk about how shitty his defense is to the media doesn’t mean he isn’t working his ass off to improve it. It just means he knows exactly how he wants to come across publicly: Cool, unflappable and unfailingly confident.

          • Geoff

            Puh-leeeeze. It took the GM intervening, after he had been in the league for 8 years, before he started to work on his defense. And now he’d acknowledge, at least to his manager, that Ryan late makes sense. Players know. He chooses to ignore the obvious.

            On women, he gives them gift baskets after one-night stands. Nuff said

            • brian

              First of all it’s a media report, who knows if it’s even true, and how is it anybody’s business?

              Second of all… if he has a one night stand and DOESN’T give them a gift basket is this somehow better? Seems like a classy move to me.

              • Geoff

                Yeah, classy is having a car with a gift basket waiting. What a catch.

                • brian

                  Wow ok you’re just trolling now.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              How do you know what he’s said or hasn’t said to his manager?
              And why would it even be necessary. Girardi is the manager. If Girardi wanted Ryan late, Ryan would play late. I don’t get why some people think Jeter has all this imaginary power over the decisions of the manager.

              • Geoff

                Because Ryan wouldn’t be playing 1B. And if you don’t think Jeter has power, clearly you are not paying attention.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting

                  What the hell do you think he could do.
                  If Girardi told Ryan to go play SS, what do you think Jeter could do to prevent it?

                  Absolutely nothing.
                  Maybe he’ll be upset.
                  Maybe he’ll complain.
                  But there isn’t a damn thing he can do to change it.

                  • Cool Lester Smooth


            • Cool Lester Smooth

              Would you not want a signed baseball if you fucked Derek Jeter?

              I would.

        • brian

          Anyone who doesn’t think that Jeter would be a good owner is an absolute moron. He cares deeply about winning and he is unsentimental. These are more or less the two attributes that you need to run any successful organization… it’s also a large part of the reason why he’s been such a revered “winner” on and off the field for the past 20 years.. that’s not ballwashing, it’s reality

          • Geoff

            Yeah, sure, just like Jordan.

            • brian

              Jordan was never passionate about owning a team… he basically did it as a favor to the NBA, thinking his name and popularity in Carolina would help spark a fledgling franchise…

              Jeter WANTS to own a baseball team, you need to give up on that comparison

              • Geoff

                Sure, that’s why Jordan is a two-time owner. And, nah, he’s not that all competitive either.

                Just make up the facts when they don’t suit your BS.

                • brian

                  Jordan’s an owner because it gives him something to do

                  And owning a an NBA team is totally different than owning a baseball team, one or two players means everything in basketball… If Lebron James signed with the Bobcats this offeason Jordan would go from a bad owner to a great one in a millisecond… if you can’t get an elite player you have no chance to content

                  I don’t understand your reasoning for why Jeter wouldn’t be a successful owner.

        • Mark

          what a moron you are! must be a Boston reject fan

        • Bronx Boy

          Oh yeah? You know the guy, huh? How far back do you go?

        • BigDavey88

          You call me a ball washer, I call you way too invested into the character of a person, whom you’ve never met, whom should in all reality have NO real impact on your life, that plays A GAME.

          Priorities are nice, you should get some.

      • Troll

        “big” Davey is a riot!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • BigDavey88

          something something troll bait

          • TROLL

            Trolls pick up the scent of one of there own and you smell extra trollie…

      • fred robbins

        SO do you think Jeter as an owner would play this year’s Jeter?
        That is a relevant question as it would tell you what is more important to him as an owner.. feeding someone’s ego or putting the best product on the field.

    • Dick M

      To varying degrees, it happened to Mantle, it happened to Mays, and it’s happening to Jeter. I said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s earned this decline.

      Playing a not quite passable SS at age 40, coming off an injury, is actually no small feat.

      Now do I wish he’d go to Joe and offer to bat 9th? Sure. Do I expect it? No.

      To be taking shots at him though, after all he has done, says an awful lot about the shooter.

      • Looser trader droids FotD™

        I agree overall, but “not quite passable” is pretty generous IMO, especially if you’re talking only about in the field. He’s…atrocious.

    • Deep Thoughts

      I think you’re spot on. Magic was actively seeking mentorship in the business community during his playing career. He approached Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz with an idea to make money and serve underserved inner-city communities, and it led to a 12-year partnership. He founded several of his own companies in the entertainment business and was a franchisee of others as well. He “tried on” a small stake in Lakers ownership before heading up the Dodgers group.

      Everyone was taken aback when Jeter founded a publishing house. While he’s lent his name and input to things like sports clubs and frozen healthy dinners I don’t believe he’s built a business portfolio anywhere close to Magic’s. Granted he’s still an active professional athlete. But he’s got a ways to go before comparisons to Magic are more apt than comparisons to Magic.

  • Mike Myers

    Whats with all of this “Jeters lack of self awareness” crap…

    He knows he is done in baseball so he is retiring. He isnt hanging on like every other mega star. You dont think a team would give him a 2 year contract after this year? to sell tickets alone?

    He knows his best days are gone…very aware
    He knows he wouldn’t like coaching…very aware

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      “You dont think a team would give him a 2 year contract after this year?”

      No. I don’t.

      • Geoff

        No one would, not even the Marlins most especially because Jeter would never take a market value contract.

        • brian

          Well considering Jeter was born to be a Yankee and has no interest in playing for anyone else… I’d say it’s the definition of a moot point.

        • I’m One

          And you know these things …. how?

          • Geoff

            Because Cashman called his bluff on the last contract and he couldn’t get a better deal elsewhere and so took the pay cut . But he still bitched about it.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              iirc, he never looked elsewhere for a better deal. Not saying he would have gotten one.
              Also, this doesn’t really prove he wouldn’t take a market value contract. Why on earth would he take a lesser contract when the Yankees were offering a bigger contract?
              All that shows is he took the biggest available contract to play for the team he wanted to play for.

              • Geoff

                You are not recalling correctly. Close worked his ass off to show he could get a better deal elsewhere and couldn’t. That’s the way these things go, but there was not a better deal out there.

                Now? No chance in hell for a no hit , no field SS.

                • brian

                  In what world are you living in? Jeter has NEVER had the slightest bit of interest in playing for a team other than the Yankees… dude grew up a Yankee fan and is beyond thrilled to have played his entire career with this organization.

                  There’s no possible way you can be a Yankees fan because this is common knowledge for everyone who is.

                  • Cool Lester Smooth

                    Yeah, he was pissed off that Cash said it, precisely because he would never consider playing for any other team.

                  • Deep Thoughts

                    Whatever. I’m sure his agent made those threats completely without Jeter’s knowledge or permission. Or he did it while winking and nudging Hal saying “Don’t worry, this is just the monkey dance my client expects.”

                    Looks like several people around here need a refill on the reality potion.

                • Need Pitching & Hitting

                  Please provide a link to any report that states that “Close worked his ass off to show he could get a better deal elsewhere and couldn’t.”

                  • nyyankfan_7

                    Everyone please quit feeding the troll. Ignore him and he will go back to his day time sitcom reruns and asking his mom to pick up an extra box of capri-suns.

                    • Cool Lester Smooth

                      MAAAA!! MEATLOAF!

                • BigDavey88

                  You sound bitter.

  • Darren

    This isn’t really news, he’s been saying this for several years now. I could see him buying into the Yankees. I could also see him buying someone like the Marlins down the road. Maybe going in on it with Michael Jordan.

    • Darren (TM)

      Here goes the fake Darren again! The above post was not by me, the real Darren, but by some imposter.

      Take your Matthew Trippe ass out of here my man!

  • Slu

    I don’t see how selling a stake in the team to Jeter makes any sense for the Steinbrenners and their current partners.

    Number 1, they would have to get someone (or several people) to sell at least some of their stake to Jeter, which I don’t see why anyone would do that unless they needed cash. And if they did need cash, you’d want to sell to the highest bidder.

    Number 2, what is in this for the Steinbrenners? They have no need for a “face of the franchise”. They seem to be doing just fine without one and I don’t think Jeter will add enough to the product on the field or the bottom line to make selling a peice of the team to be worth it to them.

  • Chris Z.

    If the Clippers are rumored to have an offer of 2 billion dollars then what would it cost to buy the Yankees? 4-5-6??? They are the most valuable franchise in all of sports.

  • dp

    OMG…NEVER…he would suck owning the Yankees…let him own the Pirates!

    • el babaro

      ‘OMG…NEVER…he would suck owning the Yankees…let him own the Pirates!’

      jajajajaja dude you sound like a fat chick eating potatoe chips while watching a soup opera sitting together with Opera winfry and the gang!

      it would be a lot funnier seeing him own the mets. that would be instant pack page drama and a new sitcom of sienfeld

  • JV

    Jeter is going to buy the Mets!!! :)

    • Roadgeek Adam

      We could use a better owner. Doubt Wilpon would sell.

      • JV

        The internet would literally explode if he bought the Mets. :)

        • Roadgeek Adam

          No only half of Queens, Long Island and Brooklyn.

          • JV

            But then hires Posada to Manage and Mo to be the pitching coach. BOOM!

          • Looser trader droids FotD™

            Yup. Cablevision internet would go down for sure.

        • Yankee Fan 1

          Honestly I’d love to see this. Mets fans would be so conflicted. Would be hilarious.

          • JV

            I think there would be conflict for Yankee fans too. Especially when Jeter throws out the first pitch in a Mets hat at a Yankee/Mets game in CitiField.

          • Cool Lester Smooth

            Uh, the Mets aren’t winning right now. There’s no such thing as a Mets fan.

            • Roadgeek Adam

              [citation needed]

    • Mandy Stankiewicz

      Yes, if only for the reaction of Met fan friends

  • brian

    My guess is Jeter will own a National League team… he doesn’t have the money for the Yankees and he won’t want to have to own a team in the same division as his favorite team, so it’s either A.L. central, A.L. west or National League

    Jeter’s “roots” are Michigan, Florida, and NJ/NY so start there…

    • Deep Thoughts

      Start in states with favorable tax laws–Texas, Washington, Arizona.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      He has made well over $200M in his career. He could absolutely buy a minority share in the Yankees without thinking twice about it.

      • brian

        The whole point is to CALL THE SHOTS… that means being the majority shareholder.

        People are looking at this the wrong way, there should be tremendous excitement about Jeter owning a team (probable N.L. team) in the too distant future.. it will give us another team to root for… we’ll still be Yankees #1 but rooting for a team owned by the greatest and most beloved Yankee of my lifetime is something I look forward to.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          It wouldn’t necessarily have to be as majority owner, it would just require an ownership group willing to stay in the background and let him run things as essentially part-owner/CEO (read: not the Yankees).

          • brian

            Too risky… what happens when the person who owns the biggest stake suddenly decides they want to unilaterally call the shots.

            Jeter will be a great owner so I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but I really don’t think it’s his dream to OWN the Yankees… I think his dream was to play for the Yankees… I think he’s be perfectly happy to own another team so long as it’s not in the A.L. east

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              Yeah, I don’t think owning the Yankees is likely if he’s looking for the power.
              But at the same time, I’m not sure he has the finances to buy over 50% of any team, unless he took on a ton of debt.

              Maybe the more likely scenario would be leading a group of several investors, where he might have the biggest stake, but not a majority stake.

          • I’m One

            Yeah, I agree with this. I just don’t see the current Yankee ownership group allowing him to run things, but also agree he doesn’t necessarily need to be majority owner.

      • ALZ

        And I’m sure after the agent taking ~10% + taxes + living well that a significant portion of that is eaten up.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Gift baskets can be awfully expensive these days…

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    I could fux wid it.

  • Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    He learned alot from the Boss. I hope he learned alot of bad things and lessons too. The Boss had many flaws and not all he touched turned to gold.

    • brian

      agreed… well Jeter grew up a Yankee fan during the “Bad Boss” era so that’s a given

  • willie w

    what % of ownership does he want ? 51% ? 100% 10% ?

    • Roadgeek Adam

      I would assume 51% at a minimum.

      • I’m One

        I think 51% would be his ideal, but as long as there was an agreement that he would call the shots, something far less might be acceptable.

        • brian

          Agreed… the thing to keep in mind is that many teams are owned by families with no intention of giving them up in this lifetime, he’ll probably have a choice of maybe 5 teams if he’s lucky.

  • The Great Gonzo

    Coming in 2015:

    Welcome to BethPage Ballpark, home of the Long Island Ducks Jeters

  • TWTR

    Yes, I have suggested this before. It would suck if Jeter was involved with another team, and if Hal can’t see that, he’s an idiot.

  • Bronx Boy

    That quote – “That’s the next goal, buddy. Calling the shots, not answering to someone, that’s what interests me,” – that sounds like classic Jeter sarcasm to me.

  • The Lime

    I don’t realize how this is news. I always assumed that Jeter already owns a team; how else could he receive a way above average salary, get a raise, and continue to get so much playing time?

    • John Cee

      Hahaha…it’s the Pete Rose deal; only Rose would have played himself for the hits record. No other manager would have.

    • Kiko Jones

      I always assumed that Jeter already owns a team; how else could he receive a way above average salary, get a raise, and continue to get so much playing time?

      Ha! I would add, while in full athletic decline.

      He would probably look into a controlling state in the Marlins or Rays…would he be a good owner? Who knows?

  • John Cee

    Sooner rather than later, please.

    Maybe he can buy a soccer team or something real soon and retire from baseball by next week. He can practice his ownership skills and relieve me of watching his awful game all in one easy move. The Yanks IF sucks largely because their SS sucks.

    Honestly, just like with St. Rivera, I could give a hoot once they’re done with playing baseball.

    Please, end the Jeterian farewell tour now!

  • dawn

    He never said a baseball team. He saud he’d like to be an owner. Who knows?

    • Deep Thoughts

      He could buy up the skeletal remains of the Newark Bears and try to bring them back to life.

  • Matt

    WOW How fast you all forget the 5 rings………………

    • John Cee

      In my life time ’77, ’78, ’96,…blah, blah.

      I root for good Yankees teams and other than in a humanitarian sense, I care as much about the players as they do for me.

      To quote Sonny from the Bronx Tales:

      “Mickey Mantle makes $100,000 a year. How much does your father make? You don’t know? Well, see if your father can’t pay the rent go ask Mickey Mantle and see what he tells you. Mickey Mantle don’t care about you, so why should you care about him? Nobody cares.”

  • greg c

    Magic only has like 2% of the Dodgers, but he paid 50 million. I can’t think of any players who can really afford majority or even “controlling” ownership.

  • John Cee

    Personally, I don’t think the owners want to sully their exclusive club by allowing “mere” working men come in to set up shop.

    Tom Seaver has an interesting anecdote regarding such snobbery and Mets chairman M. Donald Grant. In 2007, Seaver said: “There are two things Grant said to me that I’ll never forget, but illustrate the kind of person he was and the total ‘plantation’ mentality he had,” Seaver says. “During the labor negotiations, he came up to me in the clubhouse once and said: ‘What are you, some sort of Communist?’ Another time, and I’ve never told anyone this, he said to me: ‘Who do you think you are, joining the Greenwich Country Club?’ It was incomprehensible to him if you didn’t understand his feelings about your station in life.”