• Miguel Gomez

    Which Yankees GCL team is better and is leonardo Molina as legit as I read he is?

  • Paul

    Who do think will be the face of the Yankees after Jeter retires? I believe it will be Gardner.

    • Scott Proctor’s Dead Arm

      It’s Tanaka and it’s not even close

  • tvbona

    What Yankee prospects most likely to enter top 100 lists next year? Judge, perhaps?

  • Matt

    Newbie here, whats your day job?

  • nycsportzfan

    No way i’d trade Tanaka for Puig. Trout without the steals is less then Trout. Tanakas 25yrs old and pretty much wins every time he pitches. I woulden’t trade him for any one player in baseball.