Reports: Giants sign Carbonell; Raciel Iglesias given signing extension


Got some updates on a pair of Cuban free agents. First, Jesse Sanchez reports the Giants have agreed to sign OF Daniel Carbonell. The Yankees were said to have some interest in him, but not enough to make an offer. Sanchez says Carbonell received a three-year contract worth $3.5M, which tells you teams valued him as an extra player. If there’s one thing the Yankees don’t need, it’s more fourth outfielder types.

In other news, Ben Badler reports RHP Raciel Iglesias has been granted an extension to sign by MLB. Because of the league’s silly rules, he would have had to sign by yesterday to avoid being subject to the international spending restrictions. He can now sign for any amount before July 2nd. As I wrote in this mailbag a few weeks ago, Iglesias is a pure reliever who some teams believe can help as soon as the second half. There have not yet been any reports linking him to the Yankees or any other team.

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    Hey Mike,I agree about Carbonell. Yank’s have enough 4th outfielders to fill 4 low A outfields.