Rest In Peace: Tony Gwynn May 9, 1960 – June 16, 2014

Chase Whitley's Big Test
Solarte expanding the zone during recent slump

Maybe not a Yankee, but there’s no way to deny the grace and respect in which Mr. Padre played the grand ol’ game.  While the league was obsessed with juiced up homer hitters, Gwynn continued to put up his high average and on base numbers season after season.  Cancer once again has robbed us of a brilliant athlete and a good man.  Sorry about 1998, but I am sure the Hall of Fame was a pretty great consolation prize.  Thanks for everything.

Chase Whitley's Big Test
Solarte expanding the zone during recent slump
  • Matt DiBari

    Just sucks

  • Jacoby Eddarsbury

    Seemed like a good guy. Way too young to go. They should have a moment of silence all across baseball tonight to honor his contributions to the game.

  • Jimmy

    One of the all-time greats. Sad to hear he passed so young. Year after year this guy put up video game numbers. Can’t believe 2.6% of HoF voters didn’t vote for this guy getting into the Hall. RIP.

    • ALZ

      That’s pushing it. He was a good player, but he wasn’t nearly the GOAT. He didn’t even break 70 war, nor was he an utterly dominant hitter. There are at least 50 other players that I would whine didn’t get 100% before him.

      • Jimmy

        He hit consistently at the top of Batting Average for 12-15 years, many times with no protection in the lineup. Hit .394 in 1994. Wouldn’t call him the greatest but he ranks way up there as a singles hitter. He was an obvious HoF player. I’ll concede that there are probably 50 other guys who should complain before TG, but still, anyone who didn’t vote for him was crazy. Of course Greg Maddux didn’t get 100% either.

        BTW, Maddux faced TG 107 times in their careers and struck him out 0 times.

  • Yankee$

    Mr. Gwynn was a Class Act. Very sorry to hear this. I had one interaction with him a few years ago. I was at the San Diego airport, getting a shoe shine, and the guy shining my shoes said, here comes Tony Gwynn, I looked up and there he was walking right by us. The guy shining my shoes said something to him and he answered and carried on back and forth with him for a couple of minutes. As Tony walked away I said to the guy “absolute hitting machine”…Tony about 10 steps away, heard what I said, turned around and said “Thank you very much.”

  • Dirk Diggler

    Seems like yesterday when he was huddled next to Ted Williams at the All Star Game in Fenway Park. How time flies.

    RIP Tony

  • Yankee fan in Cleveland

    When will the MLB address the chew issue? I have two sons who both play college baseball (Div 1 & Div 2) and I can tell you chew was in the dugouts as far back as 14 years old! Every league and every college I know of bans chew but it is still prevalent in the game. The MLB needs to really amp up the message to young players and get it out of the game.

    RIP Mr. Gwynn

    • Bo Knows

      It’s banned in the minors and in a lot of parks, but there isn’t much that can be done, these are grown men and dip isn’t illegal. They can only discourage it, which they have

    • Larrym Fl

      Amen on the passing of Tony Gwynn and the educational responsibility that major league baseball/BPA has to its players. Some may disagree about responsibility to educate but the money is there, so why not.

    • Roadgeek Adam

      Issue is that even I could get chewing tobacco (for the record, I don’t) because its accessible at a convenience store.

    • Paisa

      A man made a conscious decision. End of story.

  • SJU85

    An absolute hitting machine who was a student and teacher of the game and loved its history. He got it and it is why he is (was) respected and adored.

    Rest in Peace.

  • Tanuki Tanaka

    They don’t make many hitters like him anymore. RIP

  • Cool Lester Smooth


  • JonS

    That is horrible. RIP Tony Gwynn. :(

  • TWTR

    Very sad. RIP.

  • 461deep

    Tony had an enduring smiling personality. Was linked to Ted Williams as no other could be after 1960 the year he was born and Ted’s last year. Ted was born in San Diego while Tony played and went to college there. Both great students and teachers of the hitting.
    RIP Tony.

  • willie w

    a curse on the tobacco industry that killed him….

    a quote from Tony:
    He attributed the cancer to having dipped tobacco throughout his career.

  • Tags

    He was what ever ballplayer should strive to be. You didn’t have to be a Padre fan to like a respect him. RIP Tony.

    • I’m One


    • trr

      Well said Tags!
      One of the very best hitters of the last 30 years, and a great guy to boot!
      RIP, Tony Gwynn.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    Just too young to have gone. He was always one of my favorite non-Yankees players, especially since I’ve always called the Padres “my NL team,” since that’s where Winfield began his career.

    Very upset to hear this, and I hope the Yankees acknowledge it in some way either tomorrow night or at OTD this weekend.

  • karlkole

    Tony Gwynn & Ichiro are the greatest hitters of my generation. Even more than that, Gwynn is extremely amicable & a true class act. His love & knowledge for the game of baseball is very difficult to put into words.

    God Bless and RIP, Tony Gwynn.

    • vinny-b

      I second this. Thank you for posting.

  • vinny-b

    my fave non-Milwaukee Brewer, and non-Yankee player, of all-time. Tony Gwynn is/was a phenomenal human being. And one of the greatest hitters, in history of MLB. Thankful to have met you, and got your autograph, when i was a young bat-boy for the Brewers. I love you Tony.

  • EndlessJose


    Tony Gwynn.Underatted hitter and great man.

  • pat

    Dude hit .324/ .384/.461@ age 41 his last year in the league. Hell of a ball player and a hell of a guy too.

  • FIPster Doofus

    He was pure class. R.I.P.

  • Farewell Mo

    Very sad news, first Bob Welch and then Gwynn in a less than a week.

    Jason Stark just posted an amazing stat, in 129 career ABs versus Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez, Gwynn didn’t strike out a single time.

    He always reminded me of the NL version of Wade Boggs. Just a virtuoso hitter.

    • Jarrod

      Wow, amazing stat. Cheers

  • Wayne

    Best hitter for average in this generation.
    Wow batting average of over . 300 every year!

  • Bavarian Yankee

    RIP Tony Gwynn :(

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I can picture his 1983 Topps rookie card in my head now.

  • qwerty

    You always hate to hear anyone getting and dying from cancer. Tony Gwynn will be missed.

  • ChuckIt

    I was officially a young adult when Tony Gwynn came on the scene.He was one of ,if not, the best hitter I have actually seen,(not just heard of)in my lifetime.He was also a damn good glove man.His loyalty to his team was also a rarity for his time.He could have easily left San Diego for more $ & more chances for a title to add to his HOF resume.Too bad his 2 WS appearances were against 2 of the best teams ever.A class act & great role model.RIP.

  • Jonathan

    In all my years of meeting professional athletes, Tony Gwynn was BY FAR the biggest asshole of them all. And this was at Fanfest where he was being paid money to meet fans. He could have easily not signed up for it but he did. I was shocked at his behavior but many athletes pull it off. That takes nothing away from the player he was or from that fact that he didn’t deserve to die. Very few players have ever been better at hitting for average. I wish he never chewed and I wish he would have taken care of himself and not gotten so fat. The skinny/fast Gwynn just might have treated us to a .400 season. RIP Tony Gwynn.