Update: Yankees interested in Kennedy, not for Jagielo and Clarkin

DotF: Zoilo swats three homers* in Scranton's blowout win
Mailbag: Kemp, Barney, Aiken, Bailey, Lee

11:09pm: Jon Heyman to the rescue! He says the Yankees do have interest in Kennedy but not at the cost of Jagielo and Clarkin. Maybe Bowden meant “discussing” as in “that’s who the Padres asked for.”

11:08pm: Via Jim Bowden: The Yankees and Padres are discussing a trade that would bring Ian Kennedy back to New York in exchange for 2013 first rounders Eric Jagielo and Ian Clarkin. The Yankees had a scout on hand to watch IPK’s start last night, according to multiple reports. That’s an awful lot to give up for Kennedy, who has been merely good and not great the last few years. Here’s my Scouting The Market post on him. This one doesn’t really pass the sniff test, but we’ll see.

DotF: Zoilo swats three homers* in Scranton's blowout win
Mailbag: Kemp, Barney, Aiken, Bailey, Lee
  • Oh no

    Oh, no no. No!

    • nycsportzfan

      Should of put a Hell in front of a couple of those no’s. Seriously, that would kill all the positive feelings from the couple steals we got on the trade market so far.

  • TexRanger

    Maybe it’s more than just IPK coming back for that package. At least I’d hope so, otherwise it’s quite a lot I agree.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Jim Bowden doing Jim Bowden things.

    No, I wouldn’t do that. I’m hugging Jagelio a bit less at the moment, but that’s too much there.

    • nycsportzfan

      Now if your talking Tyson Ross, i’d be interested, but i’d pass on Kennedy for those 2.

  • Steve

    Dont even think about it !!!!!! Kennedy couldnt get the job done here the first time either !!!!! Cashman, really ?????

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Wayne, is that you?

    • ChuckIt

      That’s true I remember Kennedy’s nice start,then succumbing to NY-a phobia.No reason to think that will change now.He’s a small market #2 or # starter,but a big market Ed Whitson.

  • Jimmy

    Ha whoever believes that trade is dumb. Cashman might be an idiot sometimes but he’s not that stupid.

  • Chip Rodriguez

    if the Padres really asked for Clarkin and Jagielo for IPK… that’s worse than any of the ridiculous trade ideas I’ve seen listed on here.

    • Rick

      If there is anything we have learned for the leaking of the Astros trade notes, it is that teams do ask for ridiculous returns in trades. At least initially. Rightfully so, too. If Cashman was dumb enough to give up Jags and Clarkin for Kennedy, the Pads a rents going to tell him that’s too much.

      • Dee

        Right. I mean why not start by asking for the moon? Then they can whittle it down to something that makes more sense, if both sides really want to get something done.

  • Christ is King

    I dont really care for Kennedy coming back to the Yankees.

  • TC

    Should have just ignored it when I saw Bowden’s name.

    • IRememberCelerinoSanchez

      The Internet needs a Bowden filter that purges all content in which Bowden is a primary source. He just talks nonsense.

      • Old Man Time


        • Scott

          Seriously, Bowden is so dumb with his trade proposals it isn’t even funny. He has no clue. No wonder he isn’t a GM anymore.

  • Yankeefan91

    wth this is beyond dumb if were gonna trade them at least let it be for Tyson Ross

    • Terry

      Ross is unavailable; these are the Padres, they typically develop veteran starters, then trade them for young prospects they can play and control in the long-term.

      Small market with budget considerations dealing with a big-market team.

    • MB923

      Ross and his 4.87 ERA/1.51 WHIP ? (Career Away numbers)

    • nycsportzfan

      Yup. Only Padres player that gets me even the smallest bit excited. Well, I guess Kennedy does have a bit of intrigue, but not much.. Tyson Ross on the other hand would be a get. Seems to be coming into his own.

  • http://www.draftstreet.com/register.aspx?r=Jedile Jedile

    No way would I do one let alone both for Ian “Mediocre” Kennedy. Cashman made two great deals with Headley and Arthy. Surely he wouldn’t erase those deals by doing this one.

    Now how’s about we try and trade Eric Jagielo and Ian Clarkin for King Felix and Robinson Cano? Anyone? i’m obviously joking.

    • ac1

      Cano is already complaining about Safeco field.
      It’s going to be a long 10 years buddy.
      Enjoy the 240M!!!

      • Chip

        End of July and he has 7 home runs. I’m sure M’s fans are just thrilled.

  • Chip

    After saying that the Phillies should get Severino and Judge for Lee and the Padres should get Williams and DBJ for Headley I think Bowden is just trolling at this point. Either that or he’s on a mission to prove he’s just as bad at being an “insider” as he was as a GM.

  • SamVA

    I thought Kennedy pitched for us against Darvish?

  • CashmanNinja

    I guess I’m in the minority in saying I’d actually love to have Kennedy back…but not for Jagielo and Clarkin. Hell, not for either one of them alone. I understand the Padres have some wiggle room because he’s cost effective for the near future, but the Padres are obviously sellers and they plan on retooling their minors with cost controlled prospects. Again, I don’t mind IPK coming back, but not for top prospects.

    • FIPster Doofus


    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Using the silliness surrounding him when he was in the rotation briefly would be a pretty silly reSon not to bring him back. He’s a very different and more mature pitcher now.

      I don’t think price will match up here. Two of the three 2013 first-rounders would be insane.

      MLBTR did update to mention Jorge De La Rosa, though, which would be unfortunate. The last thing anyone wants to see is nycsportphan’s vinegar strokes.

      • bw1tz

        He may be more mature but, he’s not a different pitcher. He’s had one really good season, two average and the rest is garbage. San Diego can keep him.

        The best thing Kennedy did for the Yankees was net them Curtis Granderson and that’s the best he’ll ever do.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Those are seasons he hadn’t had yet when he was a struggling rookie getting murdered in the press and was out half a season with an aneurysm. If you think he’s still that, you just woke up from one hell of a nap.

  • BrianMcCannon

    Not sure what the Padres needs are right now but how does an Austin for IPK swap sound?

    • Chip Rodriguez

      I’ll take it.

      • entonces

        Yanks system has improved to point where second-tier and even third-tier prospects should have some market value. Austin and Bichette two good examples– guys on rebound who now again look like they will be major leaguers. No guarantees, but they probably remain undervalued because of doubts.

    • Terry

      The Padres need everything.

      I even wish they got a new CF since Cameron Maybin recently destroyed his trade value by getting caught taking Amphetamines multiple times. His excuse isn’t convincing either, but then, he was never did have much of a ceiling even when he was high.

      They’ll have to go back to Maybin given his contract but, yeah, the Padres are simply restocking everything in their system and I’m not sure what the GM strategy is which makes sense; the Padrees have multiple GMs right now (what a mess).

  • BrianMcCannon

    Not sure what the Padres needs are right now (my guess would be everything though). How would an Austin for IPK swap sound?

    • CashmanNinja

      I don’t think it really depends on needs right now. Needs almost always revolve around pitching since it’s the premium position. They recently got DePaula from us, but I doubt that quenches their thirst for pitching. I really think the Padres are going to push hard for a package — something like Austin/Mason Williams and a guy like Hensley. I know it sounds like a lot, but Kennedy is an inexpensive pitcher and the Padres have leverage here. They don’t *have* to trade him now, but they’d probably like to because soon he’ll be more expensive AND there’s the risk of him performing badly and lowering his value (i.e. they basically want to do what they should have done with Headley).

      • BrianMcCannon

        I didn’t actually realize how inexpensive IPK currently is. Started following the Yanks several years after the IPK/Hughes/Joba wave of prospects, so I just assumed he was already past arbitration. So yea, maybe the Yanks have to sweeten the pot a bit as you say.

        Agree re: value and Headley

  • http://bloodfarm.tumblr.com Freddy Krueger Mellencamp

    Why bother? We can probably coax Javier Vazquez out of retirement.

  • Dalek Jeter

    If by “IPK” they mean “Cashner with a clean physical,” sure.

  • TexRanger


    Yankees also in discussions with Rockies involving Jorge De La Rosa who is red hot 3-0 with a 1.78 ERA and 1.105 Whip in July #Rockies #NYY

    At least he did not tweet Severino going the other way.


    • CashmanNinja

      Eh…I’m not a huge fan of De La Rosa. The Rockies want a real haul for him and I do not think he’s worth a top 10 prospect. The Rockies want/need pitching desperately. They want a starter and we don’t have the arm to give them. They’ll want Clarkin without a doubt and will definitely ask for Severino first.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        And the only Rookie I’d give them would be Davis.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Everyone please give Cashman enough credit to not give up Clarkin and Jagielo for Ian frickin’ Kennedy.

    Cashman, please don’t make me regret those words.

  • Bret The Hitman

    Is it just me or does it seem Cashman is getting more traction out there this deadline? Maybe a testament to the farm system bearing more fruit lately.

    I’d like to get Jorge De La Rosa or Ian Kennedy and hopefully get back Pineda.

    What would it take to get Matt Kemp?

    It seems the Dodgers really need some production at catcher.

    • n0exit

      Romine and ichiro for kemp straight up. Haha, nah we don’t want kemp he’ll sprain his ass on the flight to new York. Also, sounds like he’s been a bit of a pain in mattinglys ass this season.

      • Bret The Hitman

        I wasn’t even thinking about dealing them catcher prospects. I was more thinking about swapping bad contracts and dumping Brian McCann on the Dodgers. It’s a toss up who’s more cooked but I trust Cervelli, JR Murphy and Romine more than the OF’s in the pipeline.

        • Deathstroke Heathcott

          There’s literally no chance McCann gets traded. None.

        • Old Man Time

          You’d rather have Kemp’s contract than McCann’s? Wow.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Uh, no, and I love Bret Hart.

          • ac1

            McCann’s contract isn’t bad. Give the guy a break. His numbers are getting better, he has had to learn a new league, a lot of new pitchers, and first base. He is handling it as well as can be expected. I actually think when the season is done, he will be much closer to his career average. And I believe in 2015, he will have a monster year.

    • CMed21

      Kemp at this point is Vernon Wells 2011-13 Type player, no way should the Yankees have any interest.

      • Bret The Hitman

        Maybe they shouldn’t but they reportedly did inquire about Kemp just this past November. Kemp has had a ton of injuries. Vernon was 34 or 35? Kemp is still 29.

        At this point teams who are dealing impact talent seem to only be willing to do so if the contract is bad.

        I’d want to swap a bad contract (McCann) for another one. They can’t shift on Kemp and I like that. Maybe he will wait longer and go opposite field and that will return some of his higher contact if his power is gone.

        It’s like now that they’re testing for HgH all of these teams want to move these contracts.

        I’d love to move McCann. I like our catcher prospects, not so much our outfielders.

        Just a preference.

        • Old Man Time

          McCann: .4 bwar
          Kemp: -1.5 bwar

          After this season:

          McCann: 4/$68M
          Kemp: 5/$107M

        • ChuckIt

          McCann is starting to come on now,so the jury is still out on his offense.Judgement is in on Kemp.no power after surgery,wants to play center,and can’t get over being Pipped.105 Mil don’t help,either.

    • PoopChute

      I’d be interested in Kemp if the Dodgers ate 1/2 of the rest of his deal and we gave them a bag of dog poo in return. IMO 5 years – $50M (ish) would be worth the risk that a change of scenery would help Kemp turn things around. Can’t see the Dodgers agreeing to that though.

  • Yanks
    • W.B. Mason Williams


  • Dan

    I don’t think I’d be very happy if either player is included in a deal for Kennedy. The Pitching has been fine, of course I’d like another SP upgrade, but save the bullets for a legit hitter.

    • mjw

      I agree in theory, but in reality who is this legit hitter that’s available? Byrd?

    • ac1

      I think they know the pitching is not the issue, however, it’s about the innings. We need pitchers to fill the innings and Whitley is running out. Doesn’t seem like Turley is ready, and who knows if Tanaka and/or Pineda will return.

      My guess is unless they find that blockbuster deal, they will take on ‘change of scenery’ people. Dan Haren is on the market. He has very little value right now.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

    Why did Metallica playing at Mo night also get an Irresponsible Rumormongering tag?

    • Dalek Jeter

      Probably because it was unconfirmed when Mike posted about it?

  • Doughy

    Kennedy is a very good starter at the ML level. The odds are against Jags and Clarkin being a very good anything at the ML level. We overrate our prospects quite a bit (who doesn’t?). It’s a sellers market I don’t see this hypothetical deal to be outrageous at all.

    • Terry

      I think it has more to do with needs.

      Given the right hitter/position player, Cashman might be willing to part with both and more.

    • CashmanNinja

      Clarkin and Jags are both 1st rounders from last year’s draft. They literally have only gotten their feet wet in the minors. It’s not like they were drafted 5 years ago and are now fringe prospects. I agree that no prospect should ever truly be untouchable, but if they were to trade them they could definitely involve them in a bigger package than someone like Kennedy. Hell…may as well add in Judge and try to pry David Price away. That’s why you don’t throw your best prospects out for just anyone. IPK isn’t worth them plain and simple and it would be overkill to involve them.

      • mustang


      • n0exit

        I agree he isn’t worth both but jags plus a mid level (maybe mason Williams) prospect for Kennedy isn’t that bad. Ipk still has 1.5 years of control and is pretty good. Jags by all accounts can’t field.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I’d consider that.

    • mustang

      If you throw in the current state of this team, the future of this organization and IPK best value then yes it’s outrageous.

    • bw1tz

      No. Ian Kennedy is not a ‘very good starter’ at the ML level. He’s pretty much the exact opposite of ‘very good’

      • Frank

        Have you looked at any of his numbers? He has been very very good this season.

      • Doughty

        Tell me what’s the opposite of good about Kennedy this year?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      It’s more complicated than that.

      I don’t think it’s outrageous to the Padres, but I always think your single-A high ceiling guys are worth more to you than they are to someone else.

      Odds are against every prospect but, if you think that way with all of them, you wind up in trouble quickly.

      It’s a bad idea. These guys show little sign of why they can’t sniff AA next season, Jagielo more than Clarkin.

    • entonces

      Yeah, but you miss the point. Jags and Clarkin offer a potential 12 years of cost controlled performance. So even if there is only a 1 in 4 chance of good MLB performance (and I think it’s much much higher than that), that statistically projects to 3 years. IPK offers 1.5 and while his 2014 salary isn’t high it could be next year — if he’s any good after a trade. And that doesn’t even get into scarcity value of left handed starter and obvious long-term need for third baseman. IPK would be third or fourth starter on this team.

      • ac1

        Dont worry it was a false rumor. I think we know Cashman a little better than that by now. He’d rather do nothing than give up two first round picks. If i had to part with one though, I am parting with EJ. I think Clarkin has a future in our rotation.

  • GG2000

    Replace 1st rounders (Jagielo and Clarkin) with 1st rounders (Culver and DBJ), then yes.

  • mustang

    Bowden adds (via Twitter) that a team executive informs him that Cashman has had discussions with many teams with potentially available starters.

    10:21pm: The Yankees are also having discussions with the Rockies regarding starter Jorge De La Rosa, Bowden tweets.

    NO SHIT!!!!!

    Bowden so full of shit.

    I hope they are asking about Drew Stubbs alone with Jorge De La Rosa

    • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

      They have a RF who can hit lefties. They need one who can hit righties.

      • MB923

        They need one with power and who can play almost every day (Marlon Byrd is one I’ve wanted).

        • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

          Byrd might be about the best they’d be able to do this year.
          I wouldn’t really want to commit to him for next year though.

          Byrd strikes me as a possible Soriano 2.0 scenario.
          Help this year. Prevent them from getting someone younger/better and then tank next year.
          Though next year’s OF market doesn’t look all that good, and Beltran might need to mostly DH anyways, so I suppose it could work.

          • entonces

            Refsnyder would be more valuable than Burd, who has K’d remarkable 120 times so far this year. Tough to find bargains on trade market where sellers are few and buyers desperate. Refs makes contact and has pop — just what this team needs to add to line-up that has two of best speed options in game — but no consistent contact hitters to drive them in.

            • entonces


        • mustang

          Me too, but the cost would probably be too high Stubbs would probably be cheaper.

          This team this organization is not in place where they should be giving away top prospect to maybe save this season. If the Williams, Austin, Romine and Sanchez of the world can’t get them what they need then let it be.

          • MB923

            Stubbs has no power at all. Don’t let Coors Field fool you

      • mustang

        They need someone that can hit period!

        • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

          Yes. Unfortunately, that only applies to Stubbs against LHP.

  • Doughty

    Kennedy is relatively cheap, would significantly increase our odds to make the playoffs this year and could be even more important next year. Dropping +100 mil on Lester or Scherzer isn’t gonna happen. With Pineda’s constant health concerns, Tanaka potentially needing surgery, CC deteriorating and health completely unknown, Nova coming off surgery, and Kuroda possibly retiring/declining it would be massive to have a quality starter we could rely on every 5 days and deliver above average results.

    From the Samardzija write up…

    “Anyway, if I had a pitcher like Samardzija in this current market — it’s a seller’s market, prices are high — I’d want four young players back, at minimum. A top prospect, a second top-100 type of prospect, a third quality piece, and a fourth lower-level lottery ticket type.”

    Shark is cheaper and another year of team control but they’re both 29 and at this point in their careers producing at a comparable level.

    25.5% K rate
    7.5% BB rate
    .239 BAA
    3.28 SIERA

    22.1% K rate
    6.2% BB rate
    .234 BAA
    3.30 SIERA

    I understand that Hammel is performing well to and was also in the deal but if you remove him from the equation Russell + at least another decent prospect was going to go the other way in the deal.

    • TC

      While I don’t think you’re talking crazy, there are definitely some factors you are missing. Saying they are pitching similarly right now is very misleading. Shark has been basically the same pitcher for 4 years running. Kennedy’s been wildly inconsistent, ranging from good to awful. There are some things that jump out about IPK’s season which you have to figure out if they are a fluke, or legitimate change. There’s also a matter of perception being reality. IPK was just traded last year for I think a reliever and low level prospect, Samardzija was always expected to be expensive. Also, the A’s paid a premium to jump the market so to speak and get it done early. Lastly, they were also looking to add that piece that puts them over the top as world series favorites, not simply trying to get to the postseason.

      • TC

        I do agree that there is a general culture of over valuing prospects right now though.

        • entonces

          Strongly disagree that prospects are overvalued. The fact that most trades for mediocre veterans require two or three prospects suggests they are in demand — but discounted for hit or miss qualities. If prospects were traded straight up for vets of comparable skill sets they’d be overvalued. But that’s rarely the case.

      • Doughty

        last four seasons

        3.83 ERA
        3.76 FIP
        1.24 WHIP
        2.7 BB/9
        8.3 K/9
        3.07 K/BB ratio

        3.65 ERA
        3.59 FIP
        1.25 WHIP
        3.2 BB/9
        8.8 K/9
        2.78 K/BB ratio

        I understand what you’re saying with Kennedy’s 2013 performance being disturbing, as well as Samardzijas added value to the A’s this season relative to the impact Kennedy would make for us. I think it’d probably be a bigger deal for us to have him next season.

  • TWTR

    I wouldn’t give up anything other than a marginal prospect.

    • nycsportzfan

      I would offer something like Jake Cave and Rookie Davis or something, but no way to Jags and Clarkin.

  • Slap-Ass

    Mason Williams & Bryan Mitchell for IPK.

    • entonces

      That’s actually a reasonable offer. Maybe even Austin and Mitchell. or Bichette and Mitchell.

  • Daniel

    They’re gonna wind up screwing the system with this one. I really don’t want this. I’m not a fan of the guy. They’ll probably find a way to also get Denorfia or Smith or someone like that. I hate that this is necessary.

    • Old Man Time

      Did you not read the update to the original story?

  • Nathan

    I don’t remember much of IPK other than he replaced Moose for a while and had some success and then was pretty bad and either didn’t own up to being bad/had an attitude. That and he was traded for Grandy.

    • Dick M

      The brain trust soured on him. I always thought it was overblown though. I like a little cockiness in my pitchers.

      • CashmanNinja

        I think it’s hilarious how so many fans hate him simply because he said he “didn’t think he pitched that badly” after he got rocked 1 game. He didn’t mean it like “I was great!”. He was referring to his arm feeling good and that he was getting the movement he desired, but the other team was just hitting him. It wasn’t even a really cocky way that he said it, but some people don’t see it that way and absolutely hate him for it. It was probably not the best thing for him to say, but he was YOUNG. I believe he still qualified as a rookie and only had a handful of starts for us and people were ready to throw him under the bus.

        And then he was traded and helped us out (Granderson) and I feel fans keep the hate alive because he then goes and has a terrific year in Arizona. So all this hate, I believe…is simply frustration that he didn’t give us what he gave Arizona. If you can’t forgive a young guy for being a little cocky, but can turn a blind eye to a PED user then something is wrong.

  • Jake

    Rotation’s fine, assuming Pineda comes back- Kuroda, Pineda, Phelps, McCarthy, Green and possibly a serviceable Tanaka down the road. Rather see Cashman save those prospects and try to acquire an everyday RF.

    • Dick M

      The issue is next year. If we lose Tanaka and Kuroda doesn’t come back, then what do you really have?

  • RetroRob

    The thing that concerns me is Heyman said the Yankees weren’t considering Jags *and* Clarkin. That means they might be considering one of them. I’d trade either or both, but not a fan of IPK.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      All we know is what Jim Bowden is reporting.

      I don’t think IPK the guy’s to change plans on and trade two of your top picks from last year for, but I do wonder if the team is a bit starry-eyed by the presence of its new third base rental and, suddenly, isn’t looking to rocket Jagielo up the system. Completely baseless on my part, but I’ll put that out there.

      • Chip Rodriguez

        I hope they remember that Headley is just a rental, and as good as he is, he’s a Yankee until the end of this season.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    The problem with trading either Clarkin or Jagielo for Kennedy is that it is a step backward organizationally. You’re basically saying (and you may disagree if you like, but this will be perception) that you made a mistake trading away Kennedy in 2010, and you wasted two first round draft picks from 2013 to recover the mistake you let get away.

    I know that is oversimplifying, but it just looks bad. A lot of people haven’t forgotten IPK’s mealy-mouthed demeanor when he was here. Recent reports have suggested that people in the Yanks’ FO haven’t forgotten it either. And you purposely didn’t resign Soriano and Swisher to get 3 first rounders. Then you’re turning around and punting at least one of them before they even had a chance even though the Mason Williams, Slade Heathcotts and Cito Culvers of the world have stuck around and were untouchable for way too long. Ok maybe nobody wanted Culver, but still.

    I have no problem trading Jags or Clarkin, just make sure it’s WORTH it. Not a single person should say straight-faced that bringing back Kennedy under those circumstances is worth it. And it’s not merely about the caliber pitcher. Unfortunately, whether people care to admit it it not, it’s also about the massive douchebag you’re bringing back at the cost of a 2013 first rounder.

    • CMed21

      What mistake did they make trading away Kennedy? They got Granderson who people forget was an MVP type player who put up back to back 40 HR, 100 RBI, and scored 100 runs seasons at a premium position. Also Kennedy was injured most of the time he was with the Yankees, so he didn’t really get the full opportunity to succeed here like Hughes and Joba. With bad attitudes you got to learn to let that go, it was over 6 years ago when he was still a kid. Am I making excuses for him, no, but if he can help improve this team why wouldn’t you bring him back? At worst he could suck and they could let him walk after this season, I doubt the Yankees would give up tag much for him.

  • the Other Steve S.

    Only if they throw in Javier Vasquez.

  • TheRealGreg

    Must say this. I really get on Cashman for offseason moves. But in terms of in-season moves, he’s pretty good.

  • Joe C

    No! Please no! What makes them think that Ian Kennady the second time around will be any better than the first time around when it was a disaster. How do we know he’s not going to start blaming teamates for losing when he wasn’t pitching well to begin with. We don’t know and ya know what? I’d rather pass thank you very much.

    • TheRealGreg

      Was the first time around a disaster though? He only started 12 games and was injured so it’s hard to say that there was enough of a SS to say that it was a disaster

  • ac1

    They will look for another Brandon McCarthy type. I still think Dan Haren is a viable choice for change of scenery and he will give the innings. He is bad this year, but so was McCarthy and that seems to have resolved itself.

    • CashmanNinja

      Last year I would have agreed with Haren, but he’s been pretty brutal lately. I think the Dodgers are even skipping his start. He just isn’t the same pitcher anymore — mentally and physically.

  • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

    *Looks at source*

    *Sees Jim Bowden*

    *Moves along*

  • Slap-Ass

    I wouldn’t mind having IPK back because at least he’ll be willing to plunk a few batters.

  • frank

    Had it been any other writer my blood pressure may have moved but seeing it’s Bowden I just laugh. I expect his next tweet to say that the yankees are considering the trifecta, i.e. including judge as well for IPK.

  • Reggie C.

    I couldn’t stomach the loss of Clarkin especially with how promising a debut season the kid is having. Jagielo’s power has played well this season, and while he’s lost essentially a month and a half of games at High-A level, Jagielo should still out homer Judge which is pretty impressive imo. Could I be pushed to giving up Jagielo in a IPK trade…maybe. That I could stomach. IPK has turned into a solid mid-rotation starter.

  • Terrible Trade

    As someone who’s very into watching players come up through the system and going to minor league games (they’re a lot more affordable for a family to go to than MLB) I would absolutely freak out if they traded any top prospects for Kennedy, let alone two of the best like Jagielo and Clarkin. Kennedy was so terrible in AZ twomyears ago that they dumped him. His resurgence is a PetCo illusion. Heck his ERA was still over 4 last year, not only in the NL but the best pitchers park in it. Hes barely under 4this year. If the Pads really want to trade Kennedy, give them Mason Williams or Slade Heathcot for him. Heck they can have both.

    While trading prospects isn’t the worst thing for the Yankees to do because they are so terrible at developing them I still love to hope that their young players will be good some day. Its fun to follow.

    I can’t believe that the rumor is true, he definitely deserves some criticism for where the Yankees find themselves today but I think that Cash has done a great job at bringing potentially helpful players like Hedley and McCarthy without giving up much at all. Kudos for what he’s done so far.

  • Dave G

    Kennedy won 20 games with the Diamondbacks a couple years back. If the Yanks don’t want to part with a couple of unproven minor leaguers, say Hi to Cliff Lee.

  • Terrible Trade

    If it means only giving up money and not any real prospects I’d take what’s left of Cliff Lee seven days a week over Kennedy for good minor leaguers.

  • Friend of Fred Stanley

    Let’s remember that Jim Bowden began his baseball career as an errand boy for Marge Schott.