Cashman confirms Yankees do not have interest in Dan Uggla

Yanks open second half with 4-3 win over Reds
Game 96: Make It Two

While talking with reporters yesterday, Brian Cashman confirmed the Yankees do not have any interest in Dan Uggla. The Braves gave Uggla his unconditional release yesterday even though there is roughly $19M left on his contract. “I don’t see where he’d fit, to be honest,” said the GM to Bryan Hoch.

Uggla, 34, hit .162/.241/.231 (35 wRC+) with two homers in 145 plate appearances before his release. He’s put up a .175/.295/.332 (79 wRC+) line in 682 plate appearances over the last two years. Uggla doesn’t even hit left-handers at this point (60 wRC+ from 2013-14) and he’s a bad defender with no versatility (hasn’t play anywhere other than second in a decade). He’s an unrosterable player. He brings nothing to the table other than name value. Next.

Yanks open second half with 4-3 win over Reds
Game 96: Make It Two
  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    He’d be here in ten seconds if he could play a passable third. You know it.

    • Can

      How in the world is he an even remote replacement over Yangervis/Wheeler/Johnson at this point. (+35 wRC) is literally pathetic.

    • Steve (different one)

      I don’t know, they had ample opportunity to sign Stephen Drew to put up those same numbers…

      • ALZ

        But at a way different price.

        • ChuckIt

          What did the Red Sux pay? Correct me if I’m wrong,but i do believe Jeter is having the better season so far.

  • Yankee$

    Simply being unrosterable (in the absolute) isn’t the show stopper with this team now. The question to ask regards variations on the rosterability scale; ergo….is he more or less rosterable than other currently rostered players?

  • Can

    How in the world is he an even remote replacement over Yangervis/Wheeler/Johnson at this point. (+35 wRC) is literally pathetic.

  • jgibs

    And people say Cashman is a terrible GM.

    • ChuckIt

      There is no player available at the moment to play 2nd any better than Roberts,at the moment.Uggla is basically a reputation only option at the moment.Leave him in Philly.

  • Matt DiBari

    Thank God

  • Wayne

    If we give up Luis Severino Aaron Judge in a package for troy Tulowitzki that is bad gm job by cashman.
    Troy is 30 years old has over 100 million owed to him. He gets hurt more often now.
    That is like stealing the Mona Lisa or stealing the original Declaration of independence.
    Or stealing the biggest bank in the world’s money.
    It be like we were robbed by the stickup kids!

    • Tanuki Tanaka

      It will be okay though as long as we get to keep Ian Clarkin!!!

    • Oy

      Yeah, agreed. I think a package of Chris Leroux, Tyler Webb and Dustin Fowler should get it done as long as the Rockies pick up half the tab on Troy.

      • John

        The Rockies would throw the phone out the window and probably have somebody laugh so hard they’d regurgitate their coffee from that morning. It’d take at least Severino, Sanchez, Judge and probably Betances for Colorado to listen.

        We’re talking about the best SS in baseball currently, come on. Half of a season of Carlos Beltran netted Zach Wheeler, so put that into perspective.

  • ChuckIt

    Tulwitski will be chaper in the off,s too early to be emptying seats by trading your most marketable player.

  • hornblower

    Interesting how he dropped off after leaving South Florida.

  • CashmanNinja

    I also hope Cashman slams a door on those Edwin Jackson rumors as well. Yes, we definitely need a starter…but he’s just an awful fit for this team. He’ll give up more HRs than Phil Hughes.

  • Wayne

    How about we trade David Palladino , Ian Clarkin, Rob Refsnyder for Troy Tulowitzki.
    I would do it !
    Colorado gets back two premium starting pitching prospects and great offensive player who can play two positions right field if not second base.
    Plus we have to take Troy Tulowitzki’s whole contract back which is over 100 million for six years , while he is 30 years old and as i stated earlier gets hurt more often now!
    Anyone think that is enough to get Troy Tulowitzki?

    • CashmanNinja

      They’ll want Judge AND Severino with Clarkin and others. Think of it this way. If we had Tulo and another team wanted him…would you take someone’s filler prospects or would you take their better prospects?

    • edb

      No way u give up paladino in that deal. Clarkin str8 up only if they eat like 60 mil and send back a top 5 prospect. Maybe throw in Culver or segedin if they eat more cash.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      You are fucking delusional. You know that we’d have to give up DBJ and Culver, too.

  • scooter10

    Tulowitzski is a premier player with a favorable contract. $20m/year is actually a bargain. There’s no way the Rockies making the deal unless they get several of the Yankees premier prospects.

  • Arods cousin

    You miss my cousin now yes? He blows away all your bad boy third slackers even without my juice! Arods cousin .

  • hornblower

    He juiced in high school.