Injury Updates: Tex, Beltran, Thornton, Pineda

Scouting The Trade Market: D'Backs' Position Players
Breaking down the Yankees' record international free agent haul
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)
(Jared Wickerham/Getty)

Here some updates on various injured and banged up Yankees, courtesy of Brendan Kuty, George King, Kevin Kernan, and Chad Jennings.

  • Mark Teixeira (knee) may need to have fluid drained again at some point. He had surgery to clean up some cartilage during the 2007-08 offseason and has had to have it drained every once in a while since. Teixeira hasn’t had any trouble since sitting out a game last week.
  • Carlos Beltran (knee) was examined by doctors and told the swelling is only a minor issue. It’s his hamstring more than the knee and he remains day-to-day. “That happened to me before,” he said. “I came in [Monday] and had a lot of treatment. I feel better. I’m going to do the whole preparation and see if I can get into the lineup [Tuesday] … The doctor came and said these type of injuries, with anit-inflammatories, it can be back (to normal) soon.”
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) has been throwing off flat ground for more than a week now and everything is going fine. The Yankees are hopeful he can throw off a mound either later this week or early next week. “He’s playing catch,” said Joe Girardi. “He’s up to 90 feet. I think the hope is that at the end of the week, next week, we start to get him on a mound.”
  • Matt Thornton was unavailable for a few days last week due to soreness. Not sure if it was his arm or what. Thornton warmed up in the extra innings loss to the Rays last Monday, never got into the game, then did not pitch again until Saturday. He missed time with an oblique issue last year but otherwise has been pretty healthy since about 2004.
Scouting The Trade Market: D'Backs' Position Players
Breaking down the Yankees' record international free agent haul
  • Shane Greeddard

    Teixera and CC both have degenerative knee issues and both will be under contract for a few more years. CC’s already an albatross, Teixera has one of the only power bats in this lineup.

    Carlos resting is fine. McCann as DH worked and it gets Frankie more AB’s.

    Pineda won’t even get to throwing from the mound. They will do another MRI next week and find even more inflammation.

    Nobody even noticed that Matt Thorton was unavailable.

    • Robert

      I noticed when David Huff came into a game where his team was leading.

      • Black Ninja

        He’s a long reliever. They were trying to get him some innings in. Btw was anyone else excited that betances got his first save showing the future closer for the yankees

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      Who said that Tex’s knee issue is degenerative?

      • Admiral Ackbar

        IT’S A TRAP!

        • Timothy Geithner

          It’s a TARP!

          • Vince Coleman Dundee

            That’s not a tarp, this is a tarp!

    • ChuckIt

      Tex has a degenerative knee condition ? I have my left knee drained
      1 or 2 times a year (for the last 30) and I still go through my regular workout-2 mile jog every morning,50 miles walking per week,calisthenics,& power lifting.I’m 55 years old,and my knee is not degenerating,fluid on the knee is just ,albeit annoying,a condition.

  • MB923

    Question about Sabathia. His contract says it has a $5 million buyout after 2016. But it says he is guaranteed money in 2017 as long as he avoids shoulder (or elbow surgery). I’m just wondering if they buy it out, does he still get the money for 2017?

    If he still gets the money then there is no point in the buyout.

    • TWTR

      My reading of it is that if the conditions for the 2017 contract to be guaranteed aren’t met, he gets $5m.

      • TWTR

        Just to clarify, they can still agree to pay CC $25m in 2017 under the contract if they choose even if the contract doesn’t automatically vest per the listed terms (obviously, that seems highly unlikely now). If they choose not to, then he gets the $5m buyout.

        • The Great Gonzo

          Thanks for the clarify, TWTR. So, even at worst case scenario, he’s around for 2 more seasons.

          • I’m One

            I’m going from memory here, but I thought 2017 was a vesting option and if he completes 2016 with no shoulder surgery, then the option vests and the Yankees owe him the 2017 money. That would mean that the knee injury wouldn’t affect the option. I could be wrong and I’m sure someone will correct me if I am.

            • tom

              That is correct. 3 different ways (all related to pitching shoulder) to terminate 2017 option.

            • MB923

              Yes that part I understand. My confusion though was with the buyout. If they buy it out for $5 million after 2016 , then wouldn’t the 2017 season be irrelevant since his contract was bought out? I thought perhaps the buyout would supersede the vesting option? If that is NOT the case then I guess there is no point in the buyout.

              Sorry for the confusion fellas. I just think it makes a large difference in the payroll for that season.

    • greg

      yes, he gets his money, because the problem is knee not shoulder.

    • tom

      He still is on the hook for 25m in 2017. 2016 season will be a key factor for 2017 contract. That 25m is not guaranteed as of now.

  • cooolbreeez


    • JLC 776

      Is German for ‘the’.

      • Kosmo

        Der, Die, Das.

  • Robert

    Why must we continue to field banged up vets who are hitting under .250 cant run or field?
    How about DL a few for 15 days and give some Scranton players a chance?

    • I’m One

      Because the team is actually in the playoff hunt and most of those guys are performing reasonably well (Johnson excluded) and there is absolutely no guarantee the AAA guys will perform close to the level of the guys currently on the team???

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      It’s Tuesday. Today, Scranton is full of potential MLB options.

      On Wednesdays, Fridays, and every other Sunday, but only during the summer, AAA is full of retreads and Cashman failed.

      Please mark this on your calendars.

    • ChuckIt

      Because those Scranton players,though not banged up vets,are hitting under .250,& can’t run or field.