• Jon

    Do you think we’ll see Refsnyder before September call ups? If so, when and where do you expect him to play?

    • Jon

      My bad, put this in the wrong place. That’s what you get trying to do chat from smartphone.

  • Chip

    I worry that Levine/Cashman/Eppler/Newman/Oppenhiemer don’t have what it takes to create long term success in the new baseball paradigm that puts so much more of an emphasis on developing (and playing) your own players. The Yankees have basically been rolling with the same people for 30 years now – do you envision a scenario where they would bring in someone with a fresh perspective from another organization to take a holistic approach to remodeling the organization?

    • Old Man Time

      30 years? It’s more like half that and less.

    • nyyankfan_7

      No because the Yankees will always have the most money and therefore always field a decent team. Look at this year, everyone on this board acts as though they are as bad as the early 90’s teams all over again and they are 3.5 games out of a playoff spot….all with pretty much the worst case scenario for Arod, Beltran, McCann and the whole pitching staff.

      The only thing I think we will see change is the BS no negotiating before free agency crap – and in reality they haven’t lost a player because of that anyway. You can say Cano did, but I think he was going to test the market no matter what.

  • rudi1165

    A trade for headley, a SP like Lee/Hamels and a lot of luck enough to reach the postseason?