Robertson confirms there have been no extension talks with Yankees

2014 Midseason Grades: The Infielders
Scouting The Trade Market: Padres' Position Players

Via Anthony McCarron: Free agent-to-be David Robertson confirmed he has not yet had any contract extension talks with the Yankees. “We’ll see what happens (after the season),” he said while noting he’d like to remain in New York. “There haven’t been any talks, so we’ll see … There’s just been zero talks. When the offseason comes, it comes and we’ll hear what other teams and everybody else wants to say.”

Robertson, 29, is 23-for-25 in save chances with a 2.76 ERA (1.73 FIP) in 32.2 innings during his first year as Mariano Rivera‘s replacement. Among pitchers to throw at least 30 innings this year, he leads baseball with 16.26 K/9 (by 1.45!) and 44.7 K% (by 3.6%!). I am terrible at predicting free agent contracts but I hope something in the neighborhood of Rafael Soriano‘s three-year, $35M deal would work. That means he’ll probably end up with four years and $52M or so. I am all aboard team #ExtendDRob. Keep him and Dellin Betances and enjoy the luxury of having two elite relievers. Guys who can handle the late innings in pinstripes don’t grow on trees, you know.

2014 Midseason Grades: The Infielders
Scouting The Trade Market: Padres' Position Players
  • Adam

    This team has to have the most out-of-touch, foolish front office in all of baseball.

    • willie w

      they certainly aren’t the best

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      They’re not thinking what I’m thinking!

    • BigDavey88

      Who’s to say the front office has tried but Robertson/Robertson’s agent are smart enough to know that they would be missing out on money if he didn’t go the free agency route?

      • DMN

        If they’d tried, I don’t think we’d be hearing “there haven’t been any talks”.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          You find out far less than half of what this front office does on a daily basis.

          • Tom

            David Robertson said there have been no talks. Do you think he’s just lying/making this up?

            It’s not like this is some rumor or unnamed source. Why would you doubt this and try to paint it like you are doing?

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              You’re reading far too much into my comment.

              • Tom

                Then what’s your point? (in the context of the comment you are directly responding to)

                • Tom

                  Apparently no point…

                  • Jorge Steinbrenner

                    Can I offer you some sangria?

                    • Tom

                      And once again deflection…

                      Did you have a point?

        • ChuckIt

          your right.there’s always an inside source “close to ” the Yankees.

    • TWTR

      Trying to look at it from their perspective (even though I think both would be mistakes on their part), I can think of two reasons:

      1) Cashman’s hands are tied because Hal/Levine haven’t decided on a budget for next season or at least haven’t authorized an extension; or

      2) They (that would include Cashman) think they are so good at developing/acquiring relievers that they think Robertson can be replaced and they can achieve savings at the closer role which can be used elsewhere.

      In any case, if for some reason they aren’t going to go all-out to retain him, trade him now and get value back.

      • Steve (different one)

        Maybe they feel a first round pick and the accompanying draft pool $$ exceeds the value they could get now?

        A similar scenario 2 years ago netted Judge or Clarkin (forget which).

        • TWTR

          That could be true, and I considered that, but if they miss the playoffs for a second consecutive season, with all their holes on the ML roster and little immediate help (and the really, really extreme gut punch of Tanaka’s possible lingering absence), I’m skeptical that they won’t sign several top free agents in the upcoming offseason.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Disagree. Betances can close. If we can make a trade of Robertson to a contending team for an elite prospect (I mean, ELITE) at one of our positions of need for the rebuild I’d do it in a heartbeat. We’re so short, and we can always find another 8th-inning guy.

    • Captain Bawls

      You’re not going to get an elite prospect for a UFA reliever, no matter how good he is.

      • Vern Sneaker

        You might well be right. I’m only suggesting we shop.

    • Mike Axisa

      What team is realistically giving up an ELITE prospect for three months of an elite reliever?

      • willie w

        it’s happened before

        • The Great Gonzo

          I mean, The Red Sox do it all the time? What’s the worst that could happen???

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            The Cardinals just look at you, and it happens.

    • RetroRob

      I hear what you’re saying, but you’re really not disagreeing. You’re wishing. I’ll trade Robertson, or really anyone, if it will net something better. Reality is that while interest in Robertson will be high among a select few teams in contention, they’re not going to send back Oscar Taveras, or equivalent.

      If I’m in the Yankees situation, I wait to the end of the season and extend him a QO, which will limit his market. The market for relievers has not been kind, and attach a QO to it and the market collapses. Use the QO as a way to negotiate a longer term deal. Worst that will happen is they’ll be locked into Robertson for a year as an overpay. Best thing is they can negotiate a three year deal at a lower AAV than the QO.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    I think it’s stupid to pay big money for a closer. Delin Betances can close and if you say well you want him to pitch multiple innings then pitch him the 8th and 9th. Beane knows you don’t need a big money closer. Why doesn’t Cashman? Mariano was an all time great, Robertson isn’t.

    • scott

      Yet Beane traded for Jim Johnson and took on his $10mm salary.

      I love the “billy beane is the god of GMs” camp. How many WS has Billy Beane and moneyball won???

      The Yanks need to keep Robertson. He performs well in the role. Betances has one save. Sure he looks great in the BP right now, how many relievers are flashes in the pan. I would keep DRob for at least 2 more years and see if Betances can continue his success.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        “How many WS has Billy Beane and moneyball won???”

        Billy Beane individually? None.
        The general principles of Moneyball? Well they have contributed to several.

        I always laugh when people point out that the A’s haven’t won a World Series as if that by itself is an indictment of money ball.

        It seems to me the measure of whether Beane has been successful or not as a GM isn’t how the A’s compare with teams with 3X, 5X, or 10x the resources, it’s how they compare with teams with similar resources, which casts a very favorable light on Beane and the A’s. Moneyball is basically about making the most of limited resources. I’d say Oakland has done very well on that front.
        Is he perfect or a GM god? Of course not.
        But he has been extremely successful given the resources he has to work with.

        • willie w

          good reply
          solid opinion
          you spoke it the way it really is

          thank you

        • RetroRob

          Billy Beane is still the smartest GM in the game.

        • Scott

          So name me the other moneyball teams that won the WS?

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            To be fair, it put some names on the map that have gone on to be contributors on championship teams, such as Kosmo’s favorite player of all time.

    • Ralph

      I don’t get the why have 2 great late inning relievers when you can have 1 mentality. You keep Robertson, not cause you don’t think Betances can’t close, but because you want to have as many great late inning relievers as possible.

      • bpdelia

        Yup. The greatest advantage this team has, can’t believe I even have to say this again, is the MONEY.

        One of the major separating factors of the last 90s teams was the money to have an a absurdly deep and productive bench and bullpen.

        The Yankees obviously have a budget but it isn’t close to other teams budget.

        Robertson and bettances is a devastating late inning weapon.

        That’s a solid piece to have. Hell they need MORE relievers actually.

        For the Ads Robertson would be such a significant chunk of total payroll that it would be limiting and potentially disastrous if he went all pumpkin suddenly.

        For the Yankees though? The number of prime years impact free agents is going down. At some point it will swing back and players will stop signing extensions but right now it severely hampers the Yankees ability to flex their one massive advantage.

        Extending a guy who is a top notch player at his position. A guy who would close on probably at least 27 other teams and who literally every team in the game could use is a way to use their money.

        I think elite relievers are a market inefficiency now. They might be overpaid by $/war ratio (though even the leverage index war seems light to me. Obviously teams are valuing elite relievers above what the $/war says they should) but the fact that you never have to give them over three or at most four years means it’s unlikely that it becomes an albatross.

        Especially for this team.

        I’m thinking they just understand that no one can outbid them if they really want to acquire a player.

        It’s a little disconcerting that there hasnt been any talk though. That’s how guys get a little pissed off and start feeling unappreciated.

  • DERP

    Make a QO and hope that kills his market

    • The Great Gonzo

      I would not be at all surprised if Robertson accepts that QO and plays for 3x the money he’s ever earned in his professional career…

      He doesn’t seem the greedy type, rather the type of guy who wants to play where he is comfortable. And he’s shown he’s comfortable in Pinstripes.

      • RetroRob

        He might, although I’m sure he’d rather have at least a three year deal for $36MM. Any team wanting to sign him would have to beat the Yankees money and give up a draft pick. I don’t see it happening. They are in the driver’s seat on this one if they want him back. This is not a Cano situation.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Big fan of D-Rob, Warren and Betances combo.

    If only a few of our other relievers could figure out how to be halfway decent we could stop blowing out Dellin’s arm in the fireman role.

  • Christ is King

    Gentlemen, you guys know more baseball than I do… I lurk on this site everyday and read the comments but would like to say something…

    A couple years back, D Rob was this LIGHTS OUT cant touch him set up guy, and as a closer he’s been hittable… Not too long ago the majority of us were done with Betances and his control issues. He was always in the shadow of Banuelos… all of a sudden he’s in the pen as a long relief/set up type of guy and we are singing praises. Granted Mo was terrible as a starter and ended up being Mo as a closer, but let’s give Betances a LITTLE more time before crowning him and pushing D Rob out the door..

    Just my opinion.

    • JonS

      Agreed. No way I trust Betances after just one year. Extend drob abd let’s see what Dellin does fir more than one year.

      • The Great Gonzo

        Hasn’t even been a year yet.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      DRob’s been hittable?

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        I think he meant un-.

        I hope he meant un-.

    • Farewell Mo

      I thought LeBron was King?

      • The Great Gonzo

        I thought Romeo Santos was the King?



        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Romeo Santos to the 8th!

          • RetroRob

            Still don’t know who he is. : -)

        • Revan


      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Long live King Luol!


        • Farewell Mo

          Jordan is the King, LBJ is a prince and Deng is more like the 2nd cousin of a guy the prince used to hang out with in his childhood.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I found myself wishing the New York Post covered the Heat, just to read the headline “LOL Deng.”

            Maybe they’ll have the cap room to add one more guy and at least roll deeper. I like that the rest of the crew is back.

    • Mike Axisa

      Opponents have a .197 AVG against Robertson this year, second lowest of his career behind 2011.

      • bpdelia

        I think the context of his comment makes it clear on a second reading that he meant unhittable. That was a comment arguing for an extension and wait and see approach with bettances.

        Which seems a pretty reasonable position to take.

  • TWTR

    That is disappointing to hear.

  • Farewell Mo

    I think the Yanks will extend him whether it be now or in the offseason.
    He’s closer now, is a home grown Yankee and who really is going to outbid them?
    He’s certainly good enough and young enough to give a 3-4 year deal at $12-14 million per which I think would easily get it done.

    • The Great Gonzo

      ‘I think the Yanks will extend him whether it be now or in the offseason.
      He’s closer now, is a home grown Yankee and who really is going to outbid them?’

      Almost EXACTLY what we all thought about Robinson Cano this time last year.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        You shut your whore mouth.

      • Dalek Jeter

        See what Jorge said. Whore.

      • RetroRob

        Very different situation as I noted above. I won’t repeat myself…at least at this exact moment. : -)

      • bpdelia

        Yeah, I mean, if someone offers Robertson a ten year bajillion dollar contract they won’t match but….. He’s going to get paid like a reliever. I think they are very very different situations.

        I was never sure that cano would be back. I think arod stung them away from ten year contracts for awhile.

        In fact Alex was exactly the same age, and for all the press about how durable and not injury prone cano is, people should go look at Rodriguez’s bref page. He was EXACTLY as durable as cano, more so even.

        Health in ones middle twenties isn’t a perfect predictor of health in ones middle 30s.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner


    – Who said “after the season,” DRob’s camp or the Yankees? Extension talk could begin tomorrow, for all we know. Seems like an odd thing to throw out unless one of the camps is intent on waiting it out. Seems stranger that the camps choosing so would be the Yankees, unless….

    – The longer they wait, the more I feel like they’re seriously giving thought to handing the keys to Betances. That’s not a good call, to me. He still hasn’t completely shaken my feeling that he’s mercurial on the mound, and I think one of the biggest plusses for this team this season has been the depth on the front end of the bullpen. Sure, a Lindgren/Burawa/Montgomery/Ramirez/Goody could emerge next season, but I’d rather not have to worry about that.

    – At the start of the season, I’d say there was zero motivation for DRob to sign an extension. At this point, halfway through the season, he’s getting paid like a closer whether it’s now or Novemeber. The only question is whether his plan is to test the open market, no matter, or if he’d rather avoid that and just get a good deal from the Yankees.

    – I’d be pushing extention all the way right now if I was the Yankees. No question about it.

    • bpdelia

      And when he have the resources this team has. Vast resources. Unimaginable freaking resources.

      Seems like having lindgren etc to ADD to the dynamic duo would be nice.

      Like I said above. With less and less opportunity to buy super elite players in their prime it might be time to go to a super Beane on steroids approach.

      There aren’t super stars hitting free agency anymore. But there are highly super useful players every year.

      Flex the financial muscle by building a team with absurd depth. Get the best possible platoon options at several positions and create a bullpen without weakness.

      Then when a can’t pass up guy finally becomes available pounce knowing that you have a deep and talented roster looking for one more player.

      The length of platoon player and reliever contracts are always short enough to NOT be disastrous.

      I think it’s a viable method.

      Especially considering the glut of elite starting pitching that is available.

      Teams need quality innings.

      Why not have a bullpen where your fifth reliever is a8 million dollar a year set up man. Where you never ever have to bring someone is who isn’t better than what it’s currently on the mound.

      The Yankees need to explore new and innovative ways to build a team that properly leverage their strengths.

      Just sayin is all.

  • No More

    The one area the Yanks are good at and can lock it down for the next four years is the pen, and they are mucking it up right now.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Not all that surprising, D-Rob has been in the shadow of the greatest reliever of all time for his entire career and was stuck in some quasi-equality with a very good closer in Soriano for a number of years. This is the first time he’s been given the opportunity to close (something he’s had the ability to do for essentially his entire career) and because saves mean money this is going to be the only season he’s going to be able to say “look how many saves I have,” so why wouldn’t he want to say that to the open market, and with contingency plans in Betances and Warren as good as Robertson is there’s no reason to rush to extend him now. He’s earned the right to go to free agency, and it really would just be poor business sense for him to even discuss an extension right now. If the numbers get leaked then every other team has the “Well your own team thinks you’re only worth X.”

  • Christ is King

    Jesus Christ is the King of kings.. there i fixed it.

    Again, we need to see more of Dellin

    • RetroRob

      Speaking of which, ummm, what have you been up to the last few thousand years. I’m sure you can get a few people out. How are you at second? Or third?

    • Farewell Mo

      Dellin is an absolute beast so the more of him the better so long as they don’t Proctorize him.

  • Dick M

    He should have been extended years ago. Compact, repeatable delivery. 2 plus pitches. A bulldog with a big heart. Has done nothing but get guys out since he got here.

    Fucking this up, with all of our resources, is mind boggling.

    • ChuckIt

      You have to remember-every year they have to pay someone in a now situation.They always wait on resigning or extending contracts to the last minute

    • Steve (different one)

      Serious question:

      2 years ago DRob was earning $1.6M. Name the terms of a contract extension that would have made sense for both sides. It’s hard to come up with something that made sense for the Yankees that wasn’t a bad economic decision for DRob.

      This is probably one of those rare cases when it made sense for both sides to wait. It made sense for the Yankees to wait because DRob was being paid as a middle reliever through his arb years. And it made sense for DRob to wait because waiting means he’ll get paid as a closer.

      As RetroRob said, the QO makes it likely he’ll be back.

      This is nothing like Cano.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      If you’re David Robertson in 2012, I think you see the writing on the wall. You know Mariano is coming back for one season, probably his last, and you know you’ve got a reasonable shot at replacing him.

      Do you accept the team’s overtures to extend you at the 3-4 mil a year they’d probably offer at the time, or do you roll the dice?

  • Eric S.

    Dick M is on the mark – with this FO and Ownership lets see – Cano last year and Andy in 03 both losses hurt

  • Yan Solo

    Extend him. I believe he’s worth it and will bring year after year success. He was well-groomed to ease seamlessly into Mo’s role. If the A’s are so good at Moneyball, look at the Yankees success at closers, set up men, and relievers in general. History dictates they’ve worked out the formula in the BP.

    Wetteland (Mo rises as the setup man/multiple innings guy to get to Wetteland) —>
    Mariano given the reigns and time to become the best of all time (Ramiro Mendoza provides the set up for Mo; granted he was never going to be Mo, but for a lot of years he was the trusted 8th inning guy and multiple (7th/8th) when needed; Soriano brought in for a few years to ease Robertson into that role and allowed to walk as Robertson got closer to be the “closer”) —->
    David Robertson (Dellin Betances emerges as the set-up man to complement DRob; when needed can go multiple innings, especially when he’s mowing through them with 99mph heaters and devastating breaking balls in 9-11 pitches/inn).
    The only question in my mind is “Why mess with a good thing?” Extend Robertson for 4 years (maybe 5 if that’s what it takes; it’s not like giving Cano 10 years, instead of 7-8, at over 240M, instead of 175-180M).
    Betances is far from a given at this point, but is emerging as possibly the next possible great Yankee closer (after possibly DRob himself depending on his path) if he continues this route. He’s not eligible to become a free agent until 2020, so there’s plenty of time to easy him into that role or, if he has several seasons of success like this one, sell extremely high based on sustained success with several team control years remaining, especially if Robertson becomes a lock down closer until he’s ready to walk away like Mo (well, almost like Mo, no one’s ever walking away like Mo again).
    Robertson may not be Mo, and he has allowed for more runners at times (but let’s not pretend like Mo never allowed anyone on base) than we would like. But even that is perception based on comparisons to Mo’s legend. But his numbers (as Mike noted) point out that he’s among the cream of the crop right now and likely can continue to be for years ahead. Extend him. Groom Betances more and focus on all the areas that ARE question marks for the next 6 years!! One man’s opinion…

    • Yan Solo

      Also, I should add that by “extend him” I mean go ahead and actually work something out now (something the Yankees are going to have to start doing anyway in the new economics of the game) or just make sure as hell he doesn’t walk as a FA. I lumped the two together as the same thought but didn’t clarify it.
      I really think the history of how the Yankees have managed that role pre-Mo, Mo, and post-Mo is one of success and they should continue that trend.

  • TommyJohnSmithCarlos

    Yankees history suggests that late inning pinstripe relievers have been found time and time again. THink Wetteland, Mo, Robertson, Betances, Joba, Hughes, Warren, Mendoza, Stanton, Proctore, Gossage, etc. I don’t want Robertson getting paid as much as GGBG