• Darren

    Yeah Jeets. Too bad the respect Jeter gets on this site is more appropriate to a different #2 — Mike Gallego.

    • Chip

      There’s a difference of respecting him for his career accomplishments and understanding that he’s diminished to the point that he probably shouldn’t be hitting second

    • Joel R

      Oh, come on. No one wore the #2 like Wayne Tolleson. Except maybe Paul Blair.

      • Darren

        Paul Blair was very good, at least as a defender. Tollie was not.

  • Stratocaster

    Really cool. Well done.

  • Jvelaz

    Gave me cold chills!

    • Rick

      +2 … amazing

  • JAG

    It makes me feel like it would be truly fitting to his career for Jeter to get a walk-off hit (we’ll say hit rather than homer because, come on) in the final game of his career (ideally the World Series but again, come on), serenaded by that chant that we’ve all heard and after this year will never hear again:

    “De-rek Je-ter!” CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP

    Hearing a chant like that from a crowd has to be an amazing feeling. This video seems to show it and they’re not even chanting any of our names.

  • YankeeFan

    Just took a screenshot on my cell phone of that image with Mo, Andy, Torre, Tino, and Jorge saluting Jeter. Wow what an image.

    • Jeetah #2

      Loved that, though I also wish they made room for Bernie at the table.

  • Sorrybut

    This is a great ad, but they forgot to show the end of that at bat after he steps up to the plate — the part where he grounds into a rally-killing, inning-ending double-play.

    • Matt

      Uh, I guess Deadspin reads the comments on River Ave Blues?


    • http://NYBronxBombers24-7 Antcarrion

      Maybe he did hit into GIDP maybe he got a hit, maybe he should not be hitting second then again maybe he does. He is the first Yankee to get 3000 hits, 2000 allstar MVP and Worldseries MVP the only player to do it in the same year. I say he’s earned it, Oh! by the way he has 5 worldseries rings I’ll take him any time of the day.

  • hey now

    I miss Bob Sheppard.

    Sitting in the bleachers in the old Stadium, hearing him introduce soon-to-be legends are the memories that will last with me forever.

    • RetroRob

      The Yankees really have hidden the announcer now at the Stadium. You can’t even hear him during the broadcasts.

      • BWillFan51

        Thats cause the new guy has an awful voice.

  • RetroRob

    Cool ad.

    I’ll watch it from time to time next year as we enter the sadness of the Brendan Ryan era, or who/what/it is manning short.

  • Mike Myers

    Next year hearing

    “As-Dru-Bal Cab-Re-Ra” wont sound as nice….

  • JonS

    That was an amazing commercial.

    What they didn’t show next though was him GIDP. :D

    • JonS

      But seriously, that was an awesome commercial. I’m glad to have gotten to see him play multiple times.

    • Winter
  • Monkey Guy

    That’s really great. Damn.

  • Chip

    They really nailed that one. The picture of all those Yankee greats at the table was perfect

    • RetroRob

      That’s funny, but that was the one part of the commercial where I was struggling to see who was in it, recognizing Torre quickly, but then it moved on. Then again, I was watching it partial screen.

      • D$1184

        They do go past that clip very quickly and it’s not well-light. I saw Mo and Andy pretty well but then before I could see the rest of them, the shot ended.

        For the record, from left to right, it’s Mo, Andy, Torre, Tino and Posada, who’s face is really in shadow.

  • Leg-End

    That is fantastic.

  • Monkey Guy

    That’s downright moving.

  • Farewell Mo

    Most if not all of us will be dead and buried before seeing another Yankee with the excellence and class of Derek Jeter

  • Mark from Chicago

    Every now and then it’s nice to reminded why I’ve been a life-long Yankee fan. Well done, Nike. Well done.

  • Yan Solo

    Loved the commercial. The Mets players and mascot was hilarious! And of course, the table brought chills. But I have to say, “they couldn’t make room or Bernie?!” Seriously, dude’s going to completely be the most forgotten significant piece of that era in no time at all…

    • Yan Solo

      *for Bernie

      • RetroRob

        Where was A-Rod? : -)

    • Monkey Guy

      Bernie didn’t retire yet, did he?

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    it was crass

    just another way to monetize his retirement.

    It’s the same way they’ve been selling each game worn jerseys on Steiner for 50K.

    it made me lose re2pect for him

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      Oh, so you’re the guy who had all his pets run over by Jeter’s legion of Fords and was subjected to watching Jeter nail every female member of your family and then not even get any gift baskets for their efforts.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      The Yankees…….try to make money on everything?! My virgin ears!!

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    There will never be another Mariano Rivera. There will never be another Derek Jeter. Thank your lucky stars every night that you were to witness the careers of two Yankees who future generations will view in awe the way we think of past greats like Ruth and Gehrig.

    Thank you, Captain.

  • oldguy

    That ad was about as good as 90 seconds on TV can get. Left me sad, because its hard to believe that 19 years of Jeter have flown by so quickly. Second…seeing the Core 4 and Tino sitting around the table, classy and great as they were, and realizing that we may never be so spoiled again. Especially MO and Jeter…two of the absolute greatest of all time, playing their entire careers on one team.,,,,our team.
    As a fan of 49 years…I can assure you, guys like Jeter and Mo come along rarely. So cut him a break..he’s earned it…don’t worry so much about Jeter batting second or hitting into double plays.

  • L

    Love it!

    Can someone help me out, why are the Met’s players faces blurred out?

    • JK

      Really?? You have to even ask that question?? Why do you think they were blurred out?