Link Dump: Trades, Headley, Gardner, Castillo

Game 114: Win it for Teixeira's pinkie
Greene tames the Tigers, Yankees win 1-0 in series finale
(Rich Schultz/Getty)
(Rich Schultz/Getty)

I have a whole bunch of stray links lying around in the wake of the trade deadline and I’m not quite sure what do with them, so I might as well dump them all in one post. Here are some miscellaneous links and notes as the Yankees and Tigers wrap up their series in the Bronx (game thread).

Yankees add most projected production at trade deadline

Although they didn’t land a big fish like Jon Lester or David Price, the Yankees were one of the most active teams prior to the trade deadline, making four deals that qualified as what Brian Cashman called “incremental upgrades.” Friend of RAB Eno Sarris put together a real quick and dirty analysis looking at which teams added the most production at the trade using projected WAR. It’s a simple WAR coming in minus WAR going out calculation. The Yankees added 2.0 WAR (projected!) at the deadline, by far the most in baseball. The Mariners were second at 1.3 WAR. Those incremental upgrades, man. They add up in a hurry.

Headley loves New York, surprising

Chase Headley has only been a Yankee for a bit more than two weeks now, but that has been long enough for New York to grow on him. He told Ken Davidoff he never expected to enjoy playing in Bronx as much as he has. “If you had told me a couple of weeks ago that I would enjoy playing in New York, I would’ve told you you’re crazy … You don’t know what to expect when you come to a clubhouse with this many All-Stars and established guys and great players. You don’t know how you’re going to be accepted in a clubhouse and be treated. And it’s been phenomenal. Top-notch organization, and then I’ve loved every second I’ve been here and I anticipate that I will as long as I’m here,” said Headley. He has also told people with the team how much he’s enjoyed it as well, says Jon Heyman. Headley will be a free agent after the season and re-signing him is something to consider once the final 50 games play out, but for now he’s fit in wonderfully and given the Yankees a big lift.

Red Sox, Rays blacklisted Yankees at deadline

According to David Lennon, the Red Sox and Rays were both told by ownership they could not deal Lester and Price to the Yankees at the trade deadline. Each team was free to trade their lefty ace anywhere but the Bronx. Nick Cafardo says the Yankees did try to engage the BoSox on both Lester and John Lackey, but no dice. The Bombers also called Tampa about Price, says Bob Nightengale, but again, it wasn’t happening. Oh well, what are you going to do. I’m not sure if the Yankees could have put together competitive offers for the two southpaws anyway.

Gardner’s ever-changing approach

This has been a career year for Brett Gardner, as he continues to hit for a surprising amount of power while maintaining his pesky leadoff hitter on-base ability. It’s been a blast to watch. Jeff Sullivan looked at Gardner’s sudden power production and, long story short, found that he’s adjusted to the way pitchers were pitching him. They were treating him like a slap hitter with fastballs in the zone. Like a hitter who couldn’t hurt them. Gardner has become more aggressive and learned how to better pull the ball in the air, a trademark of hitting coach Kevin Long. The league basically dared him to adjust to the way they pitched him, and he’s done exactly that.

Rusney Castillo’s workout scheduled for tomorrow

Free agent Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo is scheduled to have a private workout with the Yankees at their Tampa complex tomorrow, according to George King. He has already had private workouts for the Phillies, Red Sox, Cubs, and Mariners. Ben Badler recently dropped a Rajai Davis comp on Castillo, in case you’re wondering what type of player he is. King says the outfielder may fetch upwards of $45M.

Game 114: Win it for Teixeira's pinkie
Greene tames the Tigers, Yankees win 1-0 in series finale
  • The Great Gonzo

    New York loves you too, Chase. Now please stay and be awesome forever.

  • Tanuki Tanaka

    I could be wrong but I remembered for a while Damon was kinda doing the thing where he is generally patient but will ambush some first pitches that he likes.

  • TWTR

    We need to start a “Keep Headley Fund!!!

    • Asher Dratel

      I was leaning towards wanting to re-sign him just to have 3rd base nailed down, but he’s so darn adorable in that interview I am totally on board now.

    • Cool Yankees Dude

      Lemme smash open my piggy bank and see what I can spare

  • Slu

    I will admit to being against Headley because I thought he was overrated based on his 2012, but his play has really turned me around thus far.

    • austria1165

      Absolutely! He is a defensive monster. Headlay at 3B and A-Rod SS in 2015? Possibie?

  • troach42

    Can someone please explain to me how a “Rajai Davis comp” translates into $45 M?

    • Harris K.

      The Rajai Davis comp was said to be before Castillo’s “rapid strength increase” in the article.

    • Too_Many_Idiots

      It’s two differing thoughts that aren’t linked together. Ben Bradler compared him to Davis as a player. The “upwards of $45” figure comes from scouts who are speculating on what size contract he will receive. It’s not meant to be read as “Davis comp translates into a $45M contract”.

  • Friend of Fred Stanley

    Not exactly shocking to hear of the Red Sox’ unwillingness to trade Lester to New York given how neurotic Larry Lucchino is about the Yankees.

  • captainmike

    if we resign headley, what do we do with A-Rod ?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Somehow, I think Alex will answer that for us.

  • captainmike

    I really want to see gardner stealing a lot more bases
    ricky Henderson could do it all, gardner should still be able to steal a lot more than he is this year

    • captainmike

      does anyone know why he is stealing at a pace that is about half of 2010 and 2011 ?

      • vicki

        clearly it’s his comfort level. it’s like bunting to beat the shift; fans can wish it for him, but ultimately it’s his game.

      • YakaTanaka

        Last season I thought that it might be hesitancy coming off the wrist injury, but I don’t know.

  • Jerkface

    After Tanaka & Betances, Gardner is my favorite thing about this season. He has been hated on by select elements of the Yankee community for his entire tenure as a Yankee when he has done nothing but produce at an above average rate. Its nice that he is emphatically excelling at the plate now.

    • dickylarue

      It was mostly the Melky truthers who were hating on him as if it became some caucasian vs Latino referendum. Melky played his way off the team when he was dealt and Gardner earned his spot. And I’d love to have both of them in the OF together next season.

    • vicki

      what moron circles have you been running in for the last five years? nobody worth talking to has disparaged brett gardner since he’s been an everyday starter.

      • Deep Thoughts

        I assume he’s talking about stuart a or mick taylor, which see your comment.

    • blake

      He’s been terrific

    • Deep Thoughts

      I’ve always liked Gardner’s game with one minor exception. Who is the coach who specializes in helping players not slide headfirst into first base? Because I would like him to work with Brett Gardner.

  • Barbara

    Hey guys. I think that the key to the future is to trade Gardner since we already have a center fielder.
    Also, everybody said A-rod would never play again. Now they all say he will?

    • YakaTanaka

      Trade Gardner for what?

  • Septhinox

    $45m is a lot of money for a Rajai Daivs comp. Please pass Cashman.

    • YakaTanaka

      Prospect watching is really an art and opinions are going to range widely on most players. Comps, especially, are usually pretty worthless. Badler says Davis, but there are also “Gardner with more power” comps. $45m is also the high end of the ranges that I’ve seen. We’ll see how much money he actually gets and who ends up being right.

  • YankeePhan1234

    I’d love to see Headley resigned for next year. Granted A-Rod says he wants to return, but it would still be nice to have him as he has shown he can fill in at 1st also.

  • Cool Yankees Dude

    Can we stop pretending like A-Rod will ever be relevant again outside of the court room and start using Headley as the everyday 3B when the season ends?

    • dickylarue

      It’s obvious to everyone. Hopefully, the Yankees realize it and don’t penny pinch because Arod’s salary counts next year. He should not, at all, be thought of as an everyday player. If the Yankees head into next season thinking Arod is then they are not trying. Period.

      • Cool Yankees Dude

        I don’t think A-Rod should be playing MLB ball anymore, period. At this point the Yankees should find a way to get rid of him, even if it means trying to sue over breach of contract somehow. It’s extreme, but I really hate A-Rod.

        • Bolek

          Who cares?

          • Cool Yankees Dude

            It’s a big deal for the Yankees.

  • Since_77

    Yanks need to re-sign Headley. He is not a start but a consistent performer. Can’t rely on 40 year old coming off of major hip surgery and hasn’t played in two years. A-Rod would be luck to compete for At Bats as the DH. In 2015 it will be 2 years since he faced live pitching on a consistent basis.

    • YakaTanaka

      They may re-sign Headley, but Prado also gives them some nice flexibility if they don’t.

  • Dick M

    We all want Headley back. Unfortunately, it ain’t that simple.

    Hal’s got a budget. We need a SS and, if Tanaka goes down, a starting pitcher. Then there’s DRob.

    We need the insurance to kick in on ARod.

    In the meantime, we enjoy Headley while we can.

    • YakaTanaka

      Part of it depends on his cost, as well. He’s got a bad back, so committing a lot of money is going to depend in part of the medical diagnosis.

  • EndlessMikeJr

    I keep hearing about these Cubans being comps but no one thought Puig, Cespedes and Abreu were as good as thee have been.The Yankees can’t keep missing these Cuban players when they all become better than advertise.

    • YakaTanaka

      I’d say Puig is the only one of those three who has seriously exceeded expectations. Abreu is probably at the upper threshold and Cespedes is probably at expectations. There’s been a good run recently, but not every player in Cuba is a future MLB All-Star. The moment teams start assuming they can’t miss on Cuban imports is the moment they’ll become overvalued and you’ll see some high-profile busts.

      • Deep Thoughts

        Case in point, Brohamys Igawa.

    • Too_Many_Idiots

      Two or three exceeding expectations does not mean all Cuban players will do the same. That’s very naive thinking. Look at the list of players who have defected and see for yourself how many fail vs how many succeed.