Yankees activate Brian McCann, send down Austin Romine

Andrew Bailey will not pitch this year, has suffered a "few setbacks"
Game 122: Take the Series

As expected, the Yankees have activated Brian McCann off the 7-day concussion disabled list. Austin Romine was sent back to Triple-A Scranton in a corresponding move. McCann missed one week plus a day after taking a foul tip to the face mask. Good to see it was a relatively minor concussion and not something that lingered for an extended period of time.

Andrew Bailey will not pitch this year, has suffered a "few setbacks"
Game 122: Take the Series
  • 518forever

    Shouldve put cervy in at DH today lol hes hitting the ball better than just about everyone at this point.

    • TB

      Its hard to put your other catcher in the DH spot….Any injury you lose the DH

  • UnKnown

    Great news for the playoff push.

  • Bigdan

    Brett Gardner LF
    Derek Jeter DH
    Jacoby Ellsbury CF
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Carlos Beltran RF
    Brian McCann C
    Chase Headley 3B
    Stephen Drew SS
    Martin Prado 2B

    Today’s lineup. With Drew at SS and Jeter at DH, probably the best lineup the Yanks could put out there today both offensively and defensively against a righty. Don’t normally think of Jeter as an ideal DH choice, but on this 25 man roster who else would you choose? I guess maybe Cervelli but you can’t do that with only two catchers. Would love to see Almonte or Pirela as the DH bat but of course you know that will never happen with Girardi around.

    Once again, and even closer than yesterday, a preview of next year. Just substitute Arod for Headley and add your rotational DH and now you have it. I could see Ells and Gardner one, two and maybe Beltran three. Arod/Tex four/five and then you go from there. I still think a productive Prado could be very key for next year.

  • Hankflorida

    If Beltran can play right, McCaan can DH with Cervelli catching. It is important that we go with the best offense, and Prado could play against lefties until he can show that he can hack it against all pitching. In my view from the bridge, the teams contending for the 2nd Wildcard are in a separate league and that is where my focus is.

    • TB

      Hank its not a good idea to DH one of your catchers… Anything happens to the other catcher you lose the DH spot

      • Madrugador

        While putting one of your catcher into the DH spot does risk losing the DH, at this point If that is what it takes to win games then that is a risk the team will have to accept.

        • TB

          Well you should realize that catcher is the position that generates the most injuries that are non pitcher related.. Now when we have September 1st call ups and are carrying 3 catchers then this theory is fine but not before September 1st

      • 86w183

        Generally I disagree with that mindset. How often does your catcher not finish the game? 10X a year if not less. However, with McCann coming off the concussion DL it would be pretty foolish to risk it.

      • http://yankees.lhblogs.com/ Need Pitching & Hitting

        Does losing the DH spot really downgrade the offense though?

    • Bpdelia

      But McCann is the superior defender. If cevelli has a bat that needs to be in the lineup (amazing we’ve come to this point. Feels like 1991 Claudell Washington Mel hall days again) then he should be the dh..

      McCann has turned his year around and looked basically like the player he’s always been for the last several weeks.

      I’m very confident hrs going to be a 260/340/450 type guy going forward.

      Which is great though in the Yankees of the past fifteen years that guy bays 7th or 6th. They have the foundation of a real nice team. Two real bats from being a very competitive team.

      But they need two real elite type bats. How quickly those are added by whatever means will dictate how quickly this team is a top tier team again. I’m relatively optimistic that within 3 years they will be competing for deep playoff runs again.

      • Bigdan

        You are right. The Yanks need exactly two bats. A No. 3 and a No. 4 hitter. But I don’t see how that can happen in the near future. All the spots for next year are taken and paid for with Arod coming back. The only thing that I would recommend is making Beltran the perm DH and going out and acquiring the biggest badest OF bat they can find (Kemp?). But I don’t think they will do that. They want Beltran in RF and the DH open to rotate. So basically next year’s lineup is this year’s without Jeter and with Prado and Arod and maybe Drew.

        • TB

          I wouldn’t go near kemp or his contract and you cant make Beltran a full time DH – the spot needs to remain open to rotate players for days off especially with AROD coming back – he is no doubt going to DH some

          • Bigdan

            Perhaps but I don’t know where the improvement is going to come from then. The Yankees now are one of the worse teams in the league in scoring. Only Boston is more inept. I just don’t how you can get much better by only adding a almost 40 year Arod, a full year of Prado and maybe Drew.

            • TB

              Our big offensive addition is going to be AROD and the hope that McCann and Beltran return to form…
              Possibly the signing of Castillo to play 2nd base or SS also.
              That’s it – the outfield is set for next season – Its Gardy-Ellsbury and Beltran…. I do think Beltran will be more productive next season. The bone spur in the elbow no doubt has been part of his issue this season…

      • Go Win

        My expectations on McCann are a bit below yours but not much. Maybe 250 / 320 / 400. His Power seems to have faded a bit, but the overall hitting skills I think are there. As you mention, these numbers are more consistent with a 6th hitter than a 4 or 5.

        I also agree that we are 2 good middle of the line-up batters from having a respectable offense. I don’t see how they will be able to get more than one externally in the off-season as there are very limited attractive options in this year’s free agency.

        Based on the above, I see that they will rely in Beltran having a rebound season after his surgery.

  • MThreeRozansky

    Thank you. Go sit down Cervelli, and try not to annoy everyone on the bench in the process.


    maybe the shot in the head will make Mccann remember how to hit