Mattingly next in line, but what about Bowa?

Yanks lose; vultures circle
Steinbrenner: "They will turn this around quickly."

Following up on my post from last night questioning whether or not Torre should stay, Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman notes that Don Mattingly is next in line to succeed Joe Torre as the Yankee skipper. While I’m in favor of making Mattingly the manager next season, I have to wonder if it’s a good idea to send Donnie into this tempest in the middle of the season. Mike and I were discussing putting either Tony Pena or Larry Bowa into the manager’s seat until the end of the year. The Yanks could then promote Mattingly for the 2008 season. Bowa would certainly be the one to light a much-needed fire under this lethargic team.

Yanks lose; vultures circle
Steinbrenner: "They will turn this around quickly."
  • mg

    What ever happened to this Joe Torre?

  • Barry

    Mattingly will make one hell of a manager, but Torre isn’t going anywhere.
    No doubt in my mind Mattingly will be next. And I’m excited about it, the “Hit Man” himself, he should be able to win championships and light lots of fires under the star-studded linup. Not that I think Torre is incapable, but after 11 years he’s probably getting tired. But anyway, let’s get Paul O’Neill out there coaching, I guarantee every player will be scared of fucking up.

  • Marsha

    Who says Mattingly has what it takes to be a manager? Sitting next to Joe Torre does not equal good manager. For my taste, he is just too low key and should stay on the coaching bench. The Yanks need someone with fire in his belly and more experience under his belt (how’s that for two cliches in one sentence?).