Pavano and Tommy John may soon have something in common

Pavano shut down
Prospect Q&A with Chase Wright

Well, folks, the Carl Pavano Experience may finally be coming to an end. Loyal reader Jason B. sent us this tip from Don Amore’s blog. Carl Pavano is heading to see Dr. James Andrews and could be out for quite a while.

The Pavano news is bad. He had been throwing on the side, and got up on the mound on Sunday, but though the team kept saying he was getting better, he didn’t seem so optimistic. He is going to see Dr. James Andrews in Alabama and may, in fact, need Tommy John surgery, which would finish him for this season and probably next season,too, possibly ending is career.

“It’s getting ridiculous, the team needs me,” Pavano said. “It’s frustrating for all of us.”

There just ain’t much left to say about the man some Yankee writers have dubbed the Rajah of Rehab. Carl Pavano will pocket $39.95 million for what looks like 19 starts over four years. This will go down as one of the worst signings in Yankee history, but now, we can stick a fork in Pavano because he’s done.

Pavano shut down
Prospect Q&A with Chase Wright
  • Ed

    I could fix Carl Pavano with a garden hose, getting the sand from where it doesn’t belong…

  • Marsha

    Good riddance. Now let’s get a real pitcher.

  • BryanK

    Ed for the win!

  • mg

    Wow. It just gets better and better with Carl. In a way, needing TJ would be a positive in that it would at least mean there were real issues and he wasn’t just making up excuses. Still, bringing him to the team has to have turned out to be one of the worst mistakes the team has made for years, followed closely by depending on him for this season.

  • stepheneliot

    I can’t say I told myself so because I never publically mouthed my gut-wrenching feeling that the Yankees pitching staff would prove to be the motley crew I see that goes to the mound every day.

    My impression was that Mussina had seen far better days and by the fourth or fifth inning of a game would more than likely give up a home run or two and let our own boys of summer left twisting in the winds.

    Pettite was always a favorite up to a point and has a warrior’s mentality, but he, too, like Mussina throws his fair share of gopher balls half-way through a game. Farnsworth and Proctor should have been cut, along with Mike Myers, prior to the season, and the Yankee braintrust,dazed though it may be,might have taken a hard look around and come up with some gunslinger middle relief pitchers capable of getting outs without fans clasping their hands and praying every time a pitch is thrown.

    Pavano has proven as disappointing as Kevin Brown and tossed aside last season but wasn’t because ,I suspect, hope springs eternal and money ain’t cheap. However, it now appears that James Andrews might make that cut a year too late us leaving us with a cock-eyed rotation that becomes a nightmare in daylight.