Reviewing the Sickels Mock Draft

New Yankee Stadium won't have the best seats in the house
Down on the Farm

John posted his comparison of the Yanks real draft with our Mock Draft, the results:

Same first round pick, which is intriguing. The Mock draft has a higher upside with the third and fourth round guys who dropped due to signability in real life. Suttle was more popular in the mock draft than in the real draft apparently. Which class would you rather have? If the Mock guys are signable (and the Yankees have the money to do it) that’s quite attractive, but on the other hand I like both Pope and Suttle, too.

I like my draft better, and that’s almost entirely because I made the picks. And dammit, Barry Enright will be a solid Major League starter some day!

But hey, I took Brackman and Venditte, the Yanks took Brackman and Venditte … great minds think alike.

New Yankee Stadium won't have the best seats in the house
Down on the Farm
  • Mike R.

    I liked your draft Mike, but I had to go with the real draft. I might be alone on this but the player that made the difference for me was Austin Romine. I think he can be a solid catcher one day.

  • dan

    you took venditte about 13 rounds (i think) before the real yankees did. is he gonna sign or go back to school (i think hes a junior, not sure)?

  • b/c

    In the 45th round

  • Rich

    The Yankees would impress me if they sign Peavey.

  • Mike R.

    If Peavey impresses in the Cape Cod league he’ll sign, but I think the Yankees want to see a little bit more before they invest the million or so that it will take to sign him.

  • Mike A.

    Peavey’s not going to the Cape, that’s for the top college guys only. I can see the Yanks offering him about $900k only to have Peavey reject it.

    Hopefully when he gets to school and sees all the textbooks and classrooms and shit, he’ll realize “know what, 900 grand to be a pro ball player isn’t all that bad.”

  • Sean McNally

    What no Joba updates? 7Ks through three?

  • Mike A.

    Ah you’re ruining the surprise Sean … DotF will be up as soon as the game ends.