Thoughts on Day 1 of the draft

Yanks 5th pick, #184 overall
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They’re done drafting for today, they’ll pick up the other 45 rounds tomorrow at 11:30am EST. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Brackman was a great, great pick. He was a top 2 talent earlier in the year, and has more upside than just about anyone in this draft class.
  • I like the Romine pick, especially since he doesn’t seem to have any glaring weaknesses. I love guys with baseball bloodlines.
  • The Pope, Suttle and Adam O. picks kinda baffle me. Maybe they’re trying to save money for big name picks tomorrow, maybe they know something we don’t. Suttle has a chance though, he could make a name for himself with some improvements.
  • I’m a bit shocked the Sawx took Will Middlebrooks as a pitcher as opposed to an infielder. He didn’t just slip through the cracks, there’s some underlying reason as to why he was still available in the 5th round.
  • I hear alot of pining for Jack McGeary, Greg Peavey and Evan Danieli, the 3 best available players left on the board. All 3 of those guys are as close to unsignable as humanly possible (committed to Stanford, Oregon State and Notre Dame, respectively), so don’t be shocked if no one takes them tomorrow. Plus I heard McGeary was sitting at 82-84 in his last outing, and gave up a bomb to dead center to some New England HS scrub.

I’ve seen better days, but trust me, they could have done worse. WAY worse.

Update: This is a guy the Yanks need to go after tomorrow, no doubt about it. I also found out that Brad Suttle is a Tyle I diabetic, for what it’s worth.Â

Yanks 5th pick, #184 overall
Step 1: We're back online
  • Malcard89

    Did Yasmani Grandal get drafted yet? If he didnt, the yankees should take him as a good 2nd option at catcher to austin romine. otherwise is there really anything left in this draft besides the “unsignables”?

  • Eric Schultz

    Yes on Carpenter and sure on Grandal. Carpenter sounds like a great high-upside pickup, similar to Chamberlain in that teams were scared about his health. I was sort of hoping the Yanks would take Harvey at 94, but I guess they didn’t think it was worth trying to sign him (Anaheim didn’t have a first-round pick, so they have a little more money to throw around). I’m fine passing on McGeary, but wouldn’t mind the Yanks taking a flier on Peavey. Hopefully they’ll make some splashes in round and onward, just as they did last year with 8 and 9. Good work Mike.

  • John

    Could the draft have moved this quickly yesterday?
    And as I type it, they get disconnected.

  • John

    The Yanks seem to be looking to round out their bats.
    P, C, P, 3B, P, C, 2B, CF, CF, SS, LF so far.
    Granted, not all these guys are legit prospects, but it’s an interesting approach.

  • NYFan

    Well, they took Carpenter and Peavey.

  • NYFan

    Grandal went to the Red Sox.