Yanks first pick, #30 overall


With the last pick of the first round, the Yanks grab Andrew Brackman, RHP, NC State.

Scouting Report: Big kid (6′-10″, 230 lbs) with a big fastball (94-95, touching 98-99) and a hammer knuckle-curve. Improving 2-seamer and attacks hitters. He’s raw for a college guy because he split time between basketball and baseball at NC State, but he committed to baseball full-time this year. He had some arm troubles at the end of the year, and missed time because an ex-girlfriend passed away. Tommy John surgery is a possiblity in the near future, but his talent is so much better than anyone else out there right now.

My Take: Great selection. If you are out there bashing this pick now, you’re probably one of the people who was bashing the Ian Kennedy pick last year.

Outlook: It all depends on the elbow. He could see time with Staten Island or the GCL Yanks later this summer.

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  • Jesse G.

    I am definitely not bashing the pick but, damn, I would have been so pumped for Porcello. I really think he is the gem of this draft and has a higher ceiling than Price even.

  • Mike R.

    Where do you put Brackman’s ceiling Mike? Do you think he is a possible #1 starter if everything goes right?

  • Rick

    He does have a higher ceiling than price no question. That said, I wanted Porcello so badly. Nevertheless, if he is healthy, he is a MONSTER. A MONSTER. The guy had the best fastball in the draft and he has the potential to have a lights out curveball. Remember, they were injury concerns with Joba chamberlain and look how that turn out so far.

    I like the Brackman pick, Am I dissapointed yea, but hey at least we get a guy who’s young with unlimited potential and he’s going into a great organization when it comes to developing pitchers. Hopefully two years from now people might saw the yankees have the best 1-2 combo in baseball with Hughes and Brackman. Lets see.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Brackman probably has the highest ceiling in the draft, hitter or pitcher. I’m stoked.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Plus with Brack and Joba we’re a cinch to win any bar fights. Can see either/both of them going Nolan Ryan on some future Robin Ventura of the Sawx.

  • Malcard89

    Wow, people are really scared of Matt Harvey’s possible demands. #55 just went by and he’s still on the board.

  • Jesse G.

    You have to assume that he and Boras have told teams that he needs to get first round money or he is going to college, no?

  • KAnst

    It looks like Harvey could be around at 94, if he is I hope we take him and sign him away from UNC…that would be two top 20 talents

  • Malcard89

    nope, its a high school catcher named Austin Romine. Mike, u have anything on this guy?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I’ll have something on each of the Yanks’ picks. Just gimme a few mins after the pick to write it up.